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    X360 - Does it have the DICE chip?

    Yes I think so.
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    No more Antec fans!

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    jumped in feet first. my stuff, and a quick question

    Exactly what you said.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    This is a screenshot from the first PC that I ever bought. 500mhz, 100 RAM, yeah it's awesome.
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    Recommend me an MP3 player?

    I was going to say iPhone :p but then I saw it needs to be inexpensive. Just get an iPod shuffle.
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    Intel DG33TL micro ATX

    Well you probably won't be able to overclock it because it's an Intel board which they disable overclocking. The Asus and Gigabyte are much better because you can overclock on those.
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    Making a LAN cart ?

    Just do what f1y said, great idea :D
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    Please Recommend A Good Socket 775 CPU Cooler

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, best you can probably get.
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    I don't know what my problem is anymore...

    Yeah try putting the other PSU again, see if that does anything.
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    $1000-1400 Build

    Yes by custom built I mean build it myself
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    Best/Cheapest Place to buy cases online?

    Newegg has always been good for me.
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    $1000-1400 Build

    Ok thank you both.
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    Got a old Q6600 earlier... SL9UM (pack date: 4/20/07)

    3.0ghz is possible, but I'm not sure about 3.2ghz...unless you have good cooling.
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    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    10500 3D Marks 4962 SM 2.0 score 4807 SM 3.0 score 2382 CPU score
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    impulse buy...hope I did ok

    It was a pretty good buy, nothing wrong with it IMO.
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    Need Video Card recommendations

    I think you should get the 8800GTS 640 instead of 320 you might need the extra ram. Like firey said you should get a 20" instead.
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    Just switched to the dark side, 4300 + Evga 650i+ Geil 2gb kit

    Is the 650i good for overclocking, I might want to get one.
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    $1000-1400 Build

    1) I don't have a monitor at the moment, but I need one that is atleast 1280x1024 resolution. 2) Yes I need an OS, but I don't need a keyboard or mouse. 3) I'll probably use it for some gaming but not a lot, but I will need a good video card than can handle Crysis as I want to get that...
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    Reccomendations for an external HD

    Get a Seagate, I have one right now, pretty good.
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    Need help with a sli set up.....

    Probably get the 2 640s.
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    The new "Project Offset" trailor.

    I remeber hearing about this game like a year ago and there wasn't any trailers. Can't wait till this one comes out, looks awesome.
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    $1000-1400 Build

    I want to build a PC that is in the $1000 to $1400 range. Right now I do not have anything I can reuse. So I need your recommendations on a pre-built PC or a custom built one and recommend me the parts for it. EDIT: I forgot to add that this PC will not be used for gaming a lot but I will...
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    Will a PCIe x16 card work in a PCIe "electrically" x4 slot?

    If it's not really a x16 slot then I don't think it would work in it.
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    SMall scratch on the back of my motherboard

    If everything is working fine then there is no need to fix anything.
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    What card for 22" monitor

    I'm pretty sure all of those cards can handle that resolution, but the best of those is the GTS 640.
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    MADLAN, 300 Gamers, Lansing, MI, 11/17/07 - 11/18/07 (Nov)

    I live in MI, but I don't know if I'll be attending.
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    Random blurry question

    It could be the media player your using.
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    How many of you purchase "energy drinks?"

    I do, but only one or two a month.
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    Q6700 Stock Fan THAT bad?

    Just do your watercooling it would probably be a much better idea. Like robo said make sure every thing is setup properly.
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    8800GTS 320MB vs. 8600 SLI

    Does the 8600 support DX10? If not Crysis isn't going to look as good with a DX10 card. Get the 8800GTX so your ready to play Crysis when it comes out and you can play the other games now.
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    Bought this new system is it good?

    Why have 2.4ghz processor and a 2gb of RAM, but only a 2600XT?
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    How much can i overclock my new PC?

    You could probably get the CPU up to 3.0ghz. The 8800 you could get up to 700/2000.
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    How much can i overclock my new PC?

    Sorry double post.
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    DVD Ripping - Looking for simple

    1Click DVD Copy is pretty good.
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    Air Flows in a P182

    Probably intake, you already have two exhaust.
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    Dell 2407WFP-HC is available now

    I already have a Samsung 30" I'm not buying it :p
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    X-Clear Acrylic Computer Case

    Has anyone ever bought one of these? They look pretty awesome
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    Moving on from AGP

    Get the 7900GS, you could probably overclock it so it has the speed of the X1950. Also I used to own the 7900GS it can run most games on high if that's what your going to do with your PC.
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    Tiger Woods '07

    Contact EA, even thought that probably won't help :D
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    Best wired mouse that my wife would like...

    Logitech MX518