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    Cable Companies Shortening Ad Breaks In Response to Cord Cutters

    Hard to compete with ads cut to ZERO seconds ever. Now will Cable companies start throttling internet speeds of the non-cable TV purchasing customers?
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    Apple May Be Working on a Crumb-Resistant MacBook Keyboard

    How did they get a patent for something that's basically been done by others and is also obvious under the art. PTO is a joke.
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    This Is What Happens When Bitcoin Miners Take Over Your Town

    This explains how the climate in Blade Runner got all fk'd up ....
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    Children Struggle to Hold Pencils Due to Too Much Tech, Doctors Say

    Solution .... all school desktops are 'Surface' and you write on it with a pencil shaped stylus?
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    Rhode Island Also Wants to Tax Your Pr0n

    Any lawyer who proposes blatantly unconstitutional legislation should be disbarred for life. That would save a LOT of grief and wasted electrons.
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    China Plans Hypersonic Jet That Can Fly Anywhere in the World in Three Hours

    Well. the Chinese don't have windows yet, so they wouldn't know about the sonic boom shit yet. They will, oh yes, they will.
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    NASA Foresees Human Lunar Landings by the Late 2020s

    "Acting Administrator" ... who cares what red shirts have so say.
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    Verizon Will Launch 5G Home Internet Access in 2018

    It wasn't "tax" dollars. It was a $5 fee per month, times 140 million phone bills, for 30 years .... to bring 'Fiber' to the home. Only $200 Billion stolen/defrauded from the American people.
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    Google Launches Datally, an Android App for Monitoring Mobile Data Usage

    With their idiotic fractured Android roll-out by maker system, they have left 1+ Billion phones open to Krack ... but they'll help you find the nearest WiFi point where you can get hacked.
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    Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Experiment: Running Apps in Tabs

    30 years and this is the most innovative they can get, with 100's of engineers on staff? Sad.
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    Supreme Court to Hear Arguments About Cellphone Data Privacy

    Ignorance of Freedom, Privacy is sickening. 4th amendment ... 'Effects' That is all. Move along, learn how to fill out requests for a warrant, lazy.
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    How Artificial Intelligence Is Making Nuclear Reactors Safer

    Did these idiots ever hear of magnaflux?
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    Microsoft Receives Patent to Protect the Headphone Jack

    Stupid, but also yet another blatant example of 'Obvious under the art'. Sad.
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    Corsair T1 RACE Gaming Chair Unboxing and Assembly

    Couldn't we just use a REAL articulated racing seat, and build a base for it .... something like out of a high end sports car? All electric adjustments, etc.
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    Hackers Prepping IOTroop Botnet with Exploits

    Since the article is from Kaspersky Labs, and they could be the hackers (or worse), how does one trust the information?
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    Google worked with Intel on a custom AI chip for its Pixel phones

    Google will just buy Intel at some point. Why make your own fabs when you can buy the best. The phones suck from the reviews I've seen.
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    Kaspersky Uploaded US Documents, But Deleted Them Quickly

    For all anyone knows, Kaspersky IS the Russian FSB. Further, the level of access, esp Enterprise access in US Govt and major Corps, means that your Motherboard BIOS, Hard drive firmware, video card firmware, could all be compromised by the Russian Govt. Every computer on Earth exposed to...
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    How AI Can Help You Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Threats

    Why wouldn't they use an AI to out AI your AI?
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    Congress Remains Suspicious of Kaspersky Labs

    There is no telling the level of damage or worse could have been done, if KL was working for the FSB. They had enterprise admin access to hundreds of major Corp. How about this scenario ... they hacked every motherboard BIOS, every Hard drive Firmware, every video card firmware, every private...
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    Google Denies Claims Of A Homepage Revamp

    Phew. iGoogle, uGoogle, we all Google for Ice-Google!
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    FCC Says There Is No Documented 'Analysis' of the Cyberattack It Claims Crippled Its Website

    Hey giant ISP's, bribe and corrupt all you want. The day Trump and crew are expelled your asses are going to be PUBLIC UTILITY critical to PUBLIC SAFETY faster than your Exorcist heads can spin. I think legislated $9.95/mo 100/20Mbps over fiber to every American home/business is a good starting...
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    Gamers Promised Better Graphics Thanks To Nano Technology Breakthrough

    What the hell is an 'Optical wire'? Since when do photons use antennas?
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    Microsoft Confirms That Windows 10 Will Cut Off Devices with Older CPUs

    SoI guess that Lattpanda windows SOiC board is toast .... it's an Atom?
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    EFF Targets Californians being Mislead on Broadband Privacy Vote

    How is misleading information releases not an SEC violation? Potentially misinforming stockholders?
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    Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras

    In our world of idiot/corrupt Cops, who will be the first to DIE being misidentified as armed+dangerous?
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    Four Apple Manufacturers Launch Antitrust Complaint Against Qualcomm

    Why doesn't Apple just license from Arm, and build their own damn Chip. FK Qualcomm?
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    On the Test Bench so Far this Week

    Cool Kyle, look forward to the review!
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    Microsoft's Rural Broadband Strategy - UHF

    I could have sworn we were all paying $5/mo on our phone bills for DECADES to pay for Fiber to the Home that never happened. Verizon and other Bells pocketed $200+ BILLION in free money .... how about we get that Fiber now?
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    Scrap Dealer Finds Apollo-Era NASA Computers In Deceased Engineers Basement

    Well, they'd be immune to the radiation from Fukushima .... strap them to roller skates, write some Cobol and send them in!!!!
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    Google Is Releasing 20 Million Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes in Fresno

    Isn't this how and where the Planet of the Ape's started? Why not CURE Zika instead of hoping you can sterilize some mosquitoes?
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    X299 VRM Coolers Are Being Described as a "Disaster"

    I used to live down the street, always wondered what they did. Why on earth isn't this migrating into motherboard designs? And put the circuit on the Back of the board with a cooling solution.
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    Study: Solar Panels Create More Toxic Waste Than Nuclear Power Plants

    Logical flaw that exposes this as right wing oil/gas/coal industry propaganda ..... Who would ever throw out Solar panels, they have a 25-50 year lifespan, as recyclable, and make free electricity until dead.
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    Skylake and Kaby Lake Processors Allegedly Have Broken Hyper-Threading

    How are we supposed to get a fix? I'm i7-6600U 78 stepping 3. AMD thanks you Intel!!
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    NVIDIA GeForce Prices Skyrocket as Cryptocurrency Miners Snap up Supply

    I'm so confused. Everyone else I ask, say mining is over, the fact there is a fixed # coins means the more that are put in action, the fewer there are to mine and the more time/power it takes to get one ... what's the reality of all this, and the would be GPU miners idiots? On Bitcoin, the...
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    Keeping the Same Phone for More Than Two Years Isn't a Crazy Idea

    Android phone makers not passing on updates is a pure dick move, just being greedy. I won't ever buy an HTC product because they orphaned my M7 at 5.0.2 .... when it is perfectly capable of 7.0.1.
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    Artist Uses Computer Model of His Face to Get French National ID Card

    Does this mean Jack Carver can get an ID?
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    Why AI Does what it Does

    Why can't you have a second AI to document the 'thoughts' of the first, at the same speed ... one learns to do the thing, the other learns to document it. Hell the document it could monitor human coders writing software and document it for them ... Oooo a Product!