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    B250M PRO-VDH M.2 SSD compatibility

    I am looking at building a system using this board: MSI B250M PRO-VDH. In the specs, it says it has an M.2 port that supports "up to PCIe 3.0 x4 and SATA 6Gb/s with an M key." Does this mean that I can plug in any M keyed M.2 SSD that communicates via either PCIe 3.0 x 4 (I think this is the...
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    ASUS Z87 Motherboards - Overview, Guides and Official Support

    I've been having the following issue with my Z87 Pro and i5 4670k processor for quite awhile. Probably move than 50% of the time, when I start my computer up with a cold boot, I will immediately get the Q code 00 which I guess is CPU detect. Fans connected to the motherboard will not start up...
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    Memory for P55 motherboard

    Well that would hinder my OCs wouldn't it? I'm not really sure if it's necessary that I have 8 GB of memory this point. I was wondering if 4 is enough or if I really should be thinking about 8. Also looking at, I'm seeing C6 DDR3-1600 G-Skill RAM for about $20 more than the C7. Would...
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    Memory for P55 motherboard

    I'm building a new computer and will overclock it. Going with an i5 750. It'll primarily be for gaming, programming and viewing HD media. Anyway, since these motherboards don't support triple channel I am really leaning towards going to 2 DIMMs of memory. My dilemma is that I'm either going to...
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    Thermalright 1156 bolt-thru-kit

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread. Anyway ... For those of you who actually did get the 1156 retention kit, I'm curious about how it compares to the 775 kit. Looking at the pictures online they look so similar so I'm wondering if I could use the 775 kit when I get an i5 system instead of having...
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    FS: H2o cooling Rads, fans, tubing and fittings.

    Bump. Been using one of these radiators for the last three years and it's worked perfectly!
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    MiniSD cards - any brands to look out for?

    I'm getting a 2 gig one for my brother for his DS. Anyway, just wondering if there are any brands that are known to give particularly good performance. I haven't found any good comparisons of the major brands.
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    Active Cooling Required ?

    You don't need active cooling for HDDs. I'd only suggest it perhaps if they were really crammed in there with little to no airflow.
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    Hard drives on RAID are not detected as such

    Okay, here we go! :) Apparently the 6.86 drivers are somewhat incompatible with my motherboard. I went back to the 6.53s from 2005, installed, rebooted, and everything works like a charm now. :)
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    Hard drives on RAID are not detected as such

    Well, I tried creating a new array - RAID 0, 128k stripe size. I've reinstalled drivers but still, nothing seems to work. :( Unless there's something physically wrong with my motherboard all of a sudden, I don't see what it could be ...
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    Hard drives on RAID are not detected as such

    I have though. I have them set up as a 64k striped array. It shows up while the computer boots as a RAID 0 array with the two drives (it shows this very clearly). I have made quite sure that my BIOS has RAID enabled for the primary master and slave drives ... and I don't know what to do. I had...
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    Hard drives on RAID are not detected as such

    When I partition and format, they appear separately as two 120 gig drives in My Computer. Right now they are unpartitioned.
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    Hard drives on RAID are not detected as such

    The story is that I set two 120 gig IDE drives with RAID 0 and a 64k stripe size. I enabled RAID in BIOS specifically for the one IDE channel that they're both on. When I boot up my computer, I enter the RAID utility and everything appears fine there. However, when I load up Partition Magic to...
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    Bought a house in Oblivion. Now what?

    mostly storing your items. really handy because otherwise you get bogged down carrying it all with you
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    20 or 22'' widescreen 1680x1050 or 20' square (4:3) 1400X1050 or 1600x1200??? or 5:4?

    I've read the 22 isn't very good. I got the 20" today and it's freaking unbelievable. I love it.
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    20 or 22'' widescreen 1680x1050 or 20' square (4:3) 1400X1050 or 1600x1200??? or 5:4? has great prices on the Viewsonic 20" and 22" If you search for them, you can find the 22" for $415 Canadian shipped and the 20" for like $370. They're both open box.
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    If you were to choose between these two displays>??? Please advise

    I've heard the Viewsonic 2235 isn't very good. I had an opportunity to get it for $415 Canadian but opted for the 2025 since it got MUCH better reviews. do some searches around the forum and you'll see.
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    you still paid a lot. I bought this today for $400 from Canada Computers. just waiting for it to get here now :D
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    Viewsonic VX2245WM

    I hear this isn't a very good monitor .. I know a place that I can pick this up for $415 Canadian including tax.
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    looks like a great monitor. only thing I am not sure of is for gaming ... I have an X1900XT but am not sure if it'll be able to handle everything at this monitor's native res. I've been using CRT monitors for the past 5 years and don't know how running a game at below the native res. will...
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    Help........! My XBOX is wiggin out!

    you have to be pretty paranoid to believe that.
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    Any gamecube fans here?

    Baten Kaitos/Origins! I just got Origins on Friday and am really enjoying it.
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    Banjo is back!

    well I just looked on the Future Shop website and that's what it said. I don't keep up with bundles or anything.
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    Banjo is back!

    in Canada the premium is $499 + tax.
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    Oblivion will be PS3 launch title

    wow, it's going to look terrible on the PSP.
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    Banjo is back!

    I'd have to same the same. :D still would be hard to justify a $500 console for that one game though.
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    I'm so sick of dealing with LG ...

    oh I know that. I only mention it because I can't even run it at the lowest refresh rate without these corruptions. it's awful.
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    I'm so sick of dealing with LG ...

    Around July 20, I sent a monitor (F700P, 17" CRT) in to be repaired/replaced because it had developed a big blurry patch in the centre of the screen. Just YESTERDAY I got a replacement, a CRT (F700B) that wasn't even as good as the monitor I originally had. Today I started noticing these weird...
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    WTB: PCI Firewire card

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    WTB: PCI Firewire card

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    WTB: PCI Firewire card

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    could be an interesting read though.
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    I'd be interested in reading about making your own CRT. Post a link in the thread.
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    WTB: PCI Firewire card

    I need one that's iPod compatible. I upgraded my computer and the IEEE 1394 controller on the mobo isn't compatible and won't charge/detect my iPod. Not looking to spend a lot, would like it if I could buy in Canada. Heatware under Silmatharien.
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    Best widescreen for under $500?

    that Viewsonic is supposed to be killer. I'd be my top choice if I were in the market for a monitor.
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    37" Westinghouse (LVM-37w1) ghosting only in HL2???

    are you playing on a PC or Xbox?
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    Best overall 19"-20" LCD?

    That 20" Viewsonic looks excellent. Great price too. If I do decide to buy an LCD, that's probably the one that I will go for since it sounds like it really beats out the Dell 2007fwp and the NEC is far too expensive. Btw, I wouldn't trust Tom's Hardware for reviews ....