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    eBay asking users for their Social Security numbers ahead of rule change by IRS

    I'm in the same boat. Only use ebay as a LAST resort to sell anything. As such I've got a pile of parts sitting around that I really should get rid of and I haven't sold anything in a looooong time. If it weren't for this place I wouldn't even know heatware existed and I haven't sold anything...
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    WTB D5 pump

    I have one if no one else comes through.
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    Zboard keyboard drivers for Windows 10

    Has anyone else had their driver install once again hosed by the May 2021 update? I've always just went back and manually installed the driver after each update but this time it isn't working. I tried installing the Steele Engine 2 driver package like magoo suggested but windows blocked the...
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    It’s Back!! 32” LG 32GK650F-B 2560x1440 QHD 144Hz FreeSync Gaming LED Monitor $295 free shipping !!!

    Probably a silly question but does anyone watch movies on this and if so how do they look?
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    8TB shuckable hard drive $121

    It works best if you use 4 small pieces of credit card inserted in each of the tabs and slide it apart all at once.
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    8TB shuckable hard drive $121

    Helium for the 8TB and larger. 22 Helium_Level 0x0023 100 100 025 Pre-fail Always - 100 What hard drive manufacturer did you say you work for? And don't tell Backblaze this info. Their entire business model is based around desktop drives and will come...
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    Assembling a high capacity NAS

    This has been my experience as well with my shucked 8TB easystores. All TLR enabled and all helium filled.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    By god I didn't know that. Thanks, it's much lighter with just one! This forum is awesome.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Well I was using a G610 keyboard with red switches until the warden spilled beer on it a couple weeks ago blowing one of the surface mount resistors and taking out a couple keys. :mad: Now I'm back to using my many years old Zboard. Still love this thing after all these years and even more so...
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    Prisoners in England to Be Taught Code

    WBurchnall the intelligence of some prisoners would surprise you.
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    Prisoners in England to Be Taught Code

    I'm sure there won't be any back doors built in to prisoners code.
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    YouTube Adds Feature to Fact-Check Viral Conspiracy Videos and Fake News

    Targeted fact checking for a liberal message in 3...2....1.......
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    Columbia Engineering Researchers Create a Self-Aware Robot

    Robots are going to kill us all.
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    Album Sales Are Dying as Fast as Streaming Services Are Rising

    But, but, but, I thought is was piracy that was killing album and song sales?
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    Utah Could be the First State With a Digital Privacy Law

    Good luck enforcing that. The privacy genie has been out of the bottle for a loooong time.
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    Bitcoin Shoots Up to Over $3400

    So a $200 rise is considered "shooting up" in price?
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    8TB WD Easystores all time low $130 at Bestbuy ~ ENDED

    Yeah the best part is this. ;) 22 Helium_Level 0x0023 100 100 025 Pre-fail Always - 100
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    8TB WD Easystores all time low $130 at Bestbuy ~ ENDED

    Just got my first one today and shucked it and it's a EFAX Red as well. It says 256MB cache on it and bottom label on the box says Thailand. Can't wait to see what the other 5 end up being, they just shipped yesterday.
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    8TB WD Easystores all time low $130 at Bestbuy ~ ENDED

    Well that's kind of stupid. They limit you to 5 per order so I went back and placed another order for an additional drive and it went through. Kind of defeats the purpose limiting you to 5 drives when you can just place another order for more. Oh well at least I've got my 6 new drives on their way.
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    8TB WD Easystores all time low $130 at Bestbuy ~ ENDED

    Damn, need to figure out a way to snag that 6th drive, my FreeNAS rig is at 73% capacity and the closest BB is an hour away.
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    Web Creator Wants to Implement a "Contract" for the Internet

    What about Google and Facebook's meddling?
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    Start Backing Up Your Flickr Photos Now!

    Were these guys asleep during the whole photobucket fiasco? Host your own and you don't have to worry about it.
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    3D Printers Have "Fingerprints," a Discovery That Could Help Trace 3D-Printed Guns

    It's' the Glock plastic gun scare all over again....
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    China to Launch an Artificial Moon

    Can't stop thinking about ants and magnifying glass when reading this........
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    Linux for Old Laptop

    Mint is a good no brainer if your hardware supports it and it runs good. I've been liking Solus lately as well. It's all boils down to what you want and like in a distro. I prefer FreeBSD and kde but the latest 11.2 has been a PITA for setting up a DE with an nvidia card.
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    Toronto Residents Are Worried About a Google Urban Complex

    What the hell did they think it would be? It's a data mine for humans. They need it to perfect the battery technology.
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    Apple's Hardware-Centric Focus Keeps It from Growth in Emerging Technologies

    Apple's dependency on the blind loyalty of it's customer base keeps it from growth in emerging technologies.
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    The DEA Awarded a Contract to Retrofit License Plate Readers into Speed Signs

    So rural speeders are now considered criminals that we need to keep tabs on? The future is stupid.
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    Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm Deal Extended for Three Years

    You've got to be fucking kidding me.......
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    AMD Wants to Retake the Datacenter

    From what I've read (take it for what that's worth) AMD does very little development for FreeBSD. New hardware frequently lags way behind as a result it's up to the FreeBSD developers to figure out how to fix the bugs.
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    AMD Wants to Retake the Datacenter

    Just wish AMD had more FreeBSD love........
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    Many Rural Americans Lack Access to High Speed Internet in Their Area

    Good lets keep it that way. You city folk can have your urban life, just keep it way from me. And stay off my lawn.
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    Neil Armstrong Biopic "First Man" Leaves Out American Flag in Moon Landing Scene

    How are progressives supposed to rewrite history if patriotism is left in place.
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    THE PREDATOR Final Trailer (2018)

    Meh. I'll wait for video.