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    True "pay when you need it" options for GSM tablet

    It seems what I am asking for is available every where in the world but the united states. We have standard plans through Verizon for our smart phones. However, I have a GSM based tablet. Anywhere the world I go I can buy a sim card and load data on as I need it as use the tablet. Not an...
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    Where to buy "legit" headphone adpators?

    Looking at amazon appears like a complete and total shit show for both headphone and heaphone+power adaptors. Looking at everywhere else even for the "most legit ones" looks like a shit show as well. Can somebody point me in the correct direction of versions that are the least terrible options?
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    Monitor Wall Mount...

    Was looking at the OmniMount LIFT50 since it fits all my need and has a high WAF. Problem is that it is a) not in stock b) expensive. Anybody know of an alternative that is similar in function and possibly cheaper? The...
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    P55m and i5-750

    I have an older PC that i'm looking to keep going until the new i5-8400 actually come in stock. However, i've noticed lately that it is just stuttering when it shouldn't (plenty of RAM, SSD, current drivers). Decided to peak under the hood a bit and thought my CPU temps were fine until I look...
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    Figuring out which task/service is locking my machine out

    Our IT guy is a bit swamped right now and trying to figure out how to solve this issue. Recently after a password reset something on my machine did not update with the new credentials. It was confirmed it was "my machine" doing it (not a machine I was logged onto somewhere else). Is there...
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    IOT Security HW: Useful or not?

    Been seeing adds for more things like this lately. While I use a PC based router, I really need to move away from that; life commitments just don't give that luxury anymore. Been seeing more widgets like this to help secure the "modern home". Do these actually "work" or is it just a cash...
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    VR Capable Build

    I jumped into VR via the PS4 (low cost entry)...but basically gimping along compared to PC choices. I have a decent SSD/PSU/case but need to overhaul my guts. Was waiting for some things to settle out (like RAM prices) but that doesn't seem to be happening. MSI Computer GTX 1080 GAMING X 8G...
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    Are their risk mitigation lawyers asleep?

    Neighbor Unlocks Front Door Without Permission With The Help Of Apple's Siri Putting this out as a FYI to people in case they use Siri and have smart locks in their house.
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    Looking for Color Wireless Laser Printer that can actually handle card stock

    We currently have a Samsung CLP-315W. It does the job for everything BUT card stock. Does anybody have any ideas of how to solve this problem. Willing to spend up to $500!
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    Latest Messsage showing "too much"

    In genmay there are two password linted areas. That is cool. However, the subject, if the latest post, does show up. Considering how loose the rules are in those sub forums...some bad things that should be SFW may appear.
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    Need a card for 4k resolution...but not really 4k gaming

    Need a card that can drive a 4k display (most likely the Phillips 40") for desktop applications and videos. I don't really need it to play games (Minecraft at best). I have a 560 Ti (which won't cut it) right now and willing to upgrade in order to facilitate this. Budget is up to $300 if it...
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    Thread Index/Depth Not aligning properly

    See attached image. some reason the boxes aren't aligning right. Makes it harder to navigate. Using most recent version of chrome. Sometimes it is good...but most times it is broke.
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    Need to buy a SSD today...

    SMART starting to throw errors on my primary HDD. Finally going to jump to SSD. Would like storage between 250-500GB. Don't need stupid good performance. Haven't seen any good aggregate SSD drive reviews lately and not sure what is worth getting and what is worth avoiding.
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    [H] Mobo Reviews

    Odd the demand for full ATX or E-ATX so large compared to MATX and other small form factors that the [H] tends weight its reviews that way? The whole first page of Mobo reviews is ATX or E-ATX..only on the second page can I find a few small ones but they seem to be more boutique...
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    Book, and a Lens

    Just picked up a Canon T6s for our trip to India which we just did. Got it with the standard 18-135 lens which was great for the trip but won't be good for the next opening presents in "lower light". The high F number of the 18-135 lens is already showing its limit and almost...
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    Need a high FPS video recorder

    Doing a quick test at work and need a camera or video recorded that can do about 1000 FPS for a few seconds (preferably around 10 seconds). Faster is fine, slower is not. Would like to keep it under $300, but willing to spend more. I found the Casio EX-FH100 which appears to fit the...
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    100Base-FX Validation/Verificaiton

    Unfortunately, most scopes and packages associated with them only verify/validate copper based Ethernet. This means they don't really know how to "understand" NRZI vs the usual MLT-3 at the physical coding sublayer (PCS) for 100Base Ethernet. However, good news is that I can pretty much, we...
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    Cheapest plan for "call forwarding"

    I have a personal smart phone. However, I also have a work smart phone which has no limitations on it. Therefore, why should I keep my personal phone? A big reason of course is "what happens if i no longer have access to that work phone". If I have links to that number for login...
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    Dropbox and "webhosting", what about email?

    I know I can easily point my domain to dropbox and have them host it for a fraction (e.g. zero) of the cost. However, how would I hand email then?
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    Canon T5i at Amazon Question

    Saw this deal Not sure if it is decent? Really like how the Canon Rebel series feels in my hand and how the controls work. Other brands make me...
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    Final Fantasy X,X-2, HD Version

    I remember getting was what caused me to get a PS2 finally. I remember thinking "wow", look how good this game looks. The plot was fare. Played the crap out of it. Tried it a few years later (after I got the PS3) and it had lost most of its visual luster...and the horrible amount...
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    Question on Xbox Live and Minecraft

    I'm somewhat confused here because I don't know the "correct answer" based upon what i've searched. 1. Friend has a world we (wife and I) want to play in. [**] 2. He has a gold subscription 3. His son plays with him. 4. They play in split screen. 5. We would play from our house...
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    Consumer Internet Router + Unifi AP

    Looking to use a UniFI AP (simple b/g/n) unit for now and upgrade to AC down the road. Because of this I'm looking for a new router that can handle better than average traffic but not burdened by wireless and I would prefer a simple interface (e.g. like a typical consumer router). I was...
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    Skyrim, Post mod requirements

    I know Kyle and crew did a great job of heping me understanding "vanilla" Skyrim in terms of HW. But, I think it is hard to deny what the modders have been up to in terms of improving the game. My guess is that within another 2 months Skyrim will have full 2k or 4k texture patches for the...
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    WHS Bare Metal Restore Issue

    One of my wifes favorite sites last night managed to get "infected" and thus when a pop up for a update to java came up, she hit accept. Well, her lappy is now a shiny happiness of Windows 7 antivirus 2012 :( I could go through the process of trying to remove it, but I thought that a simple...
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    Optical Media Drive Problem

    Not sure when this started. And by Google Fu is failing me. 1. I have a DVD burner in my machine. 2. I can see the drive letter 3. I can burn discs 4. I can rip discs (with AnyDVD and MyMovies) 5. I can play discs. However, I cannot "browse" the files on the drive any. In the...
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    Finding faces in photos

    My wife's grandmother died last night. We are trying to find pictures of her but have probably close to 30k digital pictures to go through. Is there viable software for consumers for doing facial recognition yet?
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    Code File Analysis

    I use notepad++ for most of my coding. However, I'm going through a bit of effort to reduce total lines of code by a previous developer (put it this way, a header file is a foreign concept to him). I'm looking for a application that can count the amount of lines in a file that are non blanks...
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    Risk question with 4x3TB and ZFS (FreeNAS)

    I'm considering going a somewhat simpler on my next server setup. I'm pretty confident that 9TB of usable space will keep me happy for ~3 years (which is my upgrade cycle). I was considering buying 2 HP microservers and put FreeNAS on one and WHS 2011 on the other. This gives me server...
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    Dell XPS 15z alernates

    The wife seems fairly happy with the Dell 15z as a whole. However...small issue is that they pulled the 1080p display from the drop-downs. Is there any laptop with similar specs as the 15z with the 1080p display? Short list of key items in order of importance i5-i7 second gen 15-16" <...
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    ASUS Trnasformer + Google Maps Offline

    Been digging on this, but my Google Fu is weak today in regards to this. 1. Google Maps appears to be dependant upon having a data connection (unless you plan your route and it caches before you leave your house). And no, I don't want to tether to my smart phone. 2. There are 3rd party...
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    General direction advice on sandy bridge

    My wife has a nook color. Once the rooting for Froyo is "stable", I'll be doing that. This seems to keep her happy right now in terms of a truely mobile consumption device (besides her HTC desire). However, her laptop is getting very long in the tooth (not even a C2D) and this needs to get...
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    Win7, Enterprise...weird crash

    Today at work my laptop had an "amusing" (not) crash. Fortunately just before it happened I was doing a local backup to my USB HDD. Right after I came back everything was funky (HW errors, GPU @ 80C, memory full, etc) and Win7 was working the repair console. I quickly unplugged the USB drive...
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    Next Gemcraft Chapter

    did a search...didn't see it. The next and final chapter of gemcraft is out. They did some clever updates. One thing I have figured out qiuckly is that amplifiers are of significant importance. It is on armorgames...have fun.
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    SageTV, HD300

    Looks like it is on the way (at least pre-order). Just when I thought I was going to have to give sage the boot, they do something smart again (like HDMI 1.3 finally)
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    HTC Desire (and their type) Accessories

    I just picked up a HTC desire (the wife got one too). The thing is though, we need quite a few accessories. In the old days of simple phones...just charging at home or in the car was easy enough. However, with how fast you can drain these phones, simple methods just aren't enough. 1. What...
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    WiDI Receivers

    Anybody know when the WiDi receivers are gonna come out to plug into the TV's? I see that the U33JC-A1 has the transmitter built in and this is probably the #1 reason I will snag this little beauty.
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    SageTV, 7.0 Public Beta

    gogo! Big items. New UI No more "pause" when rolling over show periods Meta data now embedded in the video file itself This is a big update....and very much appreciated.
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    Comparison Algorithm

    I'm an engineer who occassional writes code.. I have an array of N numbers. I want to compare each of these numbers to each other. If the differnce between this two is less than D, I want to flag this as a match. I could do this with two simple for loops and brute force it. Problem is...
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    Total Character Limit

    I was moving around and making some directories today for a new program. It came to the point where I could not edit/move/open them. I could copy and paste them to a lower level. I then looked at my file path and realized that many of my directories had very long names. If I shorted one a...