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    The official "clean desktop" club.

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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Link please.
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    Here's my updated one as of now:
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    Finally did it.

    do you guys have a link to that? sounds like an awesome deal.
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    Mac Pro guts in Lian Li case.

    You can get a Ferrari to fit into a Mini Cooper, but it's not a logical thing to do. I just don't understand the reasoning. To each man his own I guess...
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    Mac Pro guts in Lian Li case.

    Well, I'd assume you'd automatically void any warranty by doing this, plus I don't really see the incentive. If you've taken a close look at the internals you'd see that everything inside isn't going anywhere easily. Basically, not doubting your craftsmanship or anything but if you're trying...
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    I don't think those are the same people are they?
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    latest news/rumours of 3g iPhone?

    I have no idea, but I pray that it's soon!
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    TribalOverkill's LiquiD EvolutioN

    Really like the design, but I'd definitely change the colors on the logo!
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    Post Your Mac Setup! obviously had enough money to buy the laptop, think you can scrounge up some change for a camera and post some pictures? ;)
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    I got some mods installed..Need some advice...

    Yeah, you can just tie the wires together, but that's not very neat and can cause problems (i.e. one of the wires comes apart).
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    l337*g0at, could i get a link to that wallpaper? really like it's simplicity.
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    Finally quit World of Warcraft

    Seriously, once you find yourself doing the same instance over and over again for moths just to get ONE piece of armor then you know you've reached addiction levels.
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    order macbook tomorrow?

    I'd definitely wait.
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    wallpaper please!
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    Seriously, why not just mount the center up on the wall?...
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    It sure does, thanks for finding it for me, really appreciate it!
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    sitheris, would you mind linking that wallpaper? thanks.
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    A+ for customer service Apple Store

    That's awesome, they are really great about things like that. A month or two ago my MBP battery began to crap out on me, by that time my warranty had already expired and I never opted to get Apple Care. When I took it in the guy handed me a new battery right on the spot.
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    macbook lcd white/washed out

    not sure what the problem is exactly, could you try explaining it a little more? also if you could take a clearer picture that would help also.
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    iPhone stolen need to find MAC Address

    kids these days...
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    MBP Battery issues

    So for the majority of the summer I pretty much used my MBP as a desktop and had it hooked up to the charger the entire time, hardly ever letting it empty out. Now that I'm back at school I've been using it as a laptop again and I've noticed that the battery has been having problems. Lately it...
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    I'm thinking of buying an iPhone, but...........

    yes, you do that as you are setting it up, it's really simple.
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    First thoughts of my new iPod Touch.

    My brother said the same exact thing when he got his iPhone because he'd always lose connection with his PC but didn't have any problems with the iPhone.
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    Cherry Wood case with Water cooling

    Sorry to hear that, hopefully they'll get it figured out. Looking good though.
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    Performance on new Macbook Pros with games under Windows?

    Although I don't have the newer MBPs, my 2.0Ghz Core Duo with 1.5gigs of ram work just fine. BF2 and Supreme Commander are the only games I really play and they both run extremely well. Occasionally though there are little problems here and there with the drivers and I'll get some sort of weird...
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    Getting rid of Vista partition?

    Well, it finally worked. I took your advice and downloaded boot camp again, just to make sure. It's weird though, because it was still the same version...
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    Getting rid of Vista partition?

    Yes, I did that before I installed Vista.
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    Getting rid of Vista partition?

    Hey guys, So my brother got Vista (for some odd reason) and decided to try it out on boot camp. I went ahead and got rid of my XP partition, which was easy enough and went ahead and installed Vista using the latest boot camp. However, after a few days of use I thoroughly hate the damn thing...
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    here ya go, keep going back to this background:
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    Cleaning macbook screen

    I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to use microfiber with the glossy screens. I have a glossy screen on my MBP and I just use a slightly wet soft rag.
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    MBP question

    Alright thanks, I might just do that once I invest in some better speakers. I pretty much have everything set up now (surprised how easy it was). I'll take some pictures later tonight and put it up on setup thread. Thanks for the advice.
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    MBP question

    I was hoping to, but after realizing what a mess of wires that would involve I think I'm just going to opt for the 2.1.
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    MBP question

    Thanks for the replies guys. I can see how I'd be able to plug the monitor right in, but I don't see the laptop having all the inputs needed for the speakers...
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    MBP question

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend me a hub (I guess that's what it would be called?) that I could use to connect my MBP to my speakers and monitor. I've seen people on here using these things before and just having their laptops closed and to the side while they use another monitor, plus...
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    Cherry Wood case with Water cooling

    Yeah please don't take any pictures while you are operating the router table haha. That's one sick looking joint I have to say.