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    Recommend a replacement for 2 24" 1920x1200 monitors{32x10}-vs-34-inch-21x9 a nice tool to compare the sizes. Higher DPI will look really nice for text, but if you are fine with what you have now you also have the 34" 3440x1440 screens as an option to save some bucks. As already stated above, personally I...
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    Recommend a replacement for 2 24" 1920x1200 monitors

    At that resolution DPI will be just slightly higher vs what you are replacing. If you work with text all day, I would get a 5k2k 34" instead. Or try a 16:9 4k 32" first (those are cheaper and I find them big enough to replace 2 smaller monitors).
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    Help: Recommend me a monitor (27-32")

    There absolutely is too big, what that is depends on how you use it. In monitors 32" is the biggest I'd ever go (or 34-40" in ultrawide format), anything bigger is TV + big apartment (from the couch) since you must sit way too far for using it on the desk in front of you without excessive head...
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    ASUS Swift PG27AQDM 27" OLED 1440P 240hz

    Exactly. What kills these for me is burn in and laughable PPI for 2023. Size wise 28-32" are both my upper limit depending on how deep your desk allows, but 4k is a must at those sizes and 5k preferred (not really available). Or equivalent ultrawide being the 34" 5k2k. Anything bigger you must...
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    Why OLED for PC use?

    I unfortunately can't share your optimism. They had decades with this tech already and it seems to go nowhere ( Would love to be able to move on from LCD limitations for desktop use but I just don't see it happening anytime soon. Just purchased another IPS LCD...
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    Why OLED for PC use?

    What kills OLED for me is potential burn in and reported less than stellar font rendering. At current prices they would need to last 10 years at least and I don't see any of them making it even half as long without burn in. I use my monitor at least 12 hours a day most of it being on static...
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    Help: Recommend me a monitor (27-32")

    I used to think so, but after using one for 8 years it sometimes feels like it, since VA (washed out colors from an angle) and IPS (glow) limitations become very apparent on these, so a 28" can be a better compromise (that will hide those much better while also having better PPI). I do also sit...
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    Help: Recommend me a monitor (27-32")

    Yeah, 32" 4k while great for replacing 2x setups for productivity does feel a bit too big for games (you do have the option to make a 30" 3840x1600 ultrawide out of it though with black bars for gaming). 28" 4k would have been a better pick (much clearer fonts and option to do 1080p integer...
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    Trying To Decide Best Value 4K Monitor 30-34in - $1200.00 or Less - Your Expertise Appreciated

    Doubt they ever will, and the other elefant in the room with those monitors is the aggressive curve, even worse it is curved in the middle and flat on the sides, not a natural curve at all. Dell G3223Q 32-inch 4K Gaming Monitor - coworker had flickering issue with this in some games (I think...
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    LG 32UN650 mini review - panel lottery still as bad as ever

    Recently pulled the trigger on a LG 32UN650-W. At around $350 price was too good to ignore. This is a 32" 4k 60hz monitor with 40-60hz FreeSync support (tested it in some games worked as advertised, saw no flickering on the desktop when left on either). While I am no professional photo editor...
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    Sony Inzone Gaming Monitors

    Not being curved for one, IPS as well vs VA in the Neo. But it being 27" kills this for me. The retard curve kills the Neo offerings.
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    As it seems there will never be a 16:10 with any gaming options I finally ordered a XG321UG to replace the 30" Dells

    You don't even need to auto-hide, just move it to one side instead of in the bottom and you actually have more vertical space than on a 16:10 30"-er,5-inch-16x9 I'd understand this if it was a debate on a 24" 16:10 vs 16:9 there it makes a huge...
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    As it seems there will never be a 16:10 with any gaming options I finally ordered a XG321UG to replace the 30" Dells

    Drop in replacement for these are the new 32" 4k screens like others mentioned too and they actually got cheaper (see the lenovo L32P-30, LG 32UN650, etc) than the 30" dell/hp 16:10 were (I know cause I always wanted one of those but price was too steep). Unless of course you want extra features...
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    Buying a 4k monitor for kids gaming and everything else that a casual home user does with his pc.

    Maybe read the original message and not what others interpreted it before accusing. I said text clarity benefits from 4k the MOST and stand by it, a benefit you get at no computational cost. Never did I say games won't benefit, but I don't consider it worth the cost for now, unless surprise...
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    IPS or VA 32" Monitor with Little or No Anti-glare Coating

    Didn't own any of your list, LG is on the light side though (almost glossy actually), at least the screens I owned from them lately. Between IPS and VA I would stick to IPS, was dissapointed by all VA monitors I owned (they all had ghosting issues on some even visible in the browser while...
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    Buying a 4k monitor for kids gaming and everything else that a casual home user does with his pc.

    4k is mainly for text clarity. So if he is mostly gaming and watching movies a 1440p 27" monitor should be more than enough. If he spends most of his screen time reading on it is where the 4k 32" or even at 27" would be better. Not sure about Xiaomi in the monitor space but there should be...
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    Need some advice for a new monitor

    Dell used to have decent ones so I would check these but I'd also advise a 24" 16:10 screen if it's mainly for work. Size wise it takes some time to get used to bigger monitors. I would also ask...
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    Bigger monitor further away?

    The eye muscles are strained by constantly focusing on things that are close, but not sure 1m vs 2m makes that big of a difference. A bigger difference should be letting your eyes look far into the distance every half an hour or so for a few minutes, giving the muscles a break. I currently also...
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    VA better than IPS for eye comfort and reading?

    It can still be an issue since it's the difference between best and worst that counts here for the smear to appear, not necessarily only the absolute value. An IPS with consistent 30ms response will actually not exhibit (black) smearing while in use since the difference between best and worst is...
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    Any 24” 4K High-Refresh Options?

    Depends on habits and work you do I suppose. We had 2 24" 1080p monitors before at work (programming). But I couldn't get my eyes used to switching between the 2 monitors, they never liked that. That's when I first moved to a 32" 1440p instead of the dual setup, was better but the pixelated...
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    Any 24” 4K High-Refresh Options?

    Exactly there. That's what I use on my 32" 4k screen, gives you the real estate of a 32" 1440p screen while actually having decent clarity. For font rendering the "standard" sub 100 DPI is a bad joke. My perfect screen would actually be a 32" 5k screen with high refresh when set to 1440p (to...
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    Help me decide on a low end monitor

    Text reading vs gaming, yes. High res is best for text (closer to print quality and much easier on the eyes with the correct scale applied so it's not smaller). Games will benefit less and will be much harder to drive by the GPU. You can make all the fun you want, for someone who works with...
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    Help me decide on a low end monitor

    Depends on your use case. Are you text heavy and not much into gaming? If so, than 4k is a must at those sizes, but you won't be running them at 100% scale (for the 28" monitor you would run it in 175% or even 200% scale). For the occasional gaming you do you could do it in 1080p until a new...
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    Buying Monitor for Readings Text

    1:1000 is enough to not be a problem so the resolution will count more. For text high PPI is king, so 4k with 200% scaling will be the winner there.
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    The 32 inch 4k IPS 144hz's...(Update - this party is started) (wait for it...)

    Because of being burned by VA panel's ghosting and banding issues never seen on even the most garbage IPS monitor? Personally I yet to see in person a VA that even comes close to my 10 years old IPS monitor. And I had 4 VA monitors to try since. For me only thing going for them is price, but for...
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    Recommended Large (27 to 32") Monitor for CAD & Text

    That resolution should make text much clearer not worse, your old monitor was very low PPI so a low bar. You should always run native res in lcd panels, so 3840x2160 on the Samsung. What OS are you using? Windows 10? If so do right click on the desktop, go to DisplaySettings->Advanced scaling...
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    Need a new monitor and my brain hurts. - 03/06/2021 Update, its M day.

    For that budget the LG 27QN600-B should do, it would be an upgrade over yours in every regard without breaking the bank (only downside is it's stand but it has Vesa mount so you can buy a stand for it). If you can extend the budget a bit the LG 27GL850-B would be probably worth it (more future...
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    Dell 5k UW released

    I don't find that the ideal PPI at all, and if you want that there is already the Alienware 38" with 144hz panel. Unless you sit more than 100cm away from the monitor ALL the time, you want at least 140PPI so text looks crisp. This new 40" gets the PPI and size right, price is still too high for...
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    Swapping two 32" displays for a single 38" UW or 43"?

    I never could get my eyes used to multi monitor setups. Every time I moved my view from one to the next there was discomfort. Now that bigger monitors got somewhat more affordable I settled for 32" 4k (150% scale) and find it manageable screen space wise, just the right vertical size (wouldn't...
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    Gray Uniformity Decent?

    Don't see this as a major issue, plus I find your particular screen pretty uniform considering it's size and that it's a curved screen (would consider panel lottery won if that's the most obvious issue on it). VA panels actually have visible lines on some gray screens, that is much more annoying...
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    What new display type are you looking for in 2021?

    Not a bad monitor for sure. Personally would like a higher resolution since gaming is not a priority for me, and price is spicy for my taste, but it's a very good all rounder monitor that ticks a lot of boxes.
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    What new display type are you looking for in 2021?

    32" 16:9 monitors are pretty much a direct replacement. If you primarily game, get a 1440p high refresh panel like the lg 32GK850F (this is VA) or similar IPS screen. If work is it's primary use and it involves text or video/photo, you most likely would want to go 32" 4k and 60hz might do it...
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    What new display type are you looking for in 2021?

    There were supposed to also be some VA 120hz+ 32" 4k screens coming. Personally I would love the 40" 5120x2160 in an affordable monitor, but that won't happen for sure. So settling on the next best thing a 32" 4k monitor, high refresh or not, but it needs to not smear in games, have FreeSync...
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    Can You Answer My Dumb Questions? (Non-native res & dci-p3 vs sRGB)

    1) Unless you only want this monitor for gaming and can get a higher refresh monitor for the same price with the lower res, I wouldn't worry about scaling that much. It will be worse than native, but you probably won't even notice unless you look for it on most modern displays. And for a 27"...
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    What's the best 4k 32" monitor I can get for $500 or less?

    Depends very much on your use case. And if you consider 4k a hype, it's most likely not for you. 4k is for detail, I would get it for 24" as well, but for 32" is a must for me. It makes text clear and non pixelated, so easier on the eyes, but you do need to understand that high PPI is meant to...
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    2 X 30/32" vs 2 X 27" dual monitor set up

    Personal preference really, but I too would think 2x30/32 is too wide. If you want/need dual (for price or other reasons), go for 2x27". I prefer single monitors though and consider a 32" 4k almost perfect for this (vertical size and res is perfect), maybe a bit more horizontal space would be...
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    LG 48CX: Ideal viewing distance for gaming and work, helpful software (tiling) and other helpful info

    1. Considering normal distance from a monitor is 1m and this being huge (1.5 the size of a 32 incher), I would guess 1.5m if you mind moving your head up and down (like I do), but 1m as a bare minimum... 2. In general you should be looking down at it a bit. For "normal" sized monitors that...
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    Lack of 16:10 options is DEPRESSING

    In small screens where 2 "pages" side by side can't be used efficiently 4:3, 3:2 and 16:10 make a lot of sense still (hence why laptops and tablets still use those aspect ratios). Same was the case with 24" monitors, there those extra few vertical pixels really helped, since vertical space was...
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    Lack of 16:10 options is DEPRESSING

    Not at all. I actually never could get used to more than one display, eyes would go bunkers every time I changed between screens even with same model monitors (not sure why but could never "fix" this). Plus as others also stated, I find working on a single screen with GridMove or Virtual...
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    65 inch 4k vs 32 inch full HD - 68 ppi, both

    PPI is size independent, a 32" inch 96 PPI display will look the same as a 65" 96 PPI one viewed at the same distance. Now if with the 32" you use it normally (~1m from your eyes) and the 65" you sit double the distance from it, the same PPI will look better on the 65" since you are further...