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    Any good PVE MMORPGS out there?

    Yes, its gotten *a lot* better since beta. I play ESO almost every day and am constantly finding new fun things to do in it. It helps that I'm a fan of the Elder Scrolls series in general so having a world to explore full of lore, narrative, history and characters from that era is a huge...
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Yes, very limited by CPU in cyrodiil. Get the fastest clock rate CPU you can get, its also not very well mufti-threaded so it may not scale to multi-core cpus very well.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    What campaign and server (NA/EU?). I play on Thornblade in NA and I always see lots of people. Had some good sieges and scroll runs last night too.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    I'm a little disappointed they reduced the combat difficulty in Veteran zones, but I understand where they are coming from. The combat difficulty wasn't really a problem for me at least, its mostly that the amount of time invested in leveling veteran ranks wasn't really justified by the...
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    T-Mobile Unlimited Music Streaming

    Not from my experience. It might be because I'm on the unlimited 4G plan that comes with a pool of tethering data. If I am on LTE I can pull 20+ mbits/sec all day on the phone itself. If I exceed the tethering pool the phone connection is fine (still 20+ mbit/sec) but once I turn on...
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    T-Mobile Unlimited Music Streaming

    What happens when I exceed my tethering data pool on T-Mobile is it turns into a captive portal page that upsells you more data. Phone data is not impacted, it just the tethering data that gets redirected to the portal page. I am using a Nexus 5.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    I still play quite frequently. Just finished the main storyline last night and am starting to explore the other areas. From my perspective the game seems pretty active still. Plenty of people for dungeon runs and world boss battles.
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    Sometimes FreeBSD's Ports collection are super awesome, and sometimes...

    Take a look at section 5.4.6 of this page of the FreeBSD handbook. It will show how to automatically remove unneeded dependencies.
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    Please help with connection issue dd-wrt OpenVPN

    At first glance I can see you have the client configured to use TCP ("proto tcp") and the server configured to use UDP ("proto udp"). You need both ends to match their protocol.
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    Issues with Samba+Kerberos (Heimdal 1.5) / FreeBSD / 2k8r2 domain

    I don't have an answer for you, but I don't think there are many FreeBSD users on this board. You will probably have better luck with the FreeBSD Forums. Good luck, that looks like a strange problem to solve.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Gah, this game is turning into crack to me. Log in for a bit to explore some sights, and before I know it seven hours have passed and I'm scaling a volcano with some fellow adventures to combat some evil bent on destroying Tamriel.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Just wanted to say that as someone who enjoys PvE and exploration games, I've been enjoying ESO the past week.
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    Password mamager strategy - USB stick, or?

    I use which syncs your encrypted password database with's servers. Very handy with multiple devices and computers.
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    Windows Sudo like command?

    There is also runas that allows you to run a command as another user.
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    Group Calendar without Exchange

    Perhaps Zimbra Collaboration Suite will do what you want. The commercial version also comes with an Outlook connector for integration with outlook.
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    Ringing a phone through another device

    If it is a recent Android phone with a google account you can use Android Device Manager to remotely ring phones and other Android devices.
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    How often has your micro usb cable fail?

    I've never had a microUSB cable or charger fail on me. In fact, I'm still using the car charger and wall charger that came with my Droid 3 on my Nexus 5 today.
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    phone calls with USB headset and modem?

    You might consider Google voice, which will allow you to make and receive calls via Google hangouts in a browser.
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    Skyrim modded at 1920x1080 experiences? (gtx 760, 770, 780. r290))

    The account is free. You can optionally pay for faster download rates, but the free account will let you download pretty much everything.
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    Bulk converting flac files to mp3/wma

    The application dbPowerAmp seems to do what I want. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Bulk converting flac files to mp3/wma

    I keep most of my music collection as flac files on my NAS. I'm planning for a road trip soon and my car's music player can only play mp3 or wma files off of USB thumb drives, not flac files. Anyone have a good tool for batch converting flac files into high quality mp3 or wma files?
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    Has PC gaming become synonymous with "maxing the graphics out"?

    To me, the heart of PC Gaming means that I have more control over the experience. If that means I like to try to max out the graphics to have some eye candy, so be it. If that means I want to dial everything back so I can get 300+fps (ah the old Quake III days), so be it. The point is...
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    GPS tracking app?

    The location sharing feature of Google maps got moved into Google+. In the android app you can opt to automatically share your location with people on Google+, and they can opt to share their location back to you.
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    FreeBSD 10

    Yes. It works fine for most applications. It won't work for applications that require proprietary linux kernel extensions since FreeBSD doesn't run a full linux kernel compatibility layer but for most userland applications it does a good job.
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    FreeBSD 10

    I use FreeBSD on almost all of my UNIX-like systems. There are a few cases where commercial software only supports linux, and in those cases I tend to run CentOS. Note that I don't run it on the desktop, its primarily a server OS for me.
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    How often to do Secure erase to prevent SSD performance degradation

    If the operating system using the SSD is TRIM enabled for all the volumes on the SSD, then you don't really need to do this for performance reasons.
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    What is the Operating System you loved to use the most?

    FreeBSD for servers and network infrastructure. Probably one of the most well thought out UNIX-like systems out there. For workstations, I like Windows 7. Its a good solid productivity operating system.
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    End of mainstream Windows 7 support Windows 7 with SP1 will get mainstream support until January 13, 2015, then it will enter "extended support". Its still good until January 14, 2020.
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    ZFS trim when only some drives are SSDs

    If you are running FreeBSD 9.2 or later, I believe ZFS trim is enabled by default. You can make sure its on by looking at the sysctl tree vfs.zfs.trim. If enabled is set to 1, it will send trim commands to all drives that support it.
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    Minecraft Anyone?

    I've been running a vanilla survival whitelist-only server since v1.0 of minecraft came out. With 1.7 we reset the world with a new seed and moved the difficulty to hard. Doing that has really rekindled my interest in the game as of late, and we have a few new players. So much neat stuff to...
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    Nexus-Five thread

    The compass seems to work just fine in this case to my limited testing. I just fired up the compass app and it aligned north with true north pretty quickly inside my house. Note that Google Maps prefers the GPS once you start moving to orient itself.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Anyone who is looking for a carrying case for the Nexus 5, I have a Poetic Slimbook Case for Google Nexus 5 Black. So far I like it. Things I like: Flip cover design that protects the screen when its...
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Has anyone found a good carrying case or pouch for their Nexus 5? I haven't found one that fits well or doesn't block the USB charging or headphone jacks yet.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    I got my Nexus 5 (black, 32g) last night. Still waiting for my SIM from T-Mobile to arrive, for I'm switching away from Verizon wireless. Initial impressions are good. The screen is colorful and sharp. The UI is fast and snappy. I haven't tried out the camera or audio quality yet.
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    Moving from IOS to Android... Desktop music question

    Google music does support flac files. I store my library as flac files, and google music manager uploaded them gleefully to the cloud player. I think you are right about converting them to 320kbit MP3s tho, but for what I do and the mobile audio equipment that I have that is good enough...
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    Adding additional storage to a Thinkpad T530

    Thanks everyone for the input! That adapter looks interesting, do you have any experience with it yourself?
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    Adding additional storage to a Thinkpad T530

    So I have a Thinkpad T530 that I often use for demoing some software configurations to clients using virtual machines that is in need of a bit more on-board storage for running virtual machines. It has an optical drive (DVD burner) that I haven't really used in months, and a 512G SSD drive...
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    DKIM, who is using it?

    I use DKIM and SPF records on my personal mail server. Also, Google uses DKIM on their gmail service. If gmail recieves a valid DKIM signed message it will show up in gmail with a "signed by" header that the user can inspect if they so wish.
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    Need a good PS/2 keyboard test software

    Sweet, that is very much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Need a good PS/2 keyboard test software

    This is kind of a retro question. I've got some older PS/2 style keyboards for a specific industrial application and I want to make sure they are in good working order. So I'm looking for some software that will monitor the PS/2 controller and report keystrokes, scan codes, press and release...