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    34" Ultrawide with USB-C hub for both productivity and casual gaming?

    I haven't checked again.... I mean it was working with 2 other laptops (HP & Apple) but then wasn't with my Lenovo.... will check again at some point...
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    34" Ultrawide with USB-C hub for both productivity and casual gaming?

    Ran into a USB-C issue with the 34WN80C-B today It's been working fine with my wife's ~2019 Mac Book and her work HP laptop (new i7 Elite book, not sure on model). BUT, my i7 6600u based Lenovo Carbon X1 is not receiving power to charge the laptop, though it still works with the display fine.
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    34" Ultrawide with USB-C hub for both productivity and casual gaming?

    Just went down this path for my wife. Ended up looking at the LG 34WN80C-B and the Dell (don't recall model offhand) equivalent. Similar features, I think the same panel. The LG was over $200 cheaper, so we went that route. The Dell has onboard speakers and powersupply though. Really like...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    New member to Gig club, about 1 month in with FiOS. Speeds vary, probably because of internet congestion, end point connection abilities/saturation, and Verizon over-subscriptions. Still though, speeds are typically always above 300 and generally in the 700ish-900ish ranges. Speed test just a...
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    Google Home + Chromecast for $99

    Google's eBay page has a combo deal of Home + Chromecast for $99 with free shipping. Crazy good deal, about $65 savings over normal pricing.
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    $279 Refurbished: HP Compaq 8300 USFF - i7 3770s / 8GB of Ram/320GB Hard Drive/ with Keyboard

    Decent machine. I5 version on ebay has a $136 BIN price. Not bad at all...
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    Liquidsky - PC cloud gaming $10 per month

    It costs just a few bucks to try it out on the pay-as-you go plan. Granted you loose your VM after 3 days of no activity, but that really isn't a concern because you can upgrade it without loosing data to a monthly plan. There is simply no way to 100% confirm if the service will work for you...
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    Liquidsky - PC cloud gaming $10 per month

    Looks like they have an entirely new pricing model coming in March. Looks like they...
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    WiFi Thermostats?

    I went a different route about 3 years ago. Seeing how Nests were pretty expensive, I just didn't think that spending $200+ on a thermostat made much sense. Our full electric house has reasonable bills, so I am not looking to make a major cost savings on the backend. We also are on irregular...
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    Liquidsky - PC cloud gaming $10 per month

    I haven't tried this game yet, but I would say so since you state 720p.
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    FS: Socket 478 Asus P4P800SE, 1.6a, 2.4C, 4gb DDR1 PC3200, more

    I have some old gear I'd like to sell / get rid of. Most is socket 478 gear. Will update post if I find more gear. Here is my heat: Yes, it's quite old :D I haven't bought/sold much in a while. Mobo: Asus P4P800SE - Bought used from [H] member, used it about...
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    WTB: Lian-Li PC-61

    PM sent. I have the PC-65B version in mint / nearmint condition.
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    Liquidsky - PC cloud gaming $10 per month

    Agreed. Still very early days, but this is obviously the future. For me, I just use laptops 99% of the time, so need a box to play GTA V or whatever else on. Even a budget gaming PC is going to run me $800 or so with the mid-range specs I want. This costs me $120 a year, so in effect, it's...
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    Liquidsky - PC cloud gaming $10 per month

    Liquidsky cloud PC gaming service is running a special for $10 per month vs. normal $15 per month for PC Cloud gaming. I just started using this service, instead of building a PC (yes I would much rather build a gaming PC, but for various reasons, this is a better deal for me) and a couple days...
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    WTB: Pentium 3 / ASUS CUSL2 setup

    hmm, I may have to think about this. My wife would say do it :D, though I still have some attachment to the old girl. I have pretty much top of the line here. CUSL2-C, hacked BIOS to enabled full overclocking past 140fsb, 512gb PC150 @ 155, P3 1000@1162 /155fsb, 6800GT sounds rright but can't...
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    Workhorse Laptop recommendations

    Another vote for P50. I have a review unit for our company. Absolutely sick with 32gb of memory and the 4k display. But since you are a Dell shop.... then find the equivalent over there. Usually HP, Lenovo, and Dell have similar or identical devices in their product line.
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    Amazon Prime $72 for the year (normally $99/year)

    Select "This order contains a gift" before checking out and send it to yourself in email just before your Prime Expires :)
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    Hot Crucial m4 128gb - $169.95 or $159.95 shipped with coupon

    In for one! New customer, and used Discover for 5% cashback through "ShopDiscover" I am just now starting to piece together a new machine. Saved me $20, versus Newegg
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    Windows XP Pro preferred for 10 PC LAN?

    QFT sounds like there is a 3rd party program that manages workstation useage? doesn't sound like you need Pro at all really
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    Windows XP Pro preferred for 10 PC LAN?

    well unless you are going to be sharing files between the machines, connecting them them to a domain, and/or MS Remote Desktop; I don't really see a point in spending the extra cash unless you forsee this in the future. * There are no differences in networking, when it comes to just game play...
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    IBM Offers Free E-Mail Search Tool

    great, and it's Windows only assholes... not surprised really, but I could really use a better search for LN on the Mac. I had a nice MSN search plugin for LN to do some searching... I hate MSN but it worked nicely and I had it only for LN, everything else was disabled. Eventually disabled...
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    Looking for router

    this thing is sex I am on one right now... bought it for one of the sites I support and it's awesome. Great throughput, EXCELLENT configuration options, just great. Best router I have seen for quite some time, and my first DLink product.
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    [Rumor] July 30th - Dell Buy 2 Servers Get 1 Free

    damn that is a fucking amazing deal!
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    West 22'' WS Best Buy 219$

    most all LCDs, except for higher end, do not come with DVI cables anymore even our good HP 1755 LCDs we get at work got replaced with a new model of 1740 and they did away with the DVI cable :irked: So now we have to be sure to add that into the orders we place. Very annoying.
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    Scalding Acer 22" WS $190

    glad to see a lot of folks getting this unit I would pick one up for the wife, but we're starting the house buying thing and have been spending WAY too much money as it is
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    Acer Aspire Celeron Notebook $399.99 No Rebates

    quite interesting
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    Acer Aspire Celeron Notebook $399.99 No Rebates

    pretty decent machine overall I of course HIGHLY recommend adding at least an additional 512mb stick or 1gb stick. On bootup of original untouched machine you're pushing that 512mb stick to about 420mb give or take. After I threw in another stick for a total of 1gb (already had it, or would...
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    Acer Aspire Celeron Notebook $399.99 No Rebates

    yes yes, we know it's old news, there was a thread a meer week ago on them. There was a $30 MIR with this before as well. I just missed it before ordering and was also considering a cheap Dell. I bit and have one ordered. Microcenter sucks for getting your product. My process went like...
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    CompUsa 3 DAY Red Tag Sale

    they 100% had me on the laptop...... until I seen that it was after a MIR!!!! assholes and that, my now 2 local stores do not have it available for pickup yet again another reason why CompUSA sucks :edit goes right back over to Microcenter to purchase the $399.99 Acer
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    HP Pavilion DV6305US, $520 AR, 15.4" WXGA, 80GB, 512MB, GeForce 6150, Turion X2 TL-50

    not a good deal you can get a nice Dell Inspiron 1501 in Small Business with double the memory, and similar specs otherwise for $549 & free shipping, $10 extra for the nice glossy screen. I came here looking for some good deals as I am buying this for a family member of my wife and it's coming...
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    Possible [H]ot Deals: CompUSA store closings.

    Ok, I gotta make a quick brag... sadly the deal is in the trunk of my DD and I took the fun ride to work today so no pics I went to the Princeton store to see what was left. Last weekend there was still lots and lots of stuff left. Yesterday there was NOTHING. I did howerver, find the...
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    Admins: What do you run for a centralized Antivirus solution?

    McAffee 8 with EPO servers pushed out to around 10k users or so seems to work fine, but the program seems to really slow a machine down. Fairly intensive scanning. At home, on my domain, I run Symantec 9.1 and it seems much lighter and doesn't bog the machines down as much as the McAffee...
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    Have you disabled UAC

    *skips to end, brienfly skims last 20 posts.... yes, I disabled it. yes I think it helps the end user keep a machine cleaner I feel confident enough in my technical skills to disable it, as I don't want to bother with popups on my personal machine.
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    I want to make a Bart PE...

    speaking of these any new ones out making the rounds? I am still using a 2 from around 03/04/05 that work fine still, but always looking for updated ones with better drivers and such.
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    New build - XP Pro SP2 or Vista Ultimate

    memory 1gb = XP 2gb+ = Vista with a new build like that, I would for sure go Vista unless you have some old peripherals and/or old games you like to play. I have no issues with my Vista at this point. Works great, nothing has been broke yet. :edit I take that back. Hauppage is working on the...
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    OpenDNS-Faster Internet!

    4 seconds on their website reveals Preferred DNS server address for Open DNS is: * Alternate DNS server address for Open DNS is: *
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    OpenDNS-Faster Internet!

    are you serious? is this a joke? I am interested to know if their DNS is indeed, any faster. not that it really matters though.... also always good to have some public DNS if needed
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    3.2Ghz P4 w/ 2GB RAM and 8800GTX?

    if he has PCI-E then yes, it's a worthwhile upgrade 1gb of ram doesn't cost to much and the card is easily moved to a new(er) system. if in 6 months he wants to upgrade the rest, the worst is just not being able to use the memory with new setup.
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    My 6800GT seems to be crapping out

    thanks for the feedback I really like this card, as it's very very unique from other cards with the pimp cooling. Especially when it came out! that really really sucks about a month of time. With CNC3 coming out at the end of the month, I may look into doing that... gonna quickly ponder it. I...
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    Possible [H]ot Deals: CompUSA store closings.

    went to the Princeton NJ store in Thursday and there was just a bunch of shit nothing at ALL good anywhere