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    Fusion reactor actually put out more energy than it consumed for the first time ever

    It's freakish looking at Christopher Lloyd's face and thinking it looks young. Ye gods I'm getting old.
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    Ford and Purdue develop new EV charging cables

    There's a guy on youtube who put a solar panel on his leaf and it gets him an additional 20 miles after about 20 minutes of sitting in the sun. That's not bad considering he is charging a secondary battery that then charges the main battery. For trucks, hydrogen makes more sense imo.
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    Chinese-Built Replica of the Titanic to Set Sail in 2022

    That's just the crap they send overseas. If you give the Chinese an unreasonable price, they might not say no but you'll pay for it later.
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    “Anemic” iPhone 8 Demand Drags Apple Shares Lower

    It's bizarre that the iphone x is released just a month after the iphone 8, and it's even more bizzare how fugly the design is. When both facts are taken together, it seems like the execs had no faith in the design and didn't bother to improve it or give it its own time to shine. I don't know...
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    Laptops Could Be Banned from Checked Bags on Planes Due to Fire Risk

    This seems like a bizzare choice, but then again it seems like something of mine gets inexplicably broken nearly every other time I fly. Last time, ALL of the handles on my luggage got broken. Time before that, my expensive, 8 year old samsonite appeared with a giant fracture and a massive hole...
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    BioWare Is Attempting to Fix Mass Effect: Andromeda

    >improvements to the appearance of characters’ eyes, Hahaha, how did they not catch that one?
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    Apple Reimagines the iPhone as a MacBook Touchpad

    So is this a dual boot thing like those android tablets that also run Windows 10, or will this thing able to run phone apps and MacBook programs simultaneously? Both would be interesting but the latter significantly so.
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    US Government Releases Proposed Guidelines For Smart Guns

    > I'm with the therory/utopie that if you don't have easy access to weapons the need to have access to weapon is also reduced. Sorry, I have that simple mindset. oh boy, here we go... due to the overwhelming presence of surveillance, crime is decreasing worldwide, BUT... in those areas where...
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    “Ghostbusters” Review Embargo Lifted: “It’s A Bust”

    i've been debating on whether or not to watch that and you may have just tipped my opinion.
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    China, Fears That Pokemon GO May Aid Locating Military Bases

    > it was supposed to be sarcasm? there may be a valid concern as the app does street level mapping as well as facial mapping, but chinese officials do have a penchant for hyperbole and overreaction... 'all chinese people, yooooooouuuu better listen! you stay in line! HUH! better to not stray...
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    Windows 10 Won't Hit 1B Devices By Mid-2018

    windows phone is actually a great interface, but the problem is that there just aren't many apps for the platform. then again, imo the greatest interface of all is still webos (mattias duarte's masterpiece: cards, stacking, universal search, etc), so my tastes may be questionable :p it's weird...
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    Last Call For Old School Credit Card Fraud In The U.S.

    it's also worth noting that the new card readers are terrible at reading the old cards. even with an immaculate card, it takes multiple swipes to get a reading, and apparently this is very common according to the clerk. this limitation was probably engineered to encourage users to switch to the...
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    Ubisoft Giving Away Another Free Game

    here's another oddity. splinter cell 3 in particular used the same voice actor for all english voices other than the main character. this wouldn't be so bad, or even unusual, if this guy hadn't used the same exact 'strangely enthusiastic' voice for all of the characters.
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    Ubisoft Giving Away Another Free Game

    sweet game. here's an oddity: back in the day, the original splinter cell featured extremely smooth antialiasing that the 2nd and 3rd games did not (in many ways, the highest settings in splinter cell 2 and 3 look worse than splinter cell 1). i wonder if this is why the first game is being...
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    Sculpture Made With 100 CPU Fans

    these comments are amusing, at least :D
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    X-Men: Apocalypse Official Trailer

    i wonder what god's anus would taste like. probably like vanilla cake.
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    Seattle Considers Allowing Uber And Lyft Drivers To Unionize

    >if you want to work 10 hour days, 4 days a week, you can't unless the employer pays you overtime. or you can be salaried.
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    Remastering “The X-Files” In High Definition

    for reference, the tng remaster changed the look of some scenes completely. this x files remaster looks simply amazing when compared to the original. i just wish the show got a better ending :/
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    Remastering “The X-Files” In High Definition

    good god, i can't believe how much better the new screens look! the color palette is warmer now but somehow that has the effect of making the characters look more 'realistic.'
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    Would a PCI wifi card work when a PCI ethernet card does not?

    alternatively, could someone recommend a good usb wifi adapter? i've got an n900 router (linksys E4200) but i don't think n900 is required. i THINK that overheating is what killed my last one. the deets: a few years ago, i purchased an average tier pc at a tremendous discount due to the...
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    I Quit: What Really Goes on at Apple

    of the four types of employees, the most deleterious and destructive are the stupid but industrious. -i'll leave it to y'all to decide which positions can be so described. >One would expect uneducated misfits to work fast food. And the High School bullshit that comes with it. sociopathy...
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    Sprint Settles Wiretap Fraud Allegations For $15.5M

    > It's a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. corporations are people. people are actually plebs unless they're corporate heads. fantastic.
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    Gabe Newell Discusses Possibility Of Half-Life 3

    *$300-1000 imho vr is so amazing that i think a lot of gamers would be quite satisfied with just a vr headset and graphics set to low, which reduces the cost down to about the price of a console.
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    Gabe Newell Discusses Possibility Of Half-Life 3

    > For now, I'm just pumped about VR same here, and i'll bet this is gabens perspective as well. if hl3 is just another conventional shooter, the general perception of the game will be that it is 'satisfactory' or a letdown (which means it will be varying levels of a letdown). it will not...
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    Adding 'Smellovision' To Virtual Reality

    ...and the blind man tipped his hat and said, 'hello ladies!'
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    Apple Shareholders Want Tim Cook To Buy Tesla

    >deep understanding of the product eh. in terms of engineering and tech, tesla cars are amazing. my issue with them is that they just don't look or feel quite like super cars. -then again, if you're on the list to buy one, you'd almost definitely have the funds to customize the interior and...
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    MythBusters Returns with New Vibe, Casting Changes

    Blown, you might appreciate this: > These 'Streamline' edits run shorter because they are missing teasers, cartoons, flashbacks, repetition, idents, history lessons, fun...
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    Amazon Sellers Threatening Customers With Collections Over Pricing Error

    congressmen act in their own best interests. they are liars, not fools.
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    Amazon Sellers Threatening Customers With Collections Over Pricing Error

    good lordy :eek: how did you find that deal?
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    Free EA Playstation network games! Good stuff!

    aw poo :( > Not Found > The requested URL /en-au/ea-games/cid=STORE-MSF75508-EAGAMES20F2P was not found on this server.
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    Free LOTR HD download on Google

    nice! i only had the standard definition dvd so this is a welcome treat!
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    Eleven Gadgets That Died Too Early

    > GameGear > Died because of lack of games. also its abyssmal battery life.
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    Sony Hack Exposed Budgets, Layoffs, Scripts, And 3,800 SS Numbers

    > the leaks, which they said totaled “tens of terabytes oof. if the data set were just a smidge smaller, i'd be very interested to probe through it just to get a sense of how this major corporation functions. as it is, i'll have to be content with 2nd hand info.
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    Researchers Climb Glass Walls With New Invention

    i think those researchers ought to have consulted with a professor of biokinematics. is it just me or does that look like a very inefficient way to climb?
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    Mozilla Ends Relationship With Google, Starts One With Yahoo

    >opera let us bow our heads in rememberance. the newer versions of opera are now based on chrome, hence the slowness, the inefficient ram use, etc... such a damn shame.
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    FTC Temporarily Shuts Down Massive Tech Support Scams

    my family gets these calls all the time, usually once or twice a month. 'we have detected problems with your computer...' the really strange thing is, it seems to be the same guy with the same hindi accent reading the same dumbass script each time. none of us buy into his scam, so i have...
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    FREE: Guardians Of The Galaxy (Awesome Mix Vol. 1)

    ah darn. that was clearly meant for another thread. strangely, i can't seem to find a way to delete a mispost. :confused:
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    FREE: Guardians Of The Galaxy (Awesome Mix Vol. 1)

    y'all can keep your chocolate. a side benefit of supplementing with magnesium is no more chocolate cravings.
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    Linux Still Owns Supercomputing

    linuxmint was pretty popular a few years back. i've still got a linuxmint 6 (felicia) livecd that i keep around for emergencies.