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    ASROCK RMA warratnty service experience?

    Not ASRock, but unless MSI has miraculously changed their RMA process be prepared for 30-90 days with multiple phone calls before getting a replacement or a check. Their motherboard RMA department is basically shit that's only purpose is to drive less determined people to give up their claim...
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    Steam account with Doom Eternal $50

    The TOS is not a legal contract, not against the law, and also none of your business what I do. PM me if you want to discuss further, don't post in the thread. Thanks. Bump
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Edit: I'll take DD Shieldbreaker DLC. PM Key activated, thanks ChoGGi
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    Steam account with Doom Eternal $50

    Hey folks, I'm selling a Steam account that came as part of a PC I purchased. The previous owner agreed to transfer it to me, and since I have my own Steam account with > 500 games, I'd like to sell it. I am the only person with login access to the account. There are no holds or VAC bans...
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    Time to retire my 3770k - Intel or AMD?

    Is there a certain 3800x combo at Micro Center? I don't have a Micro Center so I'm looking at Amazon/Newegg prices. Before you pull the trigger there, watch this: Steve Burke says go for the 3700x over the 3800x, and I agree with him. For $70 more, the 3800x offers 100 Mhz more boost which is...
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    Time to retire my 3770k - Intel or AMD?

    If you're spending over $500 on upgrades, get yourself a new PSU with a decent warranty. Assuming the Seasonic M12II was purchased at the same time as your 3770K, it's over 5 years old. Don't cheap out on the PSU. Personally, I'd go with AMD. The performance/dollar is fantastic, so unless you...
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    WWE 2K20 Steam Keys

    Both keys sold Couple WWE 2K20 Steam keys for sale. If you're a wrestling fan, you must have this! $6/ea
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    FOUND! [WTB] 8 port + Gigabit Switch FOUND!

    Long time Stinger, good to see you :LOL:
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    New build: Ryzen 5 3600/3600X, Ryzen 7 3700X/3800X or Ryzen 9 3900X or 3950X?

    Depends on the monitor. For 144Hz, the 3700. For 60Hz, the 3600. Based on your light requirements I don't really see the need to spend for more unless you just want big dick energy
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    [WTB] ASUS B450 Motherboard, ROG Strix 1060/580 GPU

    CPU/RAM found. Bump for motherboard/GPU
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    [WTB] ASUS B450 Motherboard, ROG Strix 1060/580 GPU

    Hey guys. Looking to purchase an Asus brand B450 motherboard for $70 and a ROG Strix 1060/580 for $120/$140 respectively. It's going in a Corsair case with iCue fan hub, software, and SP120 fans so looking to make it all my components sync together with Aura Sync. Alternately a ROG Strix B350...
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    Gaming laptop help (rethinking purchase)

    One last thought: lots of people these days are building *Mini PCs* around ~10L volume for the purpose of traveling. I'm not trying to dissuade you from the laptop idea, but you should at least give some thought to the idea of building a small Mini PC that can be easily carried under the arm or...
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    Gaming laptop help (rethinking purchase)

    I thought you meant you had a GTX 1050 laptop - the laptop and desktop 1050 are the same chip, hence my confusion. I see what you mean. So you're on a 1050 desktop? Wow, that's bottom tier graphics for a PC enthusiast. The 1050 retains it's value, because it's a 75W card that doesn't require a...
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    All gone

    PM sent, bump for a sweet motherboard!
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    Gaming laptop help (rethinking purchase)

    There's nothing inherently wrong with the HP Omen. It's just one of those laptops that is cheaper because the build quality overall is lower, for example the trackpad feels cheap and the keyboard isn't very nice. Also the hinges, palmrest, and fans are all lower quality. But if you plug in...
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    [WTB] CPU/Mobo/RAM Combo, RX 480/580

    *Update: Looking for an RX 580 So I found a great deal on a case/PSU and looking to build my first Ryzen PC. Since I have a Corsair iCue 220T, I'm looking to match the RGB case with RGB or LED components. CPU: 2600/2600X/2700/2700X, Wraith Prism cooler, B350/B450 gaming motherboard, and 16GB...
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    WTB cheap Sandy/Ivy Bridge i5 for desktop

    Looking to buy a cheap i5 processor for a P67 motherboard. I can buy on eBay for $20-30 but wanted to check if anyone here has a spare they can sell. I'm mainly looking for one of these: - i5-3570K - i5-2500K - i5-3570 - i5-3550 - i5-2500 - i5-3470 - i5-3450 Let me know what you have, but no...
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    MSI RMA Service - negative experience

    I can empathize with you. I sent my Z270 motherboard to Gigabyte for an RMA. It had a single broken transistor on the bottom that caused it to not POST. I assumed such a minor repair would be easy for a company which manufactures motherboards like Gigabyte. I mailed the motherboard on December...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I wish I could reach a place where I could enjoy those games from my childhood. Everytime I try playing a JRPG from the 16 bit era, something in my adult brain tells me "No". :( Have fun!
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    WTB: '95-'04 Toyota Avalon. $150 finder's fee.

    Damn, you really did an impressive job. I just texted the 3rd person now and seeing if they will lower the price to fit my budget. This list took some time to create and all the listings have the bench seat. Let me buy you lunch for that! Sending a PM.
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    Can anybody get me up to speed on the state of the CPU game right now?

    No worries, I got you. It's called AM4. For a PC enthusiast such as you, there's 2 AM4 chipsets you need to know: B series and X series. B series are for gamers/performance. X series is for overclocking the CPU and Xfire. Unless you plan on heavy overclocking, then B series is enough. B350 was...
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    WTB: '95-'04 Toyota Avalon. $150 finder's fee.

    So so close. I would have actually attempted to purchase this if it was a hard top. Absolutely no soft shell convertibles. Low mileage, clean, and under budget. Damn, seeing this one is painful. But thank you, really appreciate you trying.
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    WTB: '95-'04 Toyota Avalon. $150 finder's fee.

    Kwaz, that's why there is a finder's fee. I can find the car with bench seats from a dealer fairly easy with a site like Autotrader. But I would like to purchase one from a private seller. It's not a needle in the haystack, but it takes time to locate one.
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    Can anybody get me up to speed on the state of the CPU game right now?

    The game has changed, once Intel was completely dominant but AMD is roaring back ever since they released Zen. In a nutshell: AMD best value and bang for the buck. Intel best peak IPC and platform. 1) No. 2) Now is a good time. RAM is cheap, SSD costs have come down, CPU sockets have great...
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    WTB: '95-'04 Toyota Avalon. $150 finder's fee.

    Samir, the link you sent only has one photo. I can't tell if it has the front bench seat. Also, try shortening your URLs with the hyperlink function like this. Sheesh man :ROFLMAO:
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    WTB: '95-'04 Toyota Avalon. $150 finder's fee.

    Oh man, that might be something I can actually buy if it's still available! How do I contact this seller? Sending a PM! Thanks for the tips! This car matches my criteria but the seats and rust in the engine bay tell me it's been sitting outside and unused for a long time. Might be something...
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    WTB: '95-'04 Toyota Avalon. $150 finder's fee.

    Update: The search is progressing but haven't finalized a sale yet. I am locking the thread for now for a "cool down" period. I'm still actively looking! If you find any leads MATCHING my specifications, then please PM me. Hey folks. I'm looking to buy an older model Toyota Avalon for a family...
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    Closed Thread

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    [FS] Surviving Mars Steam key

    Up we go
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    Asrock B450M PRO4 boot loop

    That'd be my first guess. What's the RAM make/model? He doesn't list it. These Ryzen boards can be picky with RAM.
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 2600x - $85 + S&H

    I see this deal and wish I was building a new system. Oh well...
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    Closed Thread

    Have you checked out a Latitude E6540 with Radeon dGPU? They often sell for $200 or below and can the LGA processor can be upgraded to a quad core. This E6540 is selling for $200 or Best Offer.
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    6700k wont go over 4.4Ghz?!

    That's just barely below normal. Most of the Skylake chips max out at 4.5GHz-4.6Ghz.
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    Building a new rig, looking for suggestions

    I think you're right. If budget allows, then the 3600 should be chosen over the 2600. However if the user is on a budget, the 2600 is by no means a bad choice. It's only 10% slower at 1080p on average, but a cost savings of $60.
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    Which of these motherboard should i buy?

    They are essentially the same motherboard, down to the number of internal I/O connectors and external ports. The B450 is just a newer revision. Spec Comparison Some would say the X370 has better/more VRMs, but looking at the photos the B450 has 7 VRMs, and the X370 only has 6. Both are from...
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    Building a new rig, looking for suggestions

    Yes, the 2700 is pretty much the same CPU as the 2600 except with 2 extra cores for $15 more with this deal and the promo code. How much of a bump are we talking though? It might be the better CPU but it's $60 more, if the performance bump is only 12-18% greater the 2600 is clearly the best...
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    HOT! Ryzen 7 2700 8 Core Processor $135 @ Newegg

    Says Blitz deal subscribers only. I don't know if that's paid or free to subscribe, but this is a hot deal. Normally sells for $180, but it's discounted to $150. If you use code EMCDEGD22 at checkout, you save an additional $15. Link...