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    Need help choosing new 27 inch monitor for gaming

    I spent months waiting on a good deal on what my research led me to be the best: LG 27GL850 I bought mine a few months back and love it. They recently came out the 950 which supposedly takes it up a notch.
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    LG V30 (Coming Oct 5th, $800)

    Mine definitely does. My screen also has two darker bands and a dark spot near the top. It's been driving me nuts. I am either getting a different phone or using the warranty to get a new one.
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    Need a "small" Android - Pixel, Moto G5 Plus, or Samsung S7?

    Just buy a Moto G5S and call it a day. It's the easiest choice at that price.
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    are you going to abandon intel for ryzen?

    I was thinking by the end of 2017, I am still rocking a Phenom II X4. If Ryzen can even get close to current Intel performance, I will finally make my switch.
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    SilverStone Reversible Phone Charging & Data Cord @ [H]

    Said Engineer's reviews:
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    [TBG] The Video Card Rankings - Fall 2014

    Never came across this comparison series. Very useful information! Thank you for the post.
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    thinking about buying a R9 280

    The 970 and 980 just released. I'd sit on buying a card for a week and let prices react if you still want a 280 after that.
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    Destiny: Buy Last-Gen, Get Next-Gen Free

    So I guess Ill cancel my physical pre-order...
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    Elder Scrolls Online Hit With Layoffs

    Whew, you know its bad when I am a hardcore TES fan and I forgot all about this game existing!
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    AMD Radeon R9 285 Announced

    Even though it is kind of a dumb card, I like the lower power usage. I might pick one up to replace my 5850.
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    Is Physx a factor in games anymore?

    I actually feel like it detracts more often than it adds. I couldn't tolerate it in Borderlands 2, they implemented it in such a manner that it didn't fit the aesthetic of the game, and showcased how gimmicky it feels to begin with.
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 250D Mini-ITX Case Review @ [H]

    $90 for this? Amazing. This just went straight to the top of my list for next computer case.
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    Upgrading a dying video card

    For watching video? Just buy anything lol. The 560 is a little step up from what you have, but probably overkill for watching video? Similarly you could look at a 7770 as well. For the best experience, you could just pick out a fanless GPU :cool:
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    Moto X will be $350 on Cyber Monday

    I'll be picking one up. Been holding out for a good deal. My HTC Thunderbolt was absolutely crippled with the ICS update, making it infuriatingly slow.
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    Best deal on a Mid-High range card right now...

    I am pretty much in the same boat, looking at 770/7970/280X with 2 DVI ports. Here is whats holding me back from just leaping at the 770's, can I turn off PhysX? I find it incredibly obnoxious, especially in games like Borderlands 2. I want to hop to a video card with 3GB+ since Skyrim is...
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    OCZ Plans Bankruptcy Filing

    I guess they couldn't recover after the debacle with their second gen SSDs. I stopped buying their products when that occurred. Trying to mislead your customers, when a product is new, and mainly catering to enthusiasts when it first came out, was a poor, poor choice.
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    Steam Autumn Sale 2013

    Picked up Skyrim Legendary edition. Been waiting a long time for that bundle, and for $20? Yeah, I'm in! Time to load up on mods!
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    Is it time to drop the DVI ports on video cards?

    Seeing as AMD went back to the DVI/DVI/HDMI/DP combo on their cards, I think the market is not ready to abandon DVI anytime soon.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Is there a webpage that lays out in a simple summary or chart the roles for the available spacecraft and the complimentary spacecraft that go with them? What craft will best suit someone who just wants to assist and hang with a pack without being a douchecanoe?
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    Forbes: The real reasons Microsoft, Sony chose AMD for the Xbox One and PS4

    Thought that was noteworthy too. The tldr of the article is this though: No option made sense but AMD. So it was AMD or spend billions making a similar performing product...Not a hard choice.
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    New Updated XBox 360 Revealed at E3

    I think you miss the point since your original reply is off topic. You sir, are the troll. I think the new 360 refresh is ugly tbh. I still like the Elite black version.
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    4770K and CPU bound games. E.G: Planetside 2/ARMAIII

    @OP: I am not sure why you would even bother. Or how you can even feel "CPU" limited... I have a modest rig and feel just fine in PS2... (I do play with settings lowered obviously, but still, come on).
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    FPS Gaming Mice recommendations?

    I've owned the G500, Deathadder and G9x and used a bunch of random mice owned by others. I prefer the G9x. Gave away my other mice to family.
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    Creator of the GIF Sets Record Straight

    I always said it like Gift. Without the T. I was sad to know I was wrong :P
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    Free hl2 mod being released

    I ran through it in one sitting. Most amusing part to me was bringing my 3 turrets to the very end of the game with me and seeing them in the final cinematic.
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    Sandisk Extreme 120 $90, 240 $160

    I also own the 120 and 240. Zero problems. Really great drives.
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    there goes the starwars gaming franchise

    As an enormous Star Wars fan, I am kind of pissed I will be installing Origin on my system. *sigh*
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    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    Really pleased with how well it runs on my rig. To be truthful, I actually got pissed at first when playing the game. I partly blame my ancient keyboard (Logitech G15) for failing to recognize more than a few key presses, but I can't chain melee kills for crap. Literally. I have done it once...
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    Intel Starts The Countdown To Haswell

    Think MicroCenter will discount Ivy any more than they already are?
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    Geforce 770 & 780 coming in May

    I won't lie, I had a really good laugh from this post. I am so sorry lol. So we get new Nvidia cards in May, and new AMD cards in 2014? Interesting.
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    AMD Never Settle Bundle “Gaming Evolved” Roadmap Leaked – Gets Battlefield 4, Watch D

    If I can get CoH2 and Rome2 together when I upgrade...Ill be happy.
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    App Lets You Order Pizza On Xbox Live

    Too bad pizza hut is oily horribleness... And I don't think they use banana peppers as a topping option. Sad.
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    /Vader Noooooooo , Gearbox acquires Homeworld IP.

    I think after the next 3-4 years, everyone hear will be inserting their foot into their mouth and see the wondrous works of Gearbox for saving and reviving certain franchises... Or I really hope so anyway, I am an optimist :)
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    Gearbox Software Buys Homeworld IP

    You had me worried there! Seeing as Gearbox seems to be interested in reviving brands that went crappy or disappeared, I have high hopes. I am ignoring what happened with Aliens and Duke, I expect the next games from those to be much, much better. Since there is no existing work to build off of...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN 3-Way SLI Review @ [H]

    Speaking of 8800s, this article had me thinking about how long it will take for Titan class performance to hit the $150 range, and what graphics will be "normal" at that point, and what will be "high end." Great article anyway. They make a dreamer dream about nice things :P
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    Don't Use Your iPad As A Camera

    I kind of enjoyed seeing it five times lol. I cringe whenever I see photos and video recorded in portrait mode...
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    Ok so I finished Metro 2033...

    I was bored out of my mind with this game, it never clicked. Maybe I will give it another go.
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    Xbox 360 vs PS3 controller: vote for your favorite

    360 controller all the way every day. PS3 controller feels like its going to pop out of my hands, I never feel like I have a comfortable way of holding it. The 360 controller just sits there and I don't have to think about the controller at all. The PS3 controller, for whatever reason, makes me...
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    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    I don't preorder many games, but I did for this. $15 stand alone thats giving us an insane adventure full of 80s tropes? Sold.