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    Windows 10 Budges A Bit As Masses Cling To Windows 7

    I know alot of people here hate windows 10, but i know really know why. Its pretty amazing tbf. Yeah Microsoft have a few fixes they need to do but hey, that was the case wen windows 7 came out as well.
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    Optimus Prime And Bumblebee Vehicles To Be Auctioned Off

    The classic has always and will always look so damn badass
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    Release Group Apologizes For Leaking Movie Before It Hit Theaters

    Have you got pics? sounds like you are living the life
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    PlayStation Network Still Down

    Yup, im sure its ever over week
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    New Google Glass Spotted

    I always digged Glass. I sure i read some articles a while back saying that the new glass would be very different. Surprised to see this.
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    Fallout 4 Completed With Zero Kills In Survival Mode

    I mean the concept is cool, but its boring af to video
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    Family Opens Fake, Wooden PS4 Christmas Morning

    These stories seem to pop up even now and then. I wonder if the companies really bother to remote brick the devices vie the serial numbers.
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    F The Internet

    Made me laugh as well. Bet the guys who made this had the best day haha
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    Man, Distracted by Electronic Device, Walks Off Cliff

    That fucking sucks. How can you be that oblivious to a cliff
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    How to Avoid Immediately Destroying Your New Drone

    I remember having an rc heli as a kid. Crashed it a few times before getting good at it.
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    Critics Of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Blast New Film

    I haven't watched it yet but all i have heard from people i trust is positive vibes
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    Why PCs Are "Failing"

    Desktop PC's are becoming more of a professional tool and thats not a bad thing at all. Most people just need a smartphone, tablet or laptop and thats perfect for them. There will always be the need for the latest tech for professionals.
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    Hacking Group Plans To Target Steam And Minecraft Servers Over Christmas

    sigh. This is why we cant have nice thigns
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    Researchers Propose Using Patterns And Icons For Passwords

    Reading the headline the concept sounded familiar, was sure i learnt alot about this at university. Clicked thorough to the site and its from the university i just graduated from last summer. Nice to see them making an appearance here
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    Top 10 Disappointing Games of 2015

    BFH was looking bad from the start. wish EA would take more time a develop a game as good as BF3 again
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    Sculpture Made With 100 CPU Fans

    I like it but it doesn't look straight at the end. Sending my perfectionism crazy
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    Retailers Disable Chip Card Readers During Holidays For Being Too Slow

    I know the UK is over the top on safely alot of the time but this is just stupid. Would never see this in the UK.
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    The Trouble With Online Customer Reviews

    I find people will be more likely to leave a review when they have had a bad experience than a good one
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    Google Plans New, Smarter Messaging App

    I really wish they would just have 1 main messenger with all of the features
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    North Korea’s Computer Operating System Revealed

    It looks pretty cool tbf
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    Lawsuit Demands The Right To Resell Steam Games

    This really shouldn't be a thing, its just stupid
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    Uber To Ask Appeals Court For Stay In Driver Class-Action

    I have never used Uber (no Uber where i live), but i fear i will never use it with all this lawsuits and issues, smh.
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    Apple Asking Courts For An Additional $180M From Samsung

    I really like Apple but this sh*t does them no favors. Just drop it already Apple/
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    Microsoft Accused Of Releasing 'Worst Patch Yet' For Windows 10

    Ive just started using windows 10 over the last 2 days, first time using windows since 7. I am really impressed actually, guess i haven't had this update yet though.
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    Merry Model X-mas From Tesla

    Would love to own a Tesla. Maybe one day
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    Elon Musk: Tesla Cars Will Drive Themselves In 2 Years

    I have talked to alot of people about this, and i seem to be the only one looking forward to it. I guess the general public dont like change until they have changed.
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    YouTube Star Buys $4.5M Home

    Really? "hipster looking house" lol The house looks amazing, some great architecture.
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    LG 34UM57 IPS Monitor $369 from BuyDig.

    temped by this
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    Is Sony Declaring Defeat On Handheld?

    Ive never really been into handheld, well since my gameboy as a kid. Guess there is still a market out there for people :)
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    Snowden: I'd Go To Jail To Come Back To The U.S.

    What are you even getting at with this comment
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    The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment Kickstarter

    This needs to be funded
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    Civilization: Beyond Earth Rising Tide E3 Gameplay Video

    Must agree with you on this
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    2TB Samsung Evo SSD: $699 + ship

    Damn, wish i had the money right now, thats a great deal
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    Amazon is having a Blizzard sale.

    Im sure Amazon sales never seem that amazing, maybe its just me
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    Is Sony Declaring Defeat On Handheld?

    With the way phones are going (And have been for the past few years) there is no need for a device like the vita
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    Google: An Update On How We Tackle Hacked Spam

    Good to see companies working on the 'background' stuff as well
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    Motorcyclist Texts With Both Hands During A Police Chase

    This happens all the time. Just this time hes being filmed.
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    How Video Games Are Becoming University-Approved Sports

    I don't think sport is the correct word for them, just like i don't consider darts or bowling a sport. They need to have a new name of them (Please not e-sports).
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    Apple Removing Games From People's Purchase History

    Not sure this story fully adds up