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    Gaming Headphones?

    i judt got a pair of senn hd280's and i absolutely love them. I bought them for 80$ and i think they were worth every penny.
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    Recommend a router

    Linksys all the way, Dlink is a piece of crap.
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    Can I go for low specs with a college laptop?

    that should be fine, if your not gaming with it and only doing minimal photoshop i think that would do it just fine. The dell 1200 you cen get for around $600 and it has everything you just spelled out there, 512 of ram, lower end celeron processor and 40gb hard drive.
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    ibook or mini?

    i can get a refurb ibook for $699 so i might just go that route instead, but i am not sure i would end up getting a 20" display, no real need for something like that right now with my current traveling situation and such.
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    Dell XPS Laptop - what do you guys think? (of the laptop and of Dell)

    that is what they say, but i won't believe it until i see it. The new mxm technology is for swappable video cards in laptops but i think it will take a while to actually get off the ground, plus they will probobly be expensive when they do.
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    Dell XPS Laptop - what do you guys think? (of the laptop and of Dell)

    all of those 30-40% of coupons are not for the XPS though which sucks. I do agree though, the 7800 go is supposed to come out very soon so it may pay to wait a little bit.
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    ibook or mini?

    trust me, they'll have to pry my 9300 from my cold dead hands, i am keeping this baby :D. I am trying to set up my own network with all kinds of cool stuff in it. I just bought my 9300, 2 cisco 2612 routers and a 1924 and 2924 switch. I still am thinking about getting a lower end pc to run...
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    memory and gaming

    sorry here's the link
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    memory and gaming

    I saw a deal on newegg for some kingston ram so that would be good chips to jump on?
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    memory and gaming

    on that same note then, which kind would you guys recommend? I know it uses ddr pc4200 533mhz ram, but what type of brands do you think are better then other in terms of performance?
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    Dell XPS Laptop - what do you guys think? (of the laptop and of Dell)

    The XPS is awesome, i have a 9300 and its amazing, but the xps has the 6800 ultra which is a better card. If you got the money to spend on it i say go for it. You can pay more then the minimum monthly payment as well to pay it off sooner. As for the warranty, never had to use mine so i really...
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    ibook or mini?

    I have an i9300 that i am very happy with i was thinking about getting a mini but i am moving to korea and that is the reason i got a laptop to replace my desktop. I will eventually need a monitor though to do everything i want with my cisco lab. Also, can i run linux on a mac? If so is it easy...
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    About to purchase a laptop...

    I still find coupons for 40% from dell at but not as often as i used too. If you can manage one i say the dell is the best choice, but sager would be 2nd.
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    memory and gaming

    I have an inspiron 9300 with 512x2. I was wondering how much bumping it to 1024x2 would help in pushing gaming farther? Would i notice a few more fps with it bumped up or would it just be for load times of maps and such?
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    Prospective Computer Science student.

    This may seem unrelated but i have a two year degree in CIS and i wish i would have gone for the full 4 year in CS. Regardless i started an internship in college and continued it and found out i didn't make the money i was hoping to. So i ended up in the air force with a nice cushy computer job...
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    Recommend Cheap 24Port Switch , And Q About wiring job

    you can get fairly cheap cisco switches from . I think a catalyst 1924 is like $100 shipped, granted its only 10 megabit but i think the 2924 is around $200 and its 10/100.
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    ibook or mini?

    Also, how does mac memry work? does the same type of memory fit in a mini and an ibook and say a g5? I was searching newegg and i saw mac ram extremely cheap compared to what they charge.
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    ibook or mini?

    The ibook was a refurb that didn't mention anything about wireless, so would i need an airport extreme card or something else to use it wirelessly?
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    ibook or mini?

    I have been looking at both the ibook and the mini as a starter mac for me to learn on. I have been checking out he refurbished ones, has anyone ever had a refurb mac item? I assum the only real flaws will probobly be cosmetic. Anyway, which one would you guys recommend? If i buy the mini, i...
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    Laptop help.

    I agree, i love my i9300 and i especially love the deal i got with 40% off.
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    Are u loyal to certain brands?

    To be honest i buy the best deals on the best equipment, i could care less about a brand.
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    Dell 700M, worth the price?

    See thats the beauty of the $750 off coupon, you upgrade it enough to be able to use that coupon and you end up with a better laptop, at a still cheap price. This thread here has all the pros and cons laid out.
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    Dell 700M, worth the price?

    do the math, at the rate the 700m's go for, 750 off is closer to 50% then 45%.
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    Subnetting help

    I've never heard of an method that doesn't borrow bits, except the calculator. Plus, what is easy for one person is not the same from person to person.
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    Anyone remember Commander Keen?

    I played commander keen, but my first ever pc game was the original zork.
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    Dell 9300 1920x1200 or 1440x900 display?

    I would still go with the upgraded screen. I have one and i absolutely love it, its so bright and clear, i absolutely love it.
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    Quake 4 looks excellent.....or does it?

    I have been waiting for this game for years, i can hardly wait till they release it.
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    Easiest way to ground yourself before building?

    This is true, i have never fried any piece of equipment due to ESD myself. I still do just touch the side of the case though out of habit i guess.
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    educational deals

    Do you also know if apple ships to APO's? I am going to be serving in Korea next year and taking some online courses, so i am out of luck i guess if they don't. Thanks.
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    educational deals

    See my problem is working full time i will only be able to take 1 or two classes at a time tops. Will i still be eligeable for the discounts if i am a part time student?
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    educational deals

    I heard rumors of deals you can get through apple by being a college student. Is ths true and if so do you have to have a full class schedule? I am going to be taking one or two courses in the next few months and i was wondering if anyone out there new a good place to point me to so i can check...
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    Quake 4 or F.E.A.R

    Definately quake 4, but i will buy fear as well. Me and quake go back a long way and i am totally excited to see it come back.
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    Easiest way to ground yourself before building?

    I wouldn't touch anything plugged in, but yes touching the unpainted surface of the metal is a good way to ground yourself.
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    Best time to buy a dell laptop?

    when you use those coupons it takes away those $300 of instantly deals, it still is a great deal though if you go for the top and end up saving around $1000
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    The Next Generation.

    I just got a new pc so i am not so thrilled about getting another console. With that being said though the revolution does seem to be the most interesting one of the 3 systems coming out. Its going to be interesting to see what happens to nintendo this round.
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    First FPS for you?

    blake stone
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    Best time to buy a dell laptop?

    just periodicially check out its hit or miss.
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    Help with media server?

    A fast hard drive and alot of ram, those two will be your bottleneck. As long as you run gigabit etherenet, which is pretty much standard in alot of set ups these days.
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    Newegg is huge

    Recently i have been buying alot of stuff off of newegg and i have not been disappointed once yet. I am willing to pay the little extra they charge on certain things just for peace of mind that they offer. Granted, there prices are still very cheap compared to alot of places and i love them for...