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    GA-Z170-Gaming K3-EU F22 BIOS - Lower Maximum OC

    I've had my sig system for about a year now. When I first got it, the CPU (6600K) could reliably reach 4.4GHz without a significant amount of Vcore (It might have gone higher if I'd pushed, but it was 'good enough' and didn't run too hot. The XMP profile (3200 16-18-18-38) on my DIMMS (Corsair...
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    Big Ransomware Outbreak Today - Be Vigilant

    Obviously it's still serious even if it were just one hospital affected, but given the scale of the NHS it seems like it's a relatively small number of machines infected. That said it's still impacting the whole service because clean systems have been locked down until they can be sure they are...
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    Actual Number Of Stolen Yahoo Accounts Could Be Over 1 Billion

    I think at this point it's safer to say that the total number of compromised yahoo accounts is 'all of them'. My ISP uses Yahoo to run the backend on their mail system and have advised me to change passwords on my main and sub-accounts. Annoyingly the sub accounts each need their own, non-isp...
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    Chinese Companies Threaten To Fire Workers Who Buy iPhone 7

    If China is so opposed to foreign things entering the country, perhaps they should build a wall... And make the Mongolians pay for it!
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    Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach 500M Users Affected

    Yeah, I used to have a BT Yahoo! account (technicaly I still do but I don't use it), but my current ISP, Sky, uses Yahoo for their mail system too. Gonna have to ask them about this.
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    Ctrl+Alt+Del Brass Knuckles?

    So I guess this is for those times you have a PEBKAC error and you need to turn it off and on again?
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    Any important Windows tweaks out there ?

    Like I said, I've only ever seen minimal benefit from tweaking, If I can maintain 'fresh' performance, that's enough for me. I'm not knocking you for wanting to wring every last bit of performance out - this is [H] afterall - its just that in the past, there were lots of little tweaks that...
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    UAC won't leave me alone

    But doesn't that still trigger UAC prompts? It's possible it needs admin for something else, like storing variables in the registry, but if all it wants is to write to program files, then having the installation folder at full permissions for a standard user would mean you could run it as such...
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    UAC won't leave me alone

    I don't know about the webcam, but the accounting package may just want to be able to edit files in its installation directory, try installing it somewhere other than "C:\program files (x86)" or editing the permissions for just that programs folder to give your user account full control of it.
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    Any important Windows tweaks out there ?

    I'd add - if it becomes too slow Re-install it and repeat step 2, if that doesn't work then buy new hardware... I always used to try and tweak each new Windows Install to perfection, but over time it felt like I was just making it take longer to set up without much benefit (and actualy...
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    iPhone Upgrade Program Members Sue Apple

    I'm shocked... SHOCKED! Apple doesn't have a binding arbitration clause to avoid class actions? On the actual topic, the whole program doesn't seem like good value for money, but I guess it depends on how much you value your time, and the convenience of not having to sell your old device...
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    As More Devices Board Planes, Travelers Are Playing With Fire

    Just open a window, it'll be fiiiine...
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    WTHDIJS Video of the Day

    If there's space to pre-fab components there are ways of quickly replacing a structure without compromising quality. For example here we replaced a railway embankment under a major line with a bridge, with just 48 hours of disruption, not as impressive as 24hrs, but it has a standard 120 year...
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Specifications Leaked

    I know, but I still can't help be curious.
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    John McAfee He Can't Call His Company 'John McAfee'

    He could change the name to Mcrappy, everyone wins. It's different enough to avoid the lawsuits and customers know what they're getting.
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Specifications Leaked

    Wonder if they would make a good physx card next to a 1070
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    Urgent: Windows cant find fixed disc?

    Oh, I wasn't suggesting it was necessarily hardware. More that it's the software environment on the machine as a whole. My personal experience is that windows in and of itself doesn't need reinstalls all that often since 7, it depends on what you're using with it. Seven years of web browsing and...
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    Urgent: Windows cant find fixed disc?

    Perhaps in your particular usage case, but the install my old Nehalem system lasted from the windows 7 release in 2009 through 8, 8.1 and 10 in place upgrades until I eventually replaced it with a whole new rig (i always meant to do a wipe and reinstall, just never got round to it). This is with...
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    Buying Windows 10 licenses from Microsoft's website

    If you buy from the MS Store it might be worth setting up a Microsoft account in the name of the business, and used for no other purpose and then giving the owner the credentials when you've done. It shouldn't be necessary to have an online user account to use the computers in that case...
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    Ugliest Tesla You Will Ever See

    He's from the Steve Jobs school of licence plate display I see. Well... Yeah, but not because of his eccentric behaviour (which has made him quite wealthy of course), but because if you buy something, you can (with a few exceptions) do whatever you want to it (provided it's still also street...
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    Urgent: Windows cant find fixed disc?

    Yeah, I don't think encryption is the problem here, surely the drive would still show up, it would just appear as 'unformatted'? You could boot to a linux cd/usb unlock (a quick google for 'veracrypt unbuntu' suggests it can) and image the drive, then format and instantly restore it without the...
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    Cloudhead Games Visits Valve

    Even if you manage to slip past security you'll never make it past the second floor...
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    Pepper Grinder Hack Disables Wi-Fi At The Table

    Alternatively Dad could threaten to use Grindr at the table and summon a second dad to keep the kids in line if they don't put down their smartphones until after mealtime.
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    Bethesda Plays Fallout 4 - Nuka-World

    I was thinking of doing the same thing. I'm just wondering if GOTY editions will still be a thing in these days of Season Passes (aka pre-orders for DLC)
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    New Mobo/CPU/RAM, System starts up slower?

    Just to forewarn you, If you do go for an M.2 drive you'll probably have to find a driver to let the windows 7 setup see the drive for installation. I don't know if SATA M.2's are different but when I was having issues partitioning mine for Windows 10 using a USB stick, I tried my Windows 7...
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    Fans Building Halo Game For The PC

    I played and enjoyed the first one on PC. It looked beautiful, and the first few levels were impressive but it got very repetitive with way too much backtracking and copy/paste corridors. Still, I did want to play Halo 2, but that was DX10 only making it Vista exclusive at a time I (and many...
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    12TB HDD's coming soon.

    Mang! They have M26 drives! That's, like... thirteen times the number of M's my 950 M2 has! And I only just bought this thing! I need to upgrade pronto!
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    Small SSD with 1TB 3.5" drive, or big SSD?

    Until recently I was running a 120gb SATA SSD (which is pretty small by any metric nowadays) with a 1.5TB HDD. Even with Libraries set to the HDD and most programs and games moved there the SSD filled up over time and managing the space became tedious. I'm sure I could have clawed some back...
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    Any rumored dates for the 1TB Samsung 950 Pro?

    Most SSD's hardware encrypt the data written to the NAND by default, but the keys are stored in the controller in such a way that it's transparent to the rest of the computer. eDrive has Bittlocker manage the key and store it in the TPM rather than encrypting/decrypting the data in software. The...
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    Any rumored dates for the 1TB Samsung 950 Pro?

    I'd like to know when the firmware update to allow e-drive will be coming to the rest of the range (if it ever will)
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    Prepare For The Great American Total Solar Eclipse

    I'm in the UK and travelled to Cornwall (lands end at the south west tip of the country specifically) for the 1999 total eclipse there. Day before - blazing sun and clear skies Day after - blazing sun and clear skies Day of the eclipse - overcast. It was a surreal sight watching the moon's...
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    Windows 7 Will not activate after installing Windows 10 and reverting back

    Haha, I guess its a firmware bug in the pattern matching of the v1.0 human brain. It loves to transpose characters, then refuse to see the error by auto-correcting what the eyes tell it they see with what it was expecting to see! Glad you got it resolved.
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    Windows 10 build 14393.5 is available and it's the Anniversary Update

    How does Microsoft roll out stuff like the Anniversary update? Is it like Google and Android updates, where 5% get it the first day, then 10% etc with 100% of clients being offered the update after a couple of weeks? I ask because I have 3 windows 10 computers in the house, 2 desktops on Pro...
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    BBC Will Use Wi-Fi Detection Vans To Catch TV Pirates

    They aren't cracking your wifi, hacking your firewall, or detecting anything. It's not 'government overreach' or 'fascism' because they aren't actually doing anything. Even if it were physically possible (which I dispute), we're talking about the kind of tech that MI5 or MI6 would deploy, its...
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    Microsoft Reduces Windows 10 Roll-Back Grace Period

    As I understand it, If you upgraded from 7/8 at the end of the offer, and have had the Anniversary update installed since, if you choose to rollback, you'll get last weeks version of Windows 10, not 7/8, so it might not matter either way :eek:
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    Windows 7 Will not activate after installing Windows 10 and reverting back

    Are you absolutely certain you are entering the licence key correctly? When I was entering the Windows 8 key to establish the entitlement on this one it refused to work. I double checked and it was right, I even tried skipping activation in setup and copy/pasting from the document I keep all my...
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    Need help with deploying Win10 updates on home pc's due to limited data, and Anniversary update ?

    Under advanced settings in windows update there is an option to 'choose how updates are delivered' which lets you turn on a P2P option (its on by default) including PC's on the same network which should reduce the amount of data downloaded, athough unless all the computers are on the whole time...
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    Google Deep Inside You

    Haha, This has been a long time coming: (Linked because its a little bit NSFW) Viz warned us about this almost ten years ago!
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    Help! Freshly installed Windows 10, having weird issues

    You say it's a fresh install, did you install all the drivers for things like chipset and usb controllers? Or are you using the ones windows provided by default?
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    ASUS Announces Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura

    Hmm, yeah I see it now thanks. If it lets you fix a heatsink to an m.2 ssd, (rather than potentially warranty-voiding self-adhesive sinks directly to the chips) that could be pretty useful - if you care about such things anyway.