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    Microsoft Warns Windows 7 Has Serious Problems

    Just trying to get everyone to upgrade to Win 10,most likely. I highly doubt the talk about security problems on 7,considering how much it's been patched and updated.
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    Internet Speeds In The U.S. Have Tripled Since 2011

    The fastest access I can get here is my current 10 meg Centurylink DSL. Suddenlink only offers 3 megs,pathetic for cable internet.
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    Americans With Broadband Plateaued, Most Rely On Smartphones For Internet

    Could I survive with only my phone? Hell no.
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    Hacking Group Plans To Target Steam And Minecraft Servers Over Christmas

    So if Steam goes down does that mean you can't even play games offline?
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    Cord-Cutting Is Accelerating

    And stupid shit like Suddenlink dropping Viacom channels probably isn't helping them.
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    Redbox President Steps Down

    I like Redbox,they just need more movies that aren't crappy B movies that no one has ever heard of. I'm cheap,I'd rather wait a few months to get a movie at RB for 2 bucks than pay 6 bucks for a digital rental.
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    Jeremy Clarkson Introduces Amazon's New Delivery Drones

    I bet they charge some $$$ for that.
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    Verizon Adds Yet Another Activation Fee For New Customers

    Failfish ,Verizon. Keep nickel and diming us and see how many decide to go elsewhere.
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    T-Mobile Unveils Free Video Streaming For Two Dozen Services

    Which is worthless when you live in a small town and they don't even have 3G coverage,let alone LTE.
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    Texas Utility Offers Nighttime Special: Free Electricity

    That would be great for me since I'm a night owl. My neighbor not so much.
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    T-Mobile To Let You Stream Video Without Using Your Data Plan?

    LOL,you'd be lucky to even get 3G on T-mobile where I live.
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    Today Only, Google Opens Up Project Fi To All

    Not interested in using the 2 crappiest wireless networks,I don't live in a metro area.
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    YouTube Star Buys $4.5M Home

    I knew he made pretty good money,but damn
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    Verizon Hiking Unlimited Data Plans By $20

    Guess I will be switching to pre-paid. No way in hell I'm paying this,my bill is already too damn high.
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    Brilliant Stop-Motion Ad Tells The History Of Honda With Paper And Hands

    OK,that was very freaking cool. :cool:
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    Amazon Rolls Out $50 'Mass Market' Tablet

    I might consider one if it weren't for the low-res screen
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    The Last Audio Cassette Factory

    Why? Cassettes suck.
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    America’s First 10 Gigabit City

    Apparently they also 50 meg up/down service for $45 bucks. I would drop Centurylink in a heartbeat for that.
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    Government Signals Approval Of AT&T-DirecTV Merger

    Yeah,I've been thinking of switching to cable anyway. Directv is expensive and there's no easy way I know of to record shows unless you pay them the extra 10 bucks a month for DVR service.
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    Shattering Pac-Man's Level 256 LIVE!

    Lol,I never played it enough to even get anywhere close to level 256.
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    Amazon’s First Ever Prime Day Breaks Global Records

    Yeah,I didn't hardly see anything computer related. Fail.
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    Batman Confronts Superman In New Dawn Of Justice Trailer

    Looks pretty good,but I don't know about Jessie Eisenberg being Lex Luthor
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    America's ISPs Suck, And AT&T Sucks Worst

    I wish my local cableco (suddenlink) would get their shit together. They only offer 3 meg service while DSL offers 10. ugh.
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    Samsung Safety Truck Has Four HD Screens

    Good idea,but you know 99% of the trucks in the U. S. will never get this.
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    Netflix Starts Testing Pre-Roll Ads

    Yeah,enjoy losing a lot of subscribers Netflix.
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    Bluetooth Is The Most Annoying Automotive Feature In Existence

    Haven't used it much for calls,but it's great for music.
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    $8.6M Apartment Is One Giant Tin-Foil Hat

    Is the owner the brother from Better Call Saul?
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    People Want Parental Controls In Cars

    They already have those things that plug into the OBD connector to monitor speed,block texts,locate the vehicle,etc.
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    Insider: Verizon Caps FiOS At 10 TB And DSL At 1.5 TB

    At least it's not something stupidly low like 250 gigs.
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    Autonomous Multi-Robot System Used To Move Vehicles

    This could come in handy for assholes that take up more than one parking spot or just can't park their damn car straight in a spot.
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    AT&T Claims Buying DirecTV Will Somehow Expand Gigabit Fiber

    I'll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.
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    PiKasa Will Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a Laptop

    Would be more practical if the screen hinged like a standard laptop. Still cool though.
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    Teens Texting And Driving Even Worse Than We Thought

    No way I'm ever allowing my insurance to put a camera in my car. I don't text and drive,but I do speed sometimes.
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    NYC Official Wants Comcast To Offer $10, 10Mbps Internet After Merger

    I don't see this happening unless they're required to do it. I wouldn't be surprised if half their internet customers would switch to the 10 dollar plan.
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    FTC Charges DirecTV with Fraud for Misleading Customers

    I'm thinking of dropping them for cable. It would be cheaper,and cable doesn't charge 10 bucks a month for HD service. Also,I could rent a cable card and set up a HTPC for recording shows.
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    Americans Are Moving Faster Than Ever Away From Traditional TV

    Maybe if the cable/satellite companies would get their head out of their asses,they would have less people cord cutting. Also,it kind of pisses me off when some networks like AMC don't allow Directv users to log in and watch their shows online.
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    How To Make An Electrical Arc Furnace

    The furnace he made out of a flower pot was pretty cool also.