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    Simple home theatre setup - receiver requirements?

    I don't think the TV has audio return, if it doesen't I guess I'll have to get the audio cable, but how will the PS3 and HTPC manage? I haven't seen any specs discussing this, would I also need audio cables for those too?
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    Simple home theatre setup - receiver requirements?

    I have the following equipment I need to bring together with the least hassle possible (e.g without extra cables or pieces of equipment), My plan is to get an entry level receiver but I'm having doubts with this setup as I may be forced to use optical cables instead of just HDMI because of...
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    Splinter Cell: Blacklist is terrible! Aviod.

    this was GOTY for me .. refreshing game from splinter sell series after bad taste from anything after Chaos Theory/
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    Youtube's Response to Content ID claims

    youtube has gotten too big for its own good. Youtube operates at a loss which means theyre bleeding money, what else great way to raise some funds than to open the gate to the bloodthirsty litigation lawyers banging at the door
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    Lawyers may sue EA over Battlefield 4 bugs

    These lawsuits do nothing but generate publicity... yes the launch was a complete fail... yes EA Games has sucked the life and creativity out of it's IP's, yes EA Games is the juggernaut of evil of the gaming world but ultimately you are not afforded any protections against such events. EA just...
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    Path of Exile

    This game is better than all the goatsh*t disappointing nextgen titles that just came out, and it only weighs in at a 4 gig download from steam and has endless hours of fun AND ITS FREE... Gaming done right!!! Thank you awesome game studio. I gotta say this and Splinter Cell blacklist were the...
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    Tower speakers to use with HTPC

    I haven't been taking full advantage of the XFI Titanium HD soundcard so I'm looking for a pair of tower speakers that can really shine with music and gaming. Mind you this is a small space and my budget it $300 , this is for new and also resale stuff too.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Anyone else getting random stuttering? in MP and SP. I don't have the best setup but I get at least 30FPS in game its smooth and definitely playable but then theres random long stutters (1 to 2 sec with sound looping) and microstutters. Some sounds are also lost completely and come back...
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    upgrading from ASUS Xonar DG

    i picked up a XFI titanium HD and am throughly impressed with the sound quality, just couldnt get the additional software to recognize the card, the console and stuff dont recognize the card which is pretty disappointing from a flagship card from a big manufacturer and seller like Creative.
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    upgrading from ASUS Xonar DG

    I've had the Xonar DG for quite some time now.. it was a step up from the onboard sound but it left me with wanting for more. I most recently listened to some music through a stock intel board and was quite impressed at the sound superiority and clarity, not to mention the sound separation from...
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    Class Action Suit Claims Aliens: Colonial Marines Falsely Advertised

    this is ridiculous. adults are acting like small children. Aside from the graphical differences, a demo is that, a demo, it's even stated on a watermark "not representative of the final product". You bought the game, deal with it. There are tons of sites with screenshots and ingame videos and...
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    Time to vote for Worst Company in America 2013 (Golden Poo Award)

    Consumerist started off as a legit place for people to voice their concerns with bad business. It's now (now being used loosley and relatively to a non-specific point in time) become a soap box for people to whine over anything and everything, it's an irrelevant blog full of nonsense and some...
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    Spec Ops: The Line - Opinions/Thoughts?

    i thought it had a generic story/gameplay, didnt finish it.
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    Tomb Raider reboot will make PC gamers "very, very happy"

    2nd playthru, took much less time and was much easier as I knew where everything was and all the event triggers. The trick to staying alive is scramble cover to cover and time your strikes with the bow, you'll notice you start winning battles without even getting hit. Make the melee guys chase...
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    John Riccitiello steps down as CEO of EA

    to be fair he did real well to EA back in 1997-2004. He left and they were doing dandy for a while until after the crash of 2008 then they brought him back and I guess he couldn't work his magic anymore. You guys need to understand the CEO's job is to make the company profitable, they've...
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    SimCity 4 as recompensation for SimCity launch :P

    this is not bad at all, pretty good recovery from EA! I think the same sentiments were prevalent at the Diablo 3 launch but Blizzard did nothing from what I recall.
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    Tomb Raider reboot will make PC gamers "very, very happy"

    I beat the game with the bow without dying.The bow was the most OP weapon ever if you upgrade it early on. Get the napalm upgrade as soon as you can it turns the bow into a remote flamethrower.
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    anyone else playing this? I feel like the game was designed by a genius to see how far the "rest of us" can make it. After feeling really smart beating some puzzles in the mainstream games this is just making me feel like an idiot. Anyone else?
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    EA Removes Forum Posts for SimCity Offline Mod

    This launch was so poorly executed that they are fighting an uphill battle. It's clear that some of EA's corporate honchos have too many hands in the pot. The designers and creative teams are no longer driving the final product, it's the word of the bean counters and upper management's...
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    Holy! When did this happen! Age of Empire 2 HD remake!

    sweet totally getting this, spent way too many hours on AOE multiplayer back in the day on the dialup. brings back memories of the dialup disconnects and reconnects during turling 4v4 games that would drag on for hours.
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    Tomb Raider reboot will make PC gamers "very, very happy"

    finished the single player in about 8 hours. It was probably the easiest single player campaign I've played in recent memory, the fights are way too easy once you get a decently upgraded bow. the napalm shots are way OP and you can easily take down waves of enemies from cover without getting...
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    Epic campaigns?

    a couple of games come to mind: FarCry 3 was pretty damn awesome and Borederlands 2
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    SimCity V (2013) - screens/artwork and information

    Depends on how far they're willing to push the micro-transaction business model, it could become buying a stripped down version of the game for a super cheap price then having to micro transact your way to the full intended experience, plus new micro txn offers will be offered as dlc. Or they...
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    What's with lens flare and stuff in games where you aren't wearing lenses?

    because its like a render makeup to cover low res blotchy textures and low poly models from console games.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    i'm thinking of getting this from steam, is it enjoyable as in pickup and play for an hour or two? I use to play BF3 but quit because of the hackers and lag and use to play CS way back in the day.
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    Latest Steam update failure for anyone else?

    i always get a "steam.exe is being used by another process" after an update. I've tried everything - clean reinstall including registry key purge etc.. the only time the update completes properly is if I boot to safe mode and run steam... weird.
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    Aliens; Colonial Marines a Sci/Fi L4D ?

    if the multiplayer is alright then i'm sold. I spent a good chunk of time on AvP even though critics and fans slammed it. It was just mindless fun. Looks like they're slamming this game too but whatever, the internet is full of haters these days and alot of noise usually from keyboard commando...
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    Heroes of Might and Magic - best one?

    Im enjoying HOMM3 so far. Is it more efficient to have the battles auto complete sometimes rather than manaully micro manage? I trust the computer finds the best movement combos but usually the winner is clearly the one who has the greater number and better troops.
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    Heroes of Might and Magic - best one?

    Hi I'm looking to get into the Heroes of Might and Magic - there are several games in this series, which one is the best to get into first and why? Ideally, I'd like the most complete/best game play.
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    FireFall beta weekend Jan 25

    Looks like fun, free to play multiplayer.
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    I don't understand why they went with a sub-par multiplier implementation rather than leveraging the tried and tested industry recognized multiplayer features. Seriously? I have to use a summon sign and wait forever to get people to join a game, how ridiculous is this concept? Why can't I...
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    120V AC to 12V DC adapter

    I need it for outside the computer case, it will not be near the case itself so connecting it will be tricky,
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    120V AC to 12V DC adapter

    i mean the fan will conne ct to the 120volt AC so I need a 120volt AC to 12 volt DV adapter. the fan and adapter will connect via molex.
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    120V AC to 12V DC adapter

    are there any cheap and readily available adapters that can allow me to hookup a 12V DC CPU fan via molex connector? Everything I found online is for car batteries and I'm a little bit weary about cutting up phone adapters.
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    Phone reccomendation

    all phones will break when dropped. Get a shell for it, there are a few good choices from OTTER and Atom. Get a Google phone if you want to get updates when they hit. Otherwise you're stuck at the mercy of ridiculous update roll out schedules from your carrier and phone manufacturer. Like other...
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    Planned obsolescence in game controllers

    wear and tear depends on who's using it and how it's being used. However all devices are engineered to have a particular usable life span, e.g. a keyboard's key has one million key stroke life until it get wonky, a mouse button has 500 000 clicks until it gets wonky. But those are usually bench...
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    Why did Steam do this?

    well you have to hand it to them they were able to integrate thousands of games on one platform, it's no easy task. Americans have it easy with bandwith caps anyways, 200+ GB/month is golden. In Canada we'd be lucky to get 100GB/month with our mainstream internet providers. Even our fiber...
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    What Civ game is better for a newbie, IV or V?

    I played 5 because i wanted a more casual game, it delivers. It has nice music and graphics but the simplicity makes it get old quick. It didn't really feel strategic because you can jus amass a massive army and steamroll everyone.
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    Budget wireless mouse and mini-keyboard for gaming

    I bought the logitech MK710 for 50 bucks boxing day special. So far I love it, no lag whatsoever.,2817,2372295,00.asp
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    FTL (Faster Than Light)

    Got the disable Fleet mod and high res backgrounds mod which made the game much more fun and playable. I can explore freely at my leisure and do what I want while enjoying some new eye candy. I can';t believe how much time I've spent playing FTL i thought it was going to be a couple of hours at...