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    New Unigine Superposition VR Benchmark Available

    I can't get the VR Ready? benchmark to run... I have a Rift but all it does is start and quit Here are my 4k benchmark result
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    LEPA MX F1 600W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    not only these power supply are pathetic the company's service and RMA is even more so. My MaxBron 1000's fan started to make noise. But they don't have a Cross shipping policy. I am local to them, and they don't do Walk-Ins. So I am supposed to be down with my main computer for 1-2...
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    Post your GTX 980 TI Overclock Results

    Maybe someone here can help me. I have been messing with custom BIOS myself with my Zotac 980 AMP! I am able to remove the TDP limits, but I haven't been able to get the card to go above 1.23v Another thing that I have not been able to figure out is even though I have disable Boost and set it...
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    Post your GTX 980 TI Overclock Results

    Is that BIOS for the Zotac Amp (non-extreme) ready? I have 2 Zotac Amp 980 TI on water, waiting to push them, but I haven't found a mod bios for them yet.
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    ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac

    I am hoping that someone here that owns this board can answer a question for me. Does the HDMI OUT on this motherboard pass out bitstream? looking to build a new HTPC and seriously looking at this board, but I have to be able to pass bitstream audio to my receiver