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    Time for a flashback from hell... Voodoo2's in SLI

    Thanks for the tips - Everything's good to go now. Yeah, I'd encourage everyone to put one of these things together, because given the lack of texture detail back then, the games actually look better at lower resolutions on CRTs (this one is rigged up to a 19" NEC FP912-SB) than on newer...
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    Time for a flashback from hell... Voodoo2's in SLI

    Are Glide wrappers universal? If so, what's the likelihood of it working for Interstate '76? I'd love to run that at 1920x1200 if the goddamned engine supported it.
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    Time for a flashback from hell... Voodoo2's in SLI

    I decided to dig up a bunch of hardware recently and put together a nostalgia machine for tearing up all those old games designed with 3Dfx/Glide in mind (specifically Interstate '76 to be honest). My current problem is that I can't for the life of me remember how the hell you're supposed to...
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    Compatibility between FC-PGA and FC-PGA2?

    I have a Tyan Thunder i840 (S2520) that had dual P3 1.0GHz procs in it... I recently picked up a pair of 1.26GHz Tualatins (due to more L2 cache and whatnot) and seem to have hit a brick wall (the machine will not POST with one or both procs installed). Do I need any kind of adapter to put a...
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    Am I deaf? XFi Xtreme Music

    Since we're on the subject, how big of a difference in sound quality is it between my SB Live! 5.1 and the X-Fi? It's always seemed to be good enough for me for music and whatnot (sound is being piped via shielded cable to a ~1976 Sherwood S7200 amplifier connected to Bowers & Wilkins bi-wired...
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    Need to find wall-mountable speakers

    Heh, yeah, it sounds a bit outrageous, but I really do. Well, I think I might spend $250 and get a set of refurbished Klipsch 5.1's. Does anyone have any experiences with Klipsch's refurbished products? I think they'd fit the bill, provided that they don't die within a week. *edit*...
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    Need to find wall-mountable speakers

    The budget is (ideally) around the $200 mark. If I need to pay more to achieve what I'm looking for, I can definitely do it, but I'm spending a good amount of money on lighting and other decorative crap for the room so hopefully I can keep it on the moderately inexpensive side.
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    Need to find wall-mountable speakers

    I've finally settled into my new place, with which came a loft that is now my office (God damn it's nice having my bedroom completely seperated from my computer stuff). Now, in the process of making it the ultimate workspace, I am in a dilemma finding a suitable sound system. There was, once...
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    Fastest scanner?

    A client's office is trying to go paperless, so I'm trying to find the fastest scanner on the market... The software (Dentrix) has built-in image management, non-OCR, so basically I need a scanner that can scan an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper as quickly as possible. Not many web sites list this...
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    Ibm Epp #

    Man... All we get at Rackspace are free shirts and Novell/RedHat/Microsoft/Cisco schwag. Oh well, I haven't bought an article of clothing in 18 months thanks to them :D I'm about to buy a laptop - anyone care to help me out with the code?
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    Best ultraportable? I mean ULTRAportable

    Thanks for the input, I'll keep my eye on those... One model that recently caught my attention is the Asus W5A. I don't want or need the camera, but for ~$1600, it seems like a beast of a deal. The only criticism I've heard to date about it is that the camera's quality is merely adequate...
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    Best ultraportable? I mean ULTRAportable

    I'm in the market for a new laptop, and am looking for the most portable laptop possible (a la Sony Picturebooks of yore). However, I'd like to avoid any Transmeta processors and such due to the fact that it will be running exclusively Linux, and I need the best performance I can possibly get...
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    Intel D955XBK... 2x PCI-E x16, but quick questions I'm building a file server for a local orthodontist's office (because 15+ years worth of data is currently residing on a freakin Dell Optiplex, 3 of which have died in his office in the past 4 months... it's fun coming in and...
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    The game I miss the most...

    That's the way it seems to go... I was stoked when I bought a switch years ago and it came bundled with Descent 3, however, disc 1 was botched so I never got to play it. Apparently several other people had this experience too.
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    Do games cheat?

    I kinda experienced that... But after getting good with all the characters, I realized that Cervantes is simply the easiest, by far, to link moves with (runners-up included Kilik, Nightmare/Sigfried, and Maxi). God, that game rocks. I need to get my damned Dreamcast back... But it's all the...
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    "Why Nintendo Gets It, or Why Sony Should Start Trying"

    I think that the article posted used the word "insofar" more times than I'd ever heard the word used in my entire life. Good concepts though... I'm just a bit upset that they skipped the Dreamcast. It was one of the greatest, yet most overlooked, consoles in history.
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    The game I miss the most...

    Interstate '76. For some reason, it just struck me tonight as the game I really and truly miss. The fact that it was never OpenGL powered, and its Direct3D implementation blew chunks (the Glide rendering, though, was quite impressive for its day), not to mention that it never ran on anything...
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    Scissor key keyboards?

    Thanks for all the input. I love the keys on laptop keyboards (I type fastest on them since my fingers effectively "bounce" from key to key with minimal pressure... almost like they're reactive keys), however, laptop keyboard layouts are far, far too cramped for me to type on for extended...
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    Scissor key keyboards?

    I did a search and just wanted to see if I could get a collaborative opinion going... I'm obsessed with scissor keyboards (i.e. "laptop"-feel keyboards), and seem to hear the Benq brand come up a lot. I'm eying this one in particular...
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    A PC for Crafting War

    A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you're looking for reasonable framerates on high detail settings at 1024x768 and up, you definitely do not want an integrated video card. Onboard video is typically adequate at best, and finding a prebuilt machine with a GeForce 6200 or better would be...
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    Coworker offering me a 1905FP for $260... Take it?

    One of my coworkers needs money and is selling a flawless Dell 1905FP for $260... I see them selling new on eBay for ~$300 + shipping, so I'm wondering if you guys would find this to be worth it? It's 8 months old, and has been sitting for 2 (he's got a 21" CRT he uses at home instead since...
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    Free Treo 650 in need of repairs... Worth fixing?

    Yeah... I think it'll be worth it. Now that I'm moving to 2nd shift at Rackspace this coming Sunday, I'm booked for the next 2 weeks doing freelance repair on the side (appts cut off at 1:00 since I have to be at work by 2), so rather than trying to keep up with dozens of Post-It notes, I...
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    Free Treo 650 in need of repairs... Worth fixing?

    I've worked on electronics all my life and wanted to go with simply finding a screen and installing it myself, however, I can't find the screen alone... Any recommendations on where I could find one? It's outside of warranty anyway.
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    Free Treo 650 in need of repairs... Worth fixing?

    A buddy of mine rolled an ATV while carrying his Treo 650 and ended up cracking the screen... So, after buying a new one, he gave it to me. The case is damned near flawless and it still works, but the right side of the screen is, well, cracked (thereby totally botching the LCD element on that...
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    LCD Dead Pixel Poll

    My 23" Apple HD Cinema Display was flawless (aside from the extremely mild "pinking" issue around the edges, which is only apparent at full brightness on a pure white screen... And even then only if you looked for it... So in other words, totally insignificant).
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    A DVI-D male plug should be able to plug into a DVI-I female port, however, a DVI-I male cannot plug into a DVI-D female due to the extra pins. Try again, and take pictures if possible... Because the scenario you're describing doesn't make any sense.
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    Changing TV into Monitor?

    What resolution? Damned low. 640x480 at best maintaining legibility. Stick with a computer monitor. If you use S-video output, it should automatically interlace it so the res doesn't matter. You'll have a headache and burning eyes like you've never experienced before if you decide to use it...
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    7800GTX and BF2, ground shimmering problem

    Too much acid. Drink some water and avoid lights for the next 6 hours and you should be fine.
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    Absolute Best 19" LCD and 20.1" LCD

    Apple's 20" Cinema Display is beautiful, but has no scaling chip and cost a hell of a lot... Plus there are a couple other displays out there based on the same element.
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    Good Deal?

    I had a G420S, and my buddy had a G520... I was actually quite disappointed with the monitors. Every FD Trinitron Sony monitor I have bought has had discoloration in the corners (purchased in retail stores locally and online from Newegg and such, it's a constant factor), and the canons never...
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    Linux + SLi?

    Wow, they even have a complete rundown for novice users on how to use the Linux shell... Damn, they impressed me.
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    Pro-7800gtx and beyond ported to AGP Petition Nvidia plz read

    I still have my Boot magazine from like July 1997 with an article all about AGP and how amazing it was... It's a shame to see it die after 8 wonderful years. Jesus, 8 years? Yeah, PCIe, here we come.
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    Who games at 800x600?

    Because of my cinema display, I game at 1920x1200 :D And with regard to the 1280x1024 comments... I don't understand why games were even coded to support that resolution. Fortunately, the majority support 1280x960.
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    Best 19" CRT for gaming/graphic design < $200

    I bought an NEC FP912SB about 2 years ago for $299... 1600x1200@85Hz, beautiful color, and text clarity/sharpness that in all honesty rivals LCDs. However, my understanding is that they are plagued with reliability issues, and I happened to get one that is absolutely flawless. Good luck.
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    Anyone else not interested in the 7800 at all?

    I'm interested in it, but not so interested that I'd go out and drop $650+ on it... Especially technology that is so rapidly antiquated. Also, I've really lucked out on my hardware purchases over the past few years. About 2 years ago I bought a GeForceFX 5600 256MB for $50 and sold my...
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    Offered a BFG 6800 Ultra Extreme for $200... Take it?

    Hahahaha, I'll consider it someday. And yeah, I must say I do. This guy has been my best friend for as long as I can remember, so we've helped each other out quite a bit along the line and this is just another case (and since he's recently gone back to Apple, he's hell-bent on seeing me run...
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    Offered a BFG 6800 Ultra Extreme for $200... Take it?

    Well, it's installed, and I must say... HL2 at 1920x1200 at 8x anisotropic filtering and 4x FSAA is simply mindblowing. I'm experiencing a few framerate dips though, so I'm gonna start looking into overclockin this SOB a bit more (after some cooling changes). Regardless, $200 was definitely...
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    Offered a BFG 6800 Ultra Extreme for $200... Take it?

    Thanks for the input. Like I said, it was released when they first came out specifically to Falcon Northwest. My buddy has such a stick up his ass to be on the absolute cutting edge that he called and bartered with them for 2 days until he convinced them to sell him one... For $750. It was...
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    Offered a BFG 6800 Ultra Extreme for $200... Take it?

    Well, this thing is clocked out of the box at 440 MHz core and 1.2 GHz memory. Slick, I must say :) Definitely nice being able to run HL2 at 1920x1200 at 60+ fps, and having scaling that works correctly! :D
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    Offered a BFG 6800 Ultra Extreme for $200... Take it?

    Ok, I know it was a bit of a dumb question, but I bought it. And yes, the "Ultra Extreme" was released. It's an early pseudonym for the "6800 Ultra Overclocked", but was called the Extreme because BFG made this batch for Falcon Northwest to help them have the absolute cutting edge when the...