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    OCZ PowerStream 520 *Unopened*

    Still for sale.
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    OCZ PowerStream 520 *Unopened*

    Still shrinkwrapped, never opened. It's the 520watt unit (pre-SLI/green fan version) though you could use a 6 pin adapter still for SLI. I'm asking $95+shipping.
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    FS: 7800GTX and LOTS of Watercooling

    Where in SoCal are you? I'm in San Diego, I might just drive to pick it up if you're close. Does the PA120.2 come with barbs (I know they don't by default if ordered from Thermochill, which is why I'm asking).
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    Seasonic S12 - 500 watt $105.88 before tax (California, at least) or shipping. Not bad, think I'll pick it up there. Decent resellerratings for that site.
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    Replacement NB fan for DFI LanParty boards

    I believe they're completely identical. There's a third company that makes one that looks exactly the same too. I think they all use the same design. No idea about noise difference, I doubt there's much of one. On any of them, you have to make a couple small cuts in it to avoid small...
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    Replacement NB fan for DFI LanParty boards

    Coolerguys has the identical Vantec Iceburq 4 for $12.95: Make sure you get just the "4" not the "4 Pro."
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    xp-90c or xp-90

    I'm not sure why. It's not quite as efficient, and it doesn't cool any of the motherboard components below it due to it's orientation. It is better for exhausting hot air out of the case, but that's about it. You really can't run it passive on most CPUs (unless maybe if you have a P180 case with...
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    xp-90c or xp-90

    Thermaltake Big Typhoon is a great cooler. I had a hard time believing it, being that Thermaltake makes it. :p But the reviews speak for themselves: My only issue with it is the weight (and apparently it's not possible to install with...
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    What AMD CPU will give me the fastest OC ?

    How is an Opteron 146 (S939) cheaper? It's over $200 ($221 at monarch) for a 2.0GHz/1MB chip. You can get a SD 3700+ for only $11 more, and it's got an extra 200MHz stock.
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    Fear $36.99

    I went into Frys on Friday and they had it for that price in store. They also had the special DVD edition for $45 vs the regular $55.
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    Thermochill PA120.3

    In terms of noise? I was experimenting with some fans I have yesterday and having anything that close to the fan does increase noise...It did seem more noisey on the pull side as push side, but I still would think a shroud would help noise.
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    Thermochill PA120.3

    I assume this means the shrouds for the HE series fit the PA series?
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    Sapphire X800 GTO 2 Newegg sold out? It's not even showing the product page now. :(
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    Swiftech H20-Apex *GROUP BUY*

    I'll take one for $199 if I don't buy the parts separately first (which I probably wont in 2 weeks). Add me to the list?
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    Sapphire X800 GTO 2

    Damn, I noticed it out of stock this morning at $199, now $219. I guess I'll see how the X1800/X1600s look in 5 days. Maybe the price will drop back to $199 by then.
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    Went from Intel Pentium II 450 MHz to AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0 GHz

    First computer we had at home was one of the (if not the) first Apple Powerbooks. Don't remember the model #. Black & white screen, 90MB HD space, about 8MB RAM. Then a Performa 6400/180 (CD-ROM, w00t!) To a G4 400 Sawtooth (AGP graphics) Sold it when moved in with the girlfriend who had a...
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    Dell 2005FPW + BF-2 + DVI = No Go :(

    Monitors have drivers? Is this specific to LCDs, or special features some monitors have? I've never installed a monitor driver in my life. This ViewSonic CRT came with a CD when I bought it 5 years ago, never once put it in.
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    eVGA kicks butt!

    I wonder if they do this kind of thing one in a thousand times just to get good press on forums like this. :) Even if so, they still seem like a good company.
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    XFX GeForce 7800GT OC for $369.99 shipped

    I know people who have had issues with ZZF. I've always used Newegg and never had a problem. They both charge tax in my state. So it's worth the extra $10 to me. Hell, it's a $400 piece of equipment. It's not much of a difference.
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    Swiftech H20-APEX [storm + 655 + 120x2]

    I don't know if anyone's mentioned this yet, as I was just skimming for pics, but a couple people here are pumping into their Storm's output. The block wont even work as designed if you do that. The water should be going into the hole right in the middle of the block.
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    XFX GeForce 7800GT OC for $369.99 shipped

    Or if you prefer Newegg, same card here (XFX even): For just $5 more, plus $5 shipping.
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    eVGA kicks butt!

    That's awesome. I was considering both them and BFG. Looks like I can't lose. Though I wont be getting my new card for a couple more months. :( I've had similar experiences from OCZ (they upgraded my PSU when I RMA'd one).
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    H20-Apex Kit Questions

    In regards to Storm vs TDX, take this for what you will, but here's an interactive graph: If you click on those two blocks, it seems the Storm is continually at least 2 degrees cooler than the TDX. However, those are assuming flow rates are...
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    Not impressed at all with water cooling...

    The NV-68 really isn't a very good block. It's very restrictive which will raise temps for the CPU as well. That plus the Storm must kill your flow. I would have gone with a Maze4 (or the like) and copper ram sinks with a little airflow.
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    Help, purchasing tonight! Best GPU waterblock for the money? For X800 Pro PCI-E

    Got any proof? I've always seen the Maze4 beat the MCW50. Never seen reviews of the PolarFLO GPU block.
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    Help, purchasing tonight! Best GPU waterblock for the money? For X800 Pro PCI-E

    I'd go with the DangerDen Maze4 GPU (acetal) over anything mentioned so far....
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    xtremesystems forum hacked?

    It's offline for me...
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    x800xl vs. 7800gt

    Wow, not a single one of you understood his question. He wants to know if with his 2.2GHz CPU, if the 7800GT will be able to show that large of a performance increase over the X800XL. I would expect it would be at best 50% faster with that CPU. If the CPU is overclocked to 2.6 or so, you'd...
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    7800 GT First look and Benchmarks

    On this Japanese site they did the GT and GTX at 430/1200: They got the GT all the way up to 510/1250. Not too shabby. :)
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    Would this work to control 2 fans on one channel?

    Yeah, what they said. ;) I have my 2 80mm fans that came with my case on the same channel of my Sunbeam rheostat. Works fine, as together they only use like 1/3 to 1/2 the available watts per channel. Medium to high-speed 120mm fans could be approaching the red area though. If you can...
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    Radiator Shroud?

    Looks like they are on the opposite side of the rad from the fans. So it gets side ventillation, maybe he has it mounted flush against something.
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    3700 San Diego from Newegg?

    It's just that Newegg ships it for free, where as Mwave charges $5.xx for the cheapest shipping.
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    Oc'ing p4 2.4c

    Idle temps don't matter worth a damn. Load temps look good. I have my 2.4C @ only 2.75GHz, my ASUS board reads 40-42 depending on ambient temps. You shouldn't have to worry until the high 50s, maybe 60s but that's too hot for my taste.
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    3700 San Diego from Newegg?

    By a whole $2.08 after tax & shipping... lol Just buy it from where you like. I've always been happy with Newegg, no reason to look elsewhere for $2.08.
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    BIPII - Will it fit?

    If you remove the 3.5" bays and all but the top 4 5.25" bays it should work. I have the Dragon case which looks to be the same dimensions, and just has 4 5.25" bays, and there's enough room in that.
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    Retail G4's coming soon....

    I've noticed that both Sidewinder and FrozenCPU are out of stock. :( These blocks really must be in demand right now. I hope Swiftech starts pumping them out a little quicker. :)
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    Is my FX-55 chip a San Diego????

    Yeah, right. Everyone who doesn't have an $800 CPU must not have a job. :rolleyes:
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    After a year and a half -- IC7G/P4 2.4C problems still

    I've had similar problems with my 2.4C (SL6Z3, I believe?) and P4C800-E Deluxe. My RAM is BH-5 PC-3500, it shouldn't hold anything back, especially when using 5:4 ratio because then when you set it at 250, it's only running at 200. But this isn't stable. I've tried all the way up to 2.65 volts...
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    which case i should get? CM Stacker or Antec 180?

    Weight is exactly the same as the P180, so it doesn't really weigh in on this issue. ;) And their size is almost identical as well.