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    Esxi 5.5 quad nic problem

    have u tried this:
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    My current build for my home lab. ESXi 5.5 ent plus. HP DL 360 G7 + ilo 3 advanced Dual quad core xeons with hyperthreading @ 2.2ghz 104 GB RAM 2 x OCZ vertex 4 512gb SSD 6x 1tb WD red in raid 5 Dual 480w psu 10nics - 4 on board, 4 on quad nic pcie card and 2 on dual nic card. I use...
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    vSphere 5.5 is out

    upgraded my home lab hp dl360 g7 all went smooth. Only problem I'm having is with update manager- fails to authenticate my account during install.
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    Server 2012 WSUS failure...need help

    you need to make sure your using the following url for wsus gpo on server 2012. or 8531 for secure. eg. once set then wait 24hrs for wsus server to populate machines.
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    Hitachi 2TB Harddrive Owner's Thread

    I currently have 16 2TB 7K2 disks and 4x 2tb WD disks. 8x2tb=raid 6 (mainstore) 8x2TB=RAID5 (daily backup of mainstore with retention) 4x2TB WD= starwind san for vmware. Looking to reduce them to 8 disks by moving to 4TB Hitachi Disks.
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Setup a Areca 1880ix-16 on the weekend- took about 4.5hrs to innitialise a 12TB RAID 6 array!!! phenominal!! Sooo fast!!! I'm using 8x2TB hitachi coolspin 5k3000 disks.
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    Hitachi 2TB Harddrive Owner's Thread

    I've ordered 8x2TB 5k3000 to plug into an areca 1880ix16. Will do some benchies once its all plugged together. The other 8 ports will be for the older 7k2000 2tb model im currently using.
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Can the Areca 1880ix support presenting luns to an OS? I would like to use this card in vmware to (raid6) 8x3TB and present 2TB luns in vmware (to bypass the vmware iscsi 2tb limitation). Is this possible?
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    Areca 1880i or LSI 9265-8i?

    The gui on the LSI is very basic. even the dos configuration pages are a bit naff... i.e. basic settings- still give u smart info-but not disk temperatures. The Areca's have dedicated NIC's for management and the web portal is feature rich. Has full smart, temp, power off hdds to save power...
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    Areca 1880i or LSI 9265-8i?

    Mega raid management on LSI is awful! Areca web portal is awesome! I'm looking to ditch 2 dell perc 5i's and LSI 3041e for a 1880ix 24port. so you can probably tell how bad the management software is...
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    Why is Western Digital So good?

    nearly all of my disks have been WD for the last 7 years. But recently when I bought some WD 2tb green drives- I have had one fail, and 3 more look like on their way out. For my raid setup I am using Hitachi's and they have been nice and smooth. Since WD got rid of TLER from their budget...
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    Hitachi 2TB Harddrive Owner's Thread

    I ordered 8 a few days ago. have set themup in raid 6 on a reca 1222 8 port. took just over 9 hours to innitialise. Working beautifly atm! no hick ups or issues as of yet. PS. can someone let me know the latest firmware available for these?
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    Hitachi 2TB Harddrive Owner's Thread

    Do these disks drop out from raid with time out errors?
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    2TB Drive for RAID- WD2001FASS OR HDS722020ALA330 ?

    I need your help choosing the correct disks for my raid setup on a Areca ARC-1222. I currently use WD green 1tb x8 (the older tler models) but now running out of space and looking to replace all 8 disks. WD2001FASS is mentioned as RAID compatible on the WD site- but not many people use...
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    Hitachi 2TB Harddrive Owner's Thread

    I'm looking into the F4's as well now. slightly cheaper- but just need to get confirmation from someone that these wont drop out of a raid setup...
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    Hitachi 2TB Harddrive Owner's Thread

    I'm looking to get 5 of these and then 3 more down to the line. Are these hitachi 2TB models still the best for raid setups for their price? I see alot of uk stores are discontinuing these-are these now end of line?
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    Western Digital Time-Limited Error Recovery (TLER) with RAID and SE, SE16, GP Models

    has anyone ran tler in a 2tb wd? the w20eads model? i got 6 and raid keeps dropping a disk after writing excessive data. :(
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    Post your ebay/ dual monitor arms

    where can i pick up one of these in the uk?
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    Best Windows OS for Home Server::Not WHS

    SVR2008 will run sweet, providing you dont add roles other than filesharing. I'm going to upgrade my svr08 to R2 today as i'm swapping the OS disk from a standard sata to ssd. For the time i've had svr08 on; its been the best svr experience i've had. It just works, very light with the...
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    Reminder to backup your data.

    lolz.. nice reminder!!
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    Need your help with my 48tb Server

    which raid cards are you using?
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    Yay! Just ordered two (2) WD 1.5 TB Caviar Green SATA Drives WD15EADS

    what is TLER and how does is it an advantage of having it?
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    Yay! Just ordered two (2) WD 1.5 TB Caviar Green SATA Drives WD15EADS

    im looking to getting 8 of these soon. to fit onto a 8 port areca 1222. best size and best value for money atm...
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    Need help - RAID Trouble with Highpoint RocketRAID2320

    is this raid card a hardware raid card? or software based? seems expensive for software but very cheap for a hardware based card?
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    Please help with Norco 4020 server build

    heres the one i went for, not sure if this is available in the US.
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    Please help with Norco 4020 server build

    are you planning to fill out all 20bays? I've orderd a "norco" v2 case from in the uk. should have it delivered today. I'm planning to get a areca 1680x 16 port- currently going to use onboard sata as temporary solution. get a power supply with a single high rail. any mobo...
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    Project: Galaxy 4.75

    i just came in my pants :P are those 1tb drives each?
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    Need a fast 8-port SATA II card

    so a pci-x raid cards can fit and work properly in a pci slot? im looking for a similair 8 port card too- can only find pci-e or pci based ones with 4 ports...
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    Basic PCI USB2.0 question

    maybe becuase ur such a noob that ur pc realises u wont get much done with faster speeds anyway.. when u come in i'll show u the 2.0 usb cards.. :D
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    job interview; what to expect?

    relax- if u get nervous then you'll end screwing up ur answers :D obviously being nervous is natural before a interview- make sure ur prepared is a big key. they will most likely ask questions like why you want the job, what do you think we should choose you, what can you bring to the...
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    X1950 to come in AGP

    and here i was thinking it was the end of agp. :)
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    Good time to buy a 1900XTX?

    the x1950xtx is £20 more than the x1900xtx series. so i took the jump for the extra few ££ and got the better card ;) 3 days of waiting now- not only for the x1950xtx-but dell 24",150gb raptor and also waterblock for the gfx card to attach it to my existing watercooling kit :D
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    18A good enough for x1900Xt 256?

    ^ how many 12volt rails does ur psu have? if its got 2 x 12v then u probably have 2x 18amps on each = 36amps in total. but but anything above 14-15amps on a single rail is enough to power the card- providing nothing else is running off the same rail- like a splitter etc.
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    X850XT and Vista

    im guessing its a agp card? and the code error is code 43. its vista- not the ati drivers- its the way vista runs the ACPI drivers. :mad: i had to change a few settings- and got aero working in the end- but when coming to play games-nothing but currupt graphics etc. so the temporary...
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    x1900xtx artifacting?

    its unlikely its gonna be a power issue- i had a similair problem with my x850 a while back- changed the psu and it was gone- BUT since i've read alot of problems with artifacting on the x1900x series - many users are experiencing problems in 3dmark 06 and a few games (
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    l1ght's WaterCooled V600

    could someone recommend a gpu water block to use with a 10mm tubing that can fit onto the x1950xtx ? i've currently got a x800 with asetek water cooling which takes 10mm tubing- but i dont know if the current water block will fit onto the x1950xtx :( L1ght does ur DD maze 4 use 10mm...