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    Shadows of Mordor

    Make sure you are killing any orcs near the captains that "raise alarms" or call for help because there are certain ones that do just that.
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    DOTA 2. What to know?

    I would also advise sticking to bots for a bit.. the game has a high learning curve and people are quite douchy in pvp matchmaking. If you know someone that can show you the ropes or can play with someone new to the game as well that would be great. Learning dota early on by yourself is pretty...
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    FBI ‘Grappling’ With Hiring Policy About Smoking Weed

    How about you go in to your job on Tuesday and proudly proclaim to your boss and clients that anyone who smokes weed is a degenerate loser? ;)
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    UBISOFT Uplay Anniversary sale up to 75% off!

    I just purchased it through ubi and activated the pass on steam so hop on it. :D
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I'm sorry but if you are having trouble running torment 1 you are doing it wrong. Either your gear is shit because you just hit 70 or you suck / your build is trash. I was doing torment 1 rifts with relative ease 2 days after launch with a full set of yellow garbage and I barely knew how to...
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    Bad Opinion Generator

    I don't get how this is a bad opinion. All the obese fatties in this country would probably have a heart attack before they finished. “A man or woman unable to walk 10 miles at a stretch will be regarded as a weakling.” —Ladies’ Home Journal, “What May Happen in...
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    One Million Gamerscore Milestone Achieved

    Don't be dumb. Unlock that sniper!
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    FS: Xbox Currency and Xbox Digital Game Code

    (23) Charging fees for PayPal is not allowed, nor is requesting a "gift" payment for goods (which gives the buyer no protection). Both violate PayPal's TOS.
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    Titanfall - Respawn Entertainment's first game

    You made it farther than me. I played 4 matches before I uninstalled this garbage. lolol no recoil guns, everything dies in 3 seconds or less Everything else aside, the assload of AI running around doing NOTHING is the most pointless thing I have ever seen in a game.
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    Xbox live 12 months for $39.99 at BB

    Me and my friends have used crazygametime when the price is right. Never had any problems.
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    Sigh.. Swan M50W dead after 30 seconds

    Yeah I packed it up and I'm waiting on their customer service to get back to me so I can get this thing out of here. Has anyone here dealt with audioinsider? I'm trying to get a feel for them and right off the bat they are extremely slow to respond to my emails.
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    Sigh.. Swan M50W dead after 30 seconds

    My Swan unit came in a few days ago and I just got around to setting them up. About 25-30 seconds in to listening to a song the thing just cut out and died. It made a sound like someone ripped out the audio in cable. Now the control module is getting no light so I am guessing the amp or a fuse...
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    Why do you love games? Answer with a game.

    I love games because of Sonic, Super baseball 2020, Pokemon Blue, gauntlet, Shining Force 2, Chrono Trigger... The list goes on my god. I think I was 4 or 5 when my uncle came to live at my house for a while and he gave me and my brother this big box that contained like 30 nes games and the...
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    WoW; 4th expansion Mists of Pandaria

    Kael fight is a joke now... If your having trouble just kill the 3 of the adds in a corner behind kael and kill the fire Mage female at the entrance of the room. When they resurrect pop CDs and kill her first. If your a pally it's a joke you can just bubble through all the cc. Even a prof pally...
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    XBox One Owners' Thread (First Impressions, Thoughts, You Happy?)

    Poor people logic? Why would anyone that is not interested in the games currently out buy it right now... I actually preordered both and sold them once the launch titles were confirmed. IMO, easily the most dismal set of launch games I can remember. Now I don't know about you but I try to...
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    Sound Blaster ZX $105

    For me, this is what I need because the mech. keyboard I plan on getting has no media controls.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    I have maybe 35 hours in the game and I have had memory leaks(I think) happen twice. It starts by y game lagging hard until the point I can't play and when I would try to close it would hang. When I check task manager it shows 16/16 gb ram used and when I close the process my usage is still at...
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    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    I have always wanted to own a Seasonic product. I got to use a friends spare psu while I waited for an RMA. Was a solid psu.
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    Need for Speed: Rivals

    God, every time a new NFS comes out I remember all the good games they had in the series that ended with Most Wanted(05 version). It's a damn shame they have been driving this series into the ground ever since. And I've played most of them but I only rent them these days.
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    HOT! 3ds XL + zelda $150 @ target BF

    Normally I would but there is not much I can do with a $140 bestbuy gift card burning a hole in my pocket. And I know I can get Amazon gift cards at Bestbuy.. nothing else has really piqued my interest this holiday season. On a good note I just found this article. Hopefully they actually follow...
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    HOT! 3ds XL + zelda $150 @ target BF

    Woah, very hot deal! Just bought for 220 at Bestbuy with my xbox 360 trade in money :( Does anyone know if they'll price match the Target deal on the 28th? I bought this literally an hour ago :o
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    5% off video card at newegg

    haha F me. I just got a 280x today
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    Battlefield 4 Video Card Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    Very nice review! I have been waiting for someone to do something comprehensive like this and you guys hit the nail on the head. Definitely getting the 280X. Best price/performance card for 19x10. OT: Should I even wait for Black Friday / Cyber Monday to purchase my card?
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    How Many Xbox Consoles Will A .50 Cal Go Through?

    uhhh wtf was the 100,000 FPS looked like 30....
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    NewEgg Black November Sales

    I'm only interested in HDD's and those are not deals... Especially that 3TB Toshiba beware its a death trap
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    Battlefield 4 @ - $46.37 (REGION FREE!!)

    Got this a few hours ago! Still downloading haha. Great deal though, thanks.
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    [RUMOR] COD: Ghosts 720p on Xbox One; 1080p on PS4

    what is the fuss? cod ghosts is gonna look like ass on both systems :confused:
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    World of Warcraft Movie to Begin Filming

    I would not mind seeing a movie based around the first games lore.. It's got everything you need for a good movie except for the mandatory hollywood romance that finds its way into every movie ever made
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    12 Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay

    Aside from the way the dude jumps off zombies like trampolines it looks interesting enough. Just gonna have to wait until more is revealed about the game.
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    Xbox One Designed To Run Continuously For A Decade

    "They" have not said anything hence the rumor..
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    Activision/Blizzard splits from Vivendi

    Hahaah that gif is stupendous.
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    Western Digital 1TB My Book Essential Desktop $25 YMMV

    Nice!! On my way to pick 1 or 2 at my local office depot right now. Sunrise, fl.
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    Xbox One Scores High Number of Preorders

    Lol. This dumb little debate will always be subjective because the fact remains that when the cross-platform games drop they will be developed for the lowest common denominator which according to the reported specs will be the XB1. And the circus goes on.
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    Asus 7950 DC II (Literally) Caught Fire

    Wow, this guy is a douche and a half. The OP has had pretty level-headed attitude towards this whole situation and the treatment he's received. What kind of customer support is that :confused::confused::confused: I like to think that people who work in Customer Service need PEOPLE SKILLS...
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    Family Sharing Could Return to Xbox One

    Who in their right mind actually thinks it would be like that? It is most likely going to be a timed gameplay session just like valve is working on steam if the leaked coding is to be believed.
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    Xbox One launch title plays itself :)

    Yeah I was actually interested in this game until i found out what the gameplay was like......................... Its more like an interactive movie
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    How can i hook up this sub into my existing setup?

    I found myself some old audio gear my parents had hidden in a closet and I am wondering if I can get the sub connected and playing nice with my M-audio av40s. I know that connecting active monitors to an active sub can be problematic but I'm no expert so I'm turning to you guys for some...
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    Mario Kart = drugs

    Mario Kart is the bomb. Had a shit ton of fun on game cube back in the day. Nothing beats 4 man split screen mario kart lol
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    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition $6.79 - Director's Cut $3.39

    been looking for a good enough excuse to buy this even though itll sit in my library for months and months lol
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    PS4 Online Multiplayer to Require PS Plus Subscription So much for that caveat...