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    Can this be done? (noob questions)

    Well if you want to run firewall make sure your motherboard supports iommu so you can assign network cards to virtual firewall router. you need to have at least one network card assigned to your firewall. unraid runs as xen now also so you can run your media storage and vm firewall and others...
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    FreeBSD Jails vs Virtualization/ESXi

    I run xen and there is FreeBSD version of xen also. I love xen it works great and let you assign pci cards. Esxi 5.5 seems to be great now since they had removed all restrictions on free versions such as ram and number of cpus.
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    xen and HP P800

    I have xen 4.5 installed on HP380 g6 I have P800 installed and I want to assign P800 Linux guest , since pv mode does not provide bios the card does not work so I had switched to hvm and it was recognized by Linux drivers. When I attempted to format raid with jfs it crashed whole server. Adding...
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    20TB RAID with Truecrypt

    I think tpm will help out in encrypting file system. I know hp makes P830 that support encrypting raid.
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    HP P800

    I have DL380 G6 server. It looks like great card.
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    All-In-One: XenServer 6.2 vs. ESXi 5.5

    I like running xen 4.5 on arch Linux. I have no issues with performance at all. Centos 6.4 with xen is nice that you can run xen 4.4 and xapi this way you get xenserver. I am running xen because I have servers with more than one cpu and over 32 gb of ram. Xen has nice text based config files or...
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    HP P800

    I just got HP P800 and installed latest firmware my 3tb hard drives are seen as 2.2TB most of my hard drives are 2tb anyway. Based on my research LSI chip supports hard drivers larger than 2tb so I guess firmware issue. I wonder if there is anyone who hacks firmware or has recommendation for...