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    ASUS Radeon R9 380 STRIX GAMING Review

    Guys, just found here
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    uh...sorry for my english, i have no choice my son is growing up and he always need to shut down my computer :(
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    hi Jared, thanks for your comments, I using CD player NAD C540 that placed below my case ;) stand of my lcd monitor is preamp... Yes I like G5 :D actually, it too big for my hand (I am Thai). Have you ever seen Razer Copper Head? It so interesting.... Chane. :D
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    I set 2 sets of speaker on my desk, default is soundblaster 2.1 but I change speaker cable to Kimber Kable 4 tc another set compose of Speaker: ProAc Tab 50 signature with AlphaCore Preamp: Creek 4330 with supra EFF Poweramp: NAD C270 with supra EFF
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    hey guys, please comment my setup