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    PS3 Games?

    Well the SP is pretty neat imho. Best since COD4. Otherwise swap it for Kill Zone 2 or Uncharted 1/Uncharted 2.
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    What PC gaming titles are you looking forward to in 2011?

    Witcher 2 (already pre-ordered from Steam) Dragon Age 2 (please don't suck) Deus Ex Human Revolution (same as above) Crysis 2 Duke Nukem Forever Diablo 3 (if it comes out this year) Sky Rim aka TES V
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    What resolution do you play at?

    1440x900. Yes I need to upgrade.
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    Upgrade from HD4870 1GB

    Hi All, Been using a Sapphire HD4870 1GB for awhile now. Wanted to know if it makes sense to go for an HD 6850 and which brand would be worthwhile? I'm not tied to an AMD/ATI option so suggestions for Team Green are welcome too :). Restrictions: 1. Must fit into the case in my sig (SUGO...
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    Medal of Honor Tier 1

    I have my reservations about this game. SP clocks in at just close to four hours (here and here for proof) and the MP modes are limited. Couple this with EA's online pass system and I think I'm just going to skip this.
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    How BIG Is Your Video Game Console Hard Drive Thread.

    320GB in my PS3 120GB in my X360 Elite 20GB in my X360 Core
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    Graphics AIB shakeout coming?

    Yeah possibly Visiontek as well.
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    Graphics AIB shakeout coming?

    If I'm not mistaken Kyle did mention something about XFX not going to have any more Nvidia cards soon. Won't be surprised if a shakeout does happen as spigzone mentioned. Even in a marginal, almost minute market like mine (India) we're seeing zero exposure of better Nvidia card partners like...
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    Best Graphics Card Upgrade EVER

    Let's see... Savage 32mb-->Kyro 64mb-->GeForce Ti4200-->Asus 9600XT-->XFX 6600GT-->BBA X1950XTX-->EVGA 8800GT (damn thing died) -->Sapphire 4870 1GB Felt the biggest leaps were from the 9600XT to the 6600GT (FarCry, Doom 3, Deus Ex 2, UT 2004 and HL2 were all playable at a decent FPS) and the...
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    Your CPU progression

    P-II 333Mhz P-III 550Mhz P-IV 2.4"B"Ghz AMD s939 3000+ AMD s939 3500+ C2D E8400
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    Who's getting Bayonetta today?

    Been playing the PS3 version since Japanese launch. It's pretty good. Sure it's not as good as the X360 version (played the demo of it) but it gets the job done.
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    Upgrading from an X1950XTX

    Gah the price difference between the 4870 and 5770 is almost $50 here in India. Looks like i'll prolly go for the 4870 1GB. Between Sapphire and XFX, which brand is better?
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    Upgrading from an X1950XTX

    My only concern with the HD5770 is it might end up like the 8600GTS/GT cards which were launched before anything DX10 had hit the market and while they had stellar performance in DX9, their DX10 performance was... just acceptable. That and the 128-bit bus. Oh and what brand is good? Currently...
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    Upgrading from an X1950XTX

    Hmm ..yeah you're right about the slight price increase between the 1GB and 512MB. How about the 4890 vs. 4870 1GB at that res? Price isn't too much of an issue between the two.
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    Upgrading from an X1950XTX

    Greetings from a long time lurker who's finally mustered enough courage to create an account. I was wondering on what I should upgrade to from an X1950XTX? I game at 1440x900 and play nearly everything from Crysis to Dragon Age Origins and looking for something that should run Mass Effect 2...