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    Playstation Vita Thread

    Took the word right out of my mouth, I love my Play and as it stands have no interest in the Vita. I owned a launch PSP and a PSP Go and they both suffered the same fate.....being left behind as I hate carrying two devices. If Sony release a Play 2 I'll be all over it.
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    PS3 region free??

    Half right. Wrong. You'll find most are actually region free. Not sure how upto date this list is (looks pretty upto date to me) but it's good for a quick glance to see which are or not:
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    Starting to rethink my 360 purchase.

    Come again? Extremely powerful? Pull the other one!! You want an extremely powerful computer with open support for media formats then build a PC.....alternatively, with a little research, you could just stream your MKV's from a PC via PS3 Media Server (works on both consoles).....but I guess...
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    Sony: No Playstation 4 at E3, Sticking to 10-year life cycle plan

    Say wha? Shouldn't that be aimed at the actual game know.....the ones making PC games? This man speaks the truth. The PS1 ran well into the PS2's life as did the PS2 into the PS3's....there is no reason to not assume the PS3 will run alongside the PS4..... I gotta...
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    Starting to rethink my 360 purchase.

    If your a PC gamer why the hell are you playing BF3 on the 360? :eek: Really?? Try looking up the Uncharted series for starters....
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    Will my 6ghz 2600k, 512GB SSD, and three 7970 in xfire and 32gb of ram run Crysis...

    Someone needs his e-penis stroking methinks.....
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    Batman: Arkham City for PC

    Really? Tell me a game that isn't?
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    How do you buy your games?

    Digital only ftw....last game physical game I picked up was Serious Sam 2!
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    Xbox 720 Rumors

    and 3D..... Whilst that actually sounds really cool in a space/wire saving way MS's reliability brings it thundering back to earth with a bang. Who in their right mind would risk buying something that can get used as much as a tv does with their track record in reliability?
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    Batman:AC DX11

    Gotta say I've never had any crashes, lovin' the game tho, absolutely fantastic and totally overshadows Asylum. The freedom to do what you want in the city environment is awesome.
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    Piracy -- No longer an excuse imo

    I do love this old chestnut, makes me chuckle.
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    Batman: Arkham City for PC

    Holy shit! How do I get to play as the colonel? Does he use fried chicken whilst fighting? :D
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    It took me twenty years to realize this...

    doh! That box is wrong anyways.....pretty sure there were 97 levels :D
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    Vanquish for PS3 - Hidden Gem

    Never played it but if it's better than the epic God of War 3 then it must be some game......
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    Nvidia Card Equivalent to this? I missing something? Your OP linked to a NV card with the price/performance :confused:
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    So I just bought Sonic Generations....... for PC

    It's the old games remixed that has me for this. The 3D Sonic games are all utter crap IMO, and that's from a Sega fanboy who paid big money for Adventure 1 on Japanese DC import. Controls were shoddy and you ended up humping a wall more often than not. Sonic has, and always will be best on a 2D...
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    what 'old school' game would you like to see a sequel or new version?

    Now Daytona has been remastered KI2 is the only other one I'd like to see done.....unless KI3 is done in a similar vein.
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    Who has called in sick just to play video games?

    I've known ppl to book a day off work for the ritual release of CoD but call in sick? Man you have serious underlying problems if you fake sickness to play a game........
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    This + ICEnhancer mod and real cars = epic.
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    No worries, you will need a 2gb card to run this maxed out, the settings are telling me I'm using 1.5Gb when everything is set to highest! It also is now the game that pushes my system the most and gets it the hottest. Not if you have a top end rig......which if you are even contemplating...
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    Yep your PC will cream it.
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    No maybe about it, you can play the PC version like that now. It's IcEnhancer. That isn't my pic but I have higher res city pack and real cars too. Looks absolutely amazing. Just googled a few more shots:
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    It needs to look at least as good as this: and be as big and expansive as San Andreas.
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    Playstation Vita

    PSP's are so 2005.....we're talking about Playstation certified Android phones....
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    Batman: Arkham City Thread

    It's a shame they never did a movie skin but they'll all be available for download in the next few weeks.....just like the Mortal Kombat exclusive skins were after launch.... On the controller thing, I just couldn't get on with playing AA with kb and mouse.....I dunno...just didn't feel...
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    Battlefield H.D. Content For XBOX 360

    And this is why the console should come with a hdd as standard, splintering the userbase like this is retarded. It doesn't matter how big the install size is, if you are going to make this a feature then it should be available to all customers....not those that either bought the more expensive...
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    Playstation Vita

    I hope your right, a quad core Xperia Play 2 with at least 1Gb of internal memory (the 400mb the Play has is it's one massive downfall IMO) with a camera at least like the Arc to run alongside the Vita would be awesome. Would make Sony a force in the handheld market.....I suppose thinking about...
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    Playstation Vita

    Xperia Play on the right. Looking forward to Android Street Fighter 4 in the new year! 110% agree but in other news Sony has just bought out Sony Ericsson so I'm now not sure the Xperia Play 2 will ever see the light of day if it could take potential sales from another department.
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    Battlefield 3 Preview Performance Preview @ [H]

    Now that is hardcore lol Why portrait tho? I thought the whole point of eyefinity was to get more peripheral vision, portrait with 3 monitors just seems to have the same effect as playing up close on a large screen tv or does it give more peripheral higher and lower?
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    Would you like the "twitch" style of fps gaming brought back?

    Aren't the CoD games classed as this? Most seem to run around like headless chickens blasting all and sundry. No different to Q3A and UT.....
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    Exclusive: PhysX In Batman: Arkham City- A First Look

    No thanks to nVidia of course.....
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    Exclusive: PhysX In Batman: Arkham City- A First Look

    I guess NV need something in their locker if it is true that AMD literally own the next generation of consoles.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    This. I'd rather watch paint dry than play a fps like that.
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    Playstation Vita

    Not all mobiles are terrible for gaming. The Xperia Play is awesome.....but then it should be due to the form factor.
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    Exclusive: PhysX In Batman: Arkham City- A First Look

    Was it easy to do and have there been any complications? Damn this sitting on the fence!!
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    Exclusive: PhysX In Batman: Arkham City- A First Look

    I was pissed to the point of trying to shoe horn a lower geforce into my rig to get it but over the last few days and especially after that video I'm just not that bothered anymore. The paper thing is ridiculous for a start. Sparks and fog look nice but it's hardly a deal breaker.
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    BF3 simulator

    Ah cool, didn't know that. Has someone showed MS this? :D It still more reminiscent of a sharpshooter with Move (just on a much larger scale) than anything on Kinect tho.
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    Playstation Vita