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    What the heck is going on with my CPU? Low clock, low power draw at max util

    Well, bummer. Learned something today. Hopefully Dell will sell a Ryzen version of this thing soon Back to work!
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    What the heck is going on with my CPU? Low clock, low power draw at max util

    While transcoding... PL1 Power Limit is 12 watts... maybe that's our limit here? Seems unnecessarily low
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    What the heck is going on with my CPU? Low clock, low power draw at max util

    Dell Power Manager is set to Ultra Performance Not really the point - I'm also compiling applications on occasion which runs slowly and at similarly low temp/power usage/frequency. I'll see what HWINFO says.
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    What the heck is going on with my CPU? Low clock, low power draw at max util

    I've got a Dell Latitude 9510 2-in-1 with the I7-10810U. Recently I tried transcoding some videos off my phone from H265/HEVC to H264 so I could stitch them together (laugh now at trying to do this on a 15W processor). Curiously, when using 100% of the CPU for an extended time, the clock...
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    Your CPU progression

    I must be the slowest upgrader in history.... 6 primary computers dating back to 1998. Intel PII 450MHz Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz Athlon64 3200+ Intel Core Q6600 Intel i7 4770k Ryzen 9 4900HS
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    Photographer girlfriend wants to ditch the MacBook Pro

    Woo necro thread. We ended up with an XPS 15 off the dell outlet, for anyone who cares.
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    building a page for lazy people (me and my friends)

    Is there a reason you don't just use one of the many available CMS options out there? Set up a free wordpress site with a form plugin and you will be both secure and lazy.
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    PHP - SQL while in a foreach statment

    I second modi123 and grasshopper... join it in SQL (cleaner than running multiple queries) and join on a unique user id, if you're going to have a user identifier in your sep table anyway.
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    Pixel 4a thoughts?

    Anyone have some real world battery results on this thing? I have a oneplus 6t, and I'm sick of all the software glitches that came with the Android 10 update (android auto only works 50% of the time, bluetooth to my truck no longer works, random low FPS on-screen until lock/unlock cycle...
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    Photographer girlfriend wants to ditch the MacBook Pro

    Well, we ended up finding a "scratch and dent" XPS 15 9500 on the outlet for $1450. Has the i7-10750, 512gb ssd, 16gb ram and 1080p display. I'll be damned if I can find a scratch or dent on this thing, so I'd say we did pretty well.
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    Find me a laptop, robust, powerful, long battery life, ports, 4k display, desktop replacement.

    Ryzen 3rd gen is the ticket, but nobody's put one in a premium 15 or 17" laptop yet as far as I can tell. If you can get by with a decent 14" WQHD screen, the ASUS G14 ticks all the other boxes.
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    Photographer girlfriend wants to ditch the MacBook Pro

    Well, we're replacing the MacBook at this point anyway, and I got her on a cloud backup service if shit hits the fan again. An equivalent MBP is still a good chunk more expensive, so I think the xps 15 is our answer.
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    Photographer girlfriend wants to ditch the MacBook Pro

    Razer wasn't really on my radar as I've heard pretty terrible things about their longevity... for whatever reason, the initial build quality is solid, but they seem to crap out pretty early on. My Lenovo X1 Carbon lasted 6 years of daily use, for example... that's the sort of thing I'm looking...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    This might be a stupid question, but what do people actually use gigabit internet for? I have 400mbps from Charter, and I could get gigabit from ATT for another $15/mo but honestly what's the point? I can stream 4k to every TV in my house and download all the porn I want simultaneously and still...
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    Photographer girlfriend wants to ditch the MacBook Pro

    So my girlfriend is fed up with her MacBook... she's had the motherboard go out once, charger went out, and now one of the ports is going bad. It's a 2017 model so she's gotten her use out of it - time to replace. She's over Apple, and has asked me to suggest a windows replacement. Use case is...
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    $1k for nephew's first PC - gaming, multimedia

    Okay thanks guys - will proceed with this list. He's gonna be pumped!
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    $1k for nephew's first PC - gaming, multimedia

    I don't really see him doing much in the way of upgrades beyond perhaps adding a higher capacity HDD or replacing the GPU someday. And, the CX550 is backordered unfortunately.. Is the Antec NeoEco series any good? Edit: For another $10, replaced PSU with 600W Antec NeoECO Gold Zen NE600G Zen...
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    $1k for nephew's first PC - gaming, multimedia

    Hey guys My nephew is turning 13 and is interested in gaming, animation, maybe some graphics design. My sister has asked me to help her buy something around $1k that will last him a good while. I didn't find anything prebuilt that seemed like a good value, and he's pretty savvy, so we're going...
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    Epic Mega Sale ends June 11th

    Kind of bummed I missed out on GTAV. I saw the announcement and then forgot about it...
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    FS: Quad Q6600 + 8GB RAM + HD 4850 + CPU/VGA Heatsink $100

    Just sold my old system with the same CPU/MB/fan combo. Reinstalled Win10 on it before sending it on its way - still worked just fine as an office PC. Bump for some old school OC hotness.
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    Android tablets...?

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the upcoming chromebook 2-in-1s... The Lenovo Duet looks pretty sweet.
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    i7 4770K/ 4790K Owners what Ryzen did you upgrade to?

    Well, I don't game a whole lot anymore (and when I do it's CS:GO) but I've recently worked on some video editing projects. My desktop setup is an I7-4770K at 4.1ghz with a GTX770; laptop is an X1 carbon with an i7-4600u. I'm picking up an Asus G14 with the 4900HS and GTX2060 MaxQ on Monday to...
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    Recommend a general all purpose desktop replacement laptop (15-17")?

    I've got a vote here for the X1 carbon... I've had 2nd gen since late 2013 and it's still going strong. I kind of want a convertible now but I can't justify $1400 on a XPS 13 2-in-1 because the X1 Carbon is still humming along.
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    Most important CES announcement(IMO): Ryzen 4000 APUs.

    Any word on what battery life will look like? I am in the market to replace my 2014 Lenovo Carbon X1, and I'm eying a C940 with the new ice lake I7. But I'd take some better gaming performance if it means I don't have to sacrifice battery life.
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    User Interface or GUI Software Tool

    Yeah... that's the visual part of visual studio.
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    FS: Lenovo X1 Carbon 2014

    Decided to keep the X1, please close.
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    What's a good forum script that's actually secure?

    mybb is another message board to consider. we use it for our car forum and haven't had any problems with it in the last 4 years or so. pretty active community, nice features. we had some problems with human spam but after implementing some creative registration requirements ("what car is in our...
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    FS: Lenovo X1 Carbon 2014

    Badump tsh
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    FS: Lenovo X1 Carbon 2014

    Sorry, T100 sold over the weekend. Eibes get it!
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    FS: LG G2 D800 ATT

    Any interest in a trade for a like-new Asus Transformer T100?
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    FS: Lenovo X1 Carbon 2014

    Bump! Added my tablet.
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    FS: Lenovo X1 Carbon 2014

    Hi all. I'm putting my Lenovo X1 Carbon up for sale because I just don't need a laptop this nice. It's in immaculate condition, no scratches or dings. Running Windows 8.1. The specs are as follows: I would like to get $1500 shipped, which is about $600 less than I paid a few months ago. I...
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    Cheap(ish) forum hosting

    Some suggestions:
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    Pc for girlfriend, for office use, what would you get?

    Just get her a OptiPlex 3010 and be done with it. $600, you get your i5, you're not left answering questions 2 years down the road if something goes wrong, and they're reliable - they install these things on point-of-sale systems in places like home depot. Install an SSD as soon as you get it...
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    Putting together a PC for a friend

    Good call on the PSU. I'll pass along the info on the case. Any others?