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  1. Manny Calavera

    Shadow Warrior 3

    Loved all in the series,looking forward to #3 tbs.
  2. Manny Calavera

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    No,not a chip a 2.5 Ton boulder. ;)
  3. Manny Calavera

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    The Above x10. TP ruined the Thief series,imho.
  4. Manny Calavera

    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to November 19th

    We are not in a recession,but a full on worldwide financial Depression,the COVID lockdowns were useless and destroyed millions of businesses,it will take 7 to 10 years to see any real recovery.
  5. Manny Calavera

    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to November 19th

    You both read my mind,GTA5 was definitely treading into woke territory,sadly. Try Lee Stranahan,and or James Corbett at the Corbett Report web or utube for real ol skool investigative journalism, by Karl Denninger great website or his utube at tickerguy for in your face hard...
  6. Manny Calavera

    Samsung 980 PRO

    Anandtech said the TLC based Sage will launch with 2 and 4 Terabyte m.2 models at launch.
  7. Manny Calavera

    Are you going for reference Big Navi/RTX 3xxx or waiting for AIB offers?

    I am gonna wait likely,for a EVGA FTW3 ULTRA RTX3080,OR 90/ti
  8. Manny Calavera

    FS - Adobe CC,IDM,Windows 10 $8 & Office 2019/2016/365,Server

    Paypal'd 8.00 USD just now to that email address you sent. from mark+×÷=%/\* @ Gmail . com :)
  9. Manny Calavera

    FS - Adobe CC,IDM,Windows 10 $8 & Office 2019/2016/365,Server

    Hi I am in need of a Windows 10 Retail key,doing a new build this week. Have Heatware,but cannot remember my heat account name,been a half decade since I used it.. Please PM me with PayPal instructions.
  10. Manny Calavera

    FS: Ryzen 7 3700X, Radeon RX 5700 XT, MSI X570 MB

    How much for the 3700X ?? I am in Ottawa Canada,FYI.
  11. Manny Calavera

    AMD raytracing techdemo

    Looks like its barely hitting 30FPS,and lower often. But,its early hardware,and like Nvidia,it will take time for AMD to get the software right. I cut NV lots of slack on DLSS and now its fantastic.
  12. Manny Calavera

    3.2TB SSD for $240

    Ditto. If anyone knows of anymore 3.2Tb drives for sale in the 200 USD $ range,I am all ears. Thanks in advance!
  13. Manny Calavera

    Build: 3970x, dual 2080ti, 8TB m.2 RAID = Render Monster

    The Sabrent Amazon store now lists 4Tb m.2 NVME 4.0 Drives for sale for 900 Canadian dollars as of a few weeks ago. Phison also had 4Tb and 8Tb m.2 80mm PCI 3.0 and 4.0 drives at CES coming this Q or next. Either way, your setup blows mine right out of the water!! Congrats.
  14. Manny Calavera

    AMD's StoreMI Technology @ [H]

    Wendell from Level1Techs said last year it does work with Optane,as does their website. Wendell also said it can work with Optane on x470/X570 boards.
  15. Manny Calavera

    AMD's StoreMI Technology @ [H]

    Me. And I've installed it on many AMD builds for others.
  16. Manny Calavera

    AMD's StoreMI Technology @ [H]

    Been using it for about 5 months now,on a X570 +3600X using 4Gb of my 32Gb,Tiered with a 1024Gb NVMe ADATA and a 4Tb SATA SSD. Its very fast,and reliable. I've deployed it on dozens of client systems successfully all last year and this. The Version I am using is a paid for license from ENMOTUS...
  17. Manny Calavera

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Locking it to 60FPS/1440P/Ultra/kb+mouse on my main PC helped overall. Finished it on Jedi Knight in 23.5 hours 95%,and felt it was fairly challenging overall,and yes,Parry seemed a waste half the time I used it.Hope they improve Parry for the sequel or mission pack that's coming. Overall a 8/10...
  18. Manny Calavera

    Wasteland Remastered

    Definitely interested!
  19. Manny Calavera

    Thread Over, Locked

    I have this card. Love it,my memory has allot headroom, will do over +1200,but I get better overall results giving the GPU most of the juice, 2170/16100 rock solid since Dec 3rd. At these speeds it'll top at 78c GPU,71c memory after a few hours of COD:MW or Control with RTX Maxed out at 1440P...
  20. Manny Calavera

    CPU pins damaged, PCI-e slot not working

    Pics are faster,and more importantly for a corporation like Asus, much cheaper in the long run from their perspective, then providing product replacement and $hipping costs.Most users aren't on forums tallying how often Asus fkd its user base.I've also had issues with Asus motherboards and a...
  21. Manny Calavera

    Stripped and Stuck AM4 Screws on XMAS

    Thanks all,taking it back to the store today for help,my gut tells me this was a open box/return,but sold to me as "Brand New",as that's what the sales rep told me it was. I bought it in the store,wasn't shipped to me. Merry Xmas. Any other comments good or bad or advice,feel free to post it...
  22. Manny Calavera

    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    I remember the mods on Beyond3d,some of them actual industry insiders saying that back in the 8800GTX Days.... "Oh we'll never see 3 Billion.....5 billion.....10 billion xtors GPU chips!! Trust me I work for so and so......." I used to hang on their every word,from AMD/Nvidia employees on THE...
  23. Manny Calavera

    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    Not to mention further ballooning costs because of a massive jump in the amount of Masks needed per Chip at the Foundry. GTX1080 was 7.2 Billion xtors,on 16nm,RTX2080 is 13.6 Billion xtors on 12nm,and thats using far more Masks for Turing. The overall costs to produce chips is getting to be...
  24. Manny Calavera

    Current AMD free game promo - end date?

    I ordered a 3600x Cyber Monday. Chip Arrived 2 days later,still no codes from Amazon as of Dec 25th.
  25. Manny Calavera

    Stripped and Stuck AM4 Screws on XMAS

    1 brand new Asus X570 motherboard, one with extremely over tightened AM4 Clasp screws. In fact,screws Won't budge,now are pretty stripped. The messed up one is a Asus X570 TuF Gaming Plus WiFi . One HSF clasp on it,unscrewed easy as pie. Top clasp will not budge,no matter what,both using a...
  26. Manny Calavera

    Let’s Talk about the x570 MSI Meg Unify

    Was your ram on the QVL list for the motherboard?
  27. Manny Calavera

    Let’s Talk about the x570 MSI Meg Unify

    Hi,does anyone know how good The Unify is with memory compatiblity? ? I have a R5 3600X and a set of Corsair RGB 32GB Pro 3200 CMW32GX4M2C3200C16 2x16Gb kit. Thanks for any help.
  28. Manny Calavera

    LG 32” GK650F 2560x1440 freesync 144hz monitor $225 free shipping!

    True,but its a damned great VA Panel.
  29. Manny Calavera

    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    Anyone know the power limit on these cards? EVGA RTX 2080Super XC Ultra EVGA RTX 2080 Super FTW3 Ultra And lastly > Asus STRIX 2080 Super ? I was told the eVGA 2080Ti Black was 112%, but finding this data on other cards isn't so easy. Any help would be great,thanks ! Trying to decide on one of...
  30. Manny Calavera

    FuryX completely abandoned now, barely matching the 1060 or 580!

    That fine wine has turned into vinegar,that leaves a sour taste.
  31. Manny Calavera

    Batman: Court of Owls

    Court of Owls graphic novel is great,would like to see this adapted to a game.
  32. Manny Calavera

    Code Vein- new Bandai Namco action/RPG

    I give it a solid 7.5 out of 10. About 6 hours in,reallay enjoying this title. Playing 1440p maxed,smooth. Remnant is also quite good,and worth a buy.
  33. Manny Calavera

    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    Looks pretty good to me.
  34. Manny Calavera

    Cyberpunk 2077: Official Thread

    My gut says the lack of texture detail,overall blurriness,low res cube mapping INSTEAD of clear RTX reflections, and no NPC shadows/+no self shadowing in the, closer to 14 then 15 min video we got from CDPR, is because what we all saw was a mix of One X/Ps4Pro/PS4 non Pro console footage mixed...
  35. Manny Calavera

    Borderlands 3

    No. Not imo.
  36. Manny Calavera

    Borderlands 3

    On my ps4,non pro its running lis4 ass. The misandry/pro feminist story and characters are insulting,imho. The laggy,buggy mess more Dissapointing. On my brothers 2080+32gb+9700k+sata ssd its been much the same,worse in others(DENUVO) performance in general has been terrible at 1440p and 1080p...
  37. Manny Calavera

    System Shock 3 announced.

    Yes,that was voiced over by Terri Brossius,the original voice actress of SHODAN. SS3 is being designed by a small team of 21~(March 2019,might be a bigger team now) folks led by Warren Specter,of Deus Ex fame.
  38. Manny Calavera

    System Shock 3 announced.

    This is my 2nd most wanted game behind Cyberpunk 2077.The original Sound team from Looking Glass Studios who worked on SS2,are on this new dev team,Terri and Dan. Loved the new Pre Alpha video from this week.Been following this games development really close since 2015.
  39. Manny Calavera

    will there be another Turing refresh?

    Sybsidian,from Triple S League,a podcast co-host, and a industry analyst with pretty solid connections and a good track record,stated last week on air folks should wait till the Spring of 2020 ,if they plan on upgrading for 2077. He hinted strongly some new tech is coming. I have followed him...