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    +90C Furmark Temps on Gigabyte OC GTX 670 at Stock Speeds

    Rotated case designs do not play well with heatpipes. In this case, the liquid in the heat pipes cannot counteract the gravity that pulls them downward, resulting in poor cooling ability.
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    The Lian Li PC-700 Thread :-)

    Because then I'd need two more fan filters. Dunno...could try that, though. Would certainly work out better for the GPU. Anyways, ordered 3x Scythe Slip Stream 1200RPM fans...hopefully they're quiet enough. If not, I'll have to bring them down to 800RPM somehow. Does anyone sell 5/7/9V fan...
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    The Lian Li PC-700 Thread :-)

    After talking to michalius, it seems clear something needs to be done about the airflow. There airflow setup creates negative pressure in the case, which means an inevitable dusty mess. Now, I have 2 options: reverse the rear exhaust and add a fan filter to create positive pressure, or cut out...
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    The Lian Li PC-700 Thread :-)

    I've been wanting to go for a mATX case for a little while now, but couldn't until I swapped to a mATX motherboard. This V700 was the perfect option for me, since it's basically an mATX sized case that can fit a full ATX motherboard. If there's any Silverstone redesign I'd buy, it would be the...
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    The Lian Li PC-700 Thread :-)

    Got banned for this. Eh, I deserved it. Ban is up in 4 days. Thanks for your impressions of the case. Can't wait to get mine. Kind of sad the H100 can't fit. I'm really, really hoping my Thermalright Venomous X fits, as I won't have to buy a new cooler if it does.
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    The Lian Li PC-700 Thread :-)

    Uh oh...from what I'm hearing the H100 does not fit, at least with a Gene V
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    The Lian Li PC-700 Thread :-)

    Hopefully my Thermalright Venomous X fits in the V700. I'd rather not have to buy another cooler at the moment.
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    The Lian Li PC-700 Thread :-)

    Just ordered it. Can't wait to get away from my hulking HAF X. One oddity: on the site it's listed that the max CPU cooler height supported is 105mm...that doesn't seem to make much sense. I'm assuming that must be a typo. edit: switched my order from the windowed version to the windowless...
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    FS: IPhone 3G 8GB (T-Mobile Prepaid)

    Just an FYI, some Gamestops are offering trade-ins on these things now. The 8GB 3G gets $180.
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    Building PC For Friend - Best Quiet Video Card Option With Great Performance?

    Something with Asus DCII, Twin Frozr, or an Accelero if you're going higher end.
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    FS: Batman: Arkahm City, Dungeon Siege 3, Civ5, Dirt3

    Have any more Arkham City?
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    Alright, I think I'm dropping the idea of the Topre keyboard. Too much money to spend for my first high-end keyboard. So, Cherry MX Brown then? What are the best ones to look at? The DAS is readily available in Canada, but I think the glossy finish would drive me nuts. The Leopold is really...
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    Just to get an idea, will both the browns and Topre have lower actuation force than membrane keyboards? Also, would you say the Topres are a clear upgrade over the browns? Or more of a sidegrade? I still have yet to try any mechanicals in would be great to get an idea what I'm...
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    I'm looking to buy a new keyboard. I currently have a Logitech Illuminated, which I love (very good quality scissor switches). I have one of the early run ones without any real ghosting issues. It's really quiet too, which I like. I just have an itching for something new. I'm debating between...
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    Which DotA clone is best?

    HoN is the better game, in my opinion. Better engine, better latency, all matches are recorded for public viewing, far better balance, and more depth. The downside to HoN is that yeah, people are far more ruthless. Also, a lot of people like playing LoL for the Riot Points as unlocking is a...
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    Valve - You missed the potato? You missed the boat!

    Huh? I bought the Potato Sack games because they're fun (beside the Dejoban games). I had fun getting the golden potato. Valve was ridiculously generous with the prize.
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    Valve - You missed the potato? You missed the boat!

    I owned every game in the Valve pack and Portal 2. I got the golden potato. Those of us who owned the games got them as gift passes, so I've been giving my friends Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and a bunch of other Valve games. Pretty awesome move by Valve. Yes, we got Portal 2 on top...
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    Vertex 3 and +500mb/s SSDs where?

    How do I go about doing that? edit: nvm, looked into it. Looks like Windows is already using the Intel driver for the SATA 6GB/s ports. Now to check the write cache settings. edit: performance went down. Hmmm...
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    SSD vs Raptors in Raid 0

    @Neon, what did you do with the extra 56GB of space? Just kept it unpartitioned? And here's a single Vertex 3. Keep in mind this benchmark uses uncompressable data, so this is the worst case scenario: Sandforce is hardly that bad for video editing...
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    Vertex 3 and +500mb/s SSDs where?

    I wonder why Evil Penguins random speeds are so much better...
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    Help: which Vertex SDD Drive?

    Intel 320 120GB is $235. That's $10 above your budget.
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    Crucial c300 inconsistency

    This is the nature of SSDs. Trim, garbage collection, and the amount of space used all have impacts on performance. The C300 just happens to be one of the more frantic drives out there in terms of performance. The Anandtech review covers this.
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    Migrating Windows Installation

    So is there a good way to clone my current Windows installation on my new Vertex 3 (from my Intel X25-M)? I don't really feel like doing a fresh install if I don't have to. I'm worried about alignment issues.
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    Vertex 3 120GB vs C300 256GB vs C300 128GB RAID 0

    I would choose the 256GB C300, personally.
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    Is this a good Windows Experience Index?

    WEI really doesn't indicate much at all. My Intel G2 SSD is ranked at 5.9 WEI. :rolleyes:
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    Console RAM upgrade?

    Because game code is so complex that you can always improve it 'just a little bit'.
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    Console RAM upgrade?

    I didn't believe it either, but I tested it. I tested 640*480 vs 1920*1080 in CS 1.6 and the hitboxes behaved very differently. I tried aim_ak-colt and went for headshots on a non moving enemy across the map with an m4a1. At 640*480, headshot every time. At 1920*1080, I couldn't get the headshot...
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    Does going to SSD on a laptop actually save power?

    A little, yes. Still, the disc drive power usage is a very small fraction of a laptop's total power usage, so I wouldn't expect a noticeable difference in battery life.
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    Help me prepare for Amnesia

    Texas, make sure you have SSAO turned off. For some reason, they include the option for 128 samples of SSAO, which even brings my SLI GTX 570 system to a crawl.
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    Console RAM upgrade?

    Glad someone knows what they're talking about. CS 1.6 is kind of breaks at anything higher than 800*600 resolution. The mouse deadzone become apparent, and hitboxes are all out of whack when I play at 1080p.
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    long term effects from + fanspeed?

    There's no point in lowering the temperatues.
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    best way to back up 4TB

    Whatever backup solution you choose, I think it would be prudent to make it an offsite backup.
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    Vertex 3 120 results...

    My thoughts as well. I mean, even with my Intel G2, I don't feel any bottleneck when it comes to OS usage (aka 4K reads). With multitasking, queue depth goes up as well, making those read speeds get even higher on these newer drives. The only bottleneck now is sequential loading...this should be...
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    Anand: "big differences between the 120GB Vertex 3 and the 240"

    Thanks for the screenshots Brahmz! You mind posting the 120GB Raid 0 results? I'm so very curious.
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    Anand: "big differences between the 120GB Vertex 3 and the 240"

    Any data on that, then? I'm curious as to how the 120GBs are worse.
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    Anand: "big differences between the 120GB Vertex 3 and the 240"

    From his twitter: "for those of you who are wondering, there are big differences between the 120GB Vertex 3 and the 240, more in 24 hours!" Everything we heard pre-launch was hinting towards the 120GB and 240GB drives being even. I guess things have changed...
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    Vertex 3 and +500mb/s SSDs where?

    Ordered the 240GB! Holy shit I'm excited! :D The Intel 510 has sequential performance, but that's about it. It's beaten by the Vertex 3 in every single area except for purely random writes (and even then, it's close). Since it doesn't even use an Intel controller, I wouldn't even count on it...
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    Official Crysis 2 Thread

    If you want a nice big screen on the cheap, check out LCD TVs. LG, Panasonic, and Sony all make some nice low end models that seriously obliterate any TN panel out there. You can get a nice 32" 1080p TV for $350. I personally use the Sony 32EX400, and love it. More input lag and ghosting than...
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    Upgrading 2nd Rig for Rift

    The Q9550 is so expensive today that it's just not worth it. Might as well spend a tiny bit more and get a proper 2500K in there.