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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    What load and what pin, what power supply ,would be a good start to figure this out.
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    Activision Blizzard CEO Says AI Will Have "Profound Impact" On Games

    AI, right up until it figures out how lazy and easy humans are and it will program games like in the old days; slow, hitches/glitches, need more power.
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    Seeking help with weird slowness issue, Ryzen 7 3700X

    Try a display port cable?
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    UPS and voltage regulation question

    You could have a grounding issue, as mentioned above, get an electrician, A real one. You will need to get access to the electric room from your landlord if they find a grounding problem. Don't know where you live but around here it will cost you $$$.$$.
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    Worst things you've done in (online) gaming?

    No cheats, but would Protoss canon rush the same guy who started Zergling Rush until he left the game.
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    I'm running a 3700x, 6800xt, 32Gb 3600 ram, 970 evo, at native 4k 60hrz, works great and will keep it until it must be replaced. Came from a 1090t. Only problem is I start to watch the eye candy and not the game.
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    What is more reliable for long term rare used storage HDD or SSD?

    Try having your wife look at it; they never forget!
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    Will IDE hard drives be detected on the motherboard which cannot recognizes SATA hard drives?

    I'm going with yes they are, you can buy an adapter to go IDE to SATA and S to I; so same chip set as far as where the sparks are going; not 2 chip sets on the same mobo. Cost about $20. I could be wrong, but IDE is slow, so sata to ide would slow the drive transfer, ide to sata would give you...
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    Question about quality

    Pcb revision, they are multilayer, do take up space, give me more, faster, better, keep the blinking lights; I have plenty of stripper lights I can plug in to the wall.
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    How to repair a scratch

    Stickers! FTWin
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    Question about quality

    So are you saying the LEDs, circuits, the engineering, manufacturing, programming, etc, all free? Passing the savings, if they didn't have rgb to begin with it wouldn't be a price factor.
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    Question about quality

    Keep the stupid color show and give me more cpu, ram, mobo, vidcard, for the same price.
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    Question about quality

    Soyo too.
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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    Ok so cheap chi-na connectors, got it. How do I plug that big cord in at the wall socket from my power supply?
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    Intel may have found the solution to Nvidia’s melting GPUs

    It is the manufacturers job/requirement to spec/ provide the proper rated connections; now it is your job to use it properly.
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    so many games just close to desktop

    See post #7 and #9, plus I said not NV drivers. Reading, it is fundamental.
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    eBay asking users for their Social Security numbers ahead of rule change by IRS

    I only have 40+ years in the construction trade; Residential, commercial, industrial. Plus I am a retired Master Electrician, started nonunion went union. You apparently do not know how construction works. There isn't spare/extra time for men to just hangout; the profit margins are too low. When...
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    eBay asking users for their Social Security numbers ahead of rule change by IRS

    I have never seen that, where have you? I'm in New York U.S.A.
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    so many games just close to desktop

    AMD has driver issues every one knows this; sorry you are running 2 nvid cards so drivers couldn't be the problem. I have no idea.
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    eBay asking users for their Social Security numbers ahead of rule change by IRS

    "you'll see schools take months to remodel/build but actual work time is a couple days." ?what? Couple days to do what?
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    eBay asking users for their Social Security numbers ahead of rule change by IRS

    How about taxing a tax? Go buy a pak of cigs.
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    RTX is a joke

    This is Sparta! Err the H, why are you talking 1080 when 4K is where things should be? 1080 is for cheap girls.
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    Are these gadgets GPUs or Graphics Cards?

    I still call ground squishers , steam rollers. The young guys just couldn't understand.
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    Blizzard Company-Wide Meeting Reportedly Made Employees Feel "Extremely Unimportant And Unsupported”

    People are people. Union or not, you will have A holes that do shoddy work, no work, lie, cheat, steal at all levels. Just look at any government, Corporation, anything. How many here Union or not out work their peers on a regular basis? See?
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    Is this possible?

    You need to tell us what power supply you have. Yes, more power available to your card can increase fps. AMD you open up the power to the card; your car you open up the fuel/air mix for more power. If you limit the power to your vidcard it can only draw to the limit; open it to more power it can...
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    Help with bios

    If it isn't broken don't fix it. Is it working to your satisfaction?
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    Seeking Electrical Advice: Carrying a PC PWM Signal a Long Way

    Try coax, center sig, shield gnd.
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    Amazon Preparing to Offer Home Internet Remember this?
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    It Can Run Crysis! Chinese MTT S80, The Only PCIe Gen 5 GPU

    Stolen tech, from communist country, why buy and support them? No thanks, got plenty of chicom products in the U.S.A. now. Bring production back to non communist countries, preferably the U.S..
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    HTPC - no more?

    I use a 3600x, 16Gb ram, nvme, 570amd,blue ray, into 7.1 (only use 5.1), but I also have my security cameras I access to watch my camp in the next county over. The tv has all the streaming apps on it. Basically nothing good to watch on tv anyways; turn camp on and play music. Fun to watch the...
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    Why am I getting bad FPS in Valheim with this build? RTX 3090 + threadripper 3970x

    I have a 6800xt with a 3700x and 32gb and get 55.4frames but tuned the card and fan curve (fan runs hard most of the game), needed to turn candy down too; the new release has brought the temp down a bit. Was getting the same on a 5700 vid card. Both at 4k set at 60fps for my monitor. The game is...
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    GPU brackets?

    They are just a piece of flat metal with 3 holes drilled in them, try a hardware store for some flat stock and drill 3 holes in it.
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    AMD vs nVidia Colors - Concrete proof of differences

    A circle is flat like the earth! LOL
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    AMD vs nVidia Colors - Concrete proof of differences

    To start you need to define what each color is, Pantone, Raw info, RGB, SRGB, what is the standard. Is everything tuned to meet the expectations.
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    AMD vs nVidia Colors - Concrete proof of differences

    The video card, the monitor, the printer, the operating system, the programs, all can only reproduce x amount of colors. You would need to calibrate them (drivers) then if your taking pictures with a camera it too has different (drivers) and your eyes are not the same as everyone else.
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    System won't power on at all after rebuild into new case

    Test the on button for continuity .
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    GPU brackets?

    I have one that replace the xtra fan I was using to prop my xfx6800xt.