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    Why does Nvidia's Jensen Huang always wear a leather jacket?

    I still have my original Pepsi Leather jacket from that time period...wonder if he is trying to bring back mid 90's flavored Pepsi? (damn...I'm old)
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    How to trade without PayPal? Is it possible?

    Grab a Google voice number and have that be your primary contact for PayPal. That way if you need to change your mobile number again your PayPal contact info will not change.
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    SOLD --- Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

    Wow that's a fantastic price! I have a DJI Spark With 4 bat, extra props and the 3way charger if still looking to trade+ cash (from me)
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    Quieter fans or different case?

    Quick and cheap solution is to find a Rheobus and wire up all the fans to that. Then adjust the fan speed to a more tolerable noise level. I still use one that's almost 20years old.
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    Ebay charges tax?

    How does that work? As a buyer I would assume to pay for the tax liability of the item. As a seller why would one be taxed for selling the item at the time of the sale. Seems a bit...potato.
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    Ebay charges tax?

    eBay will only tax the buyer of the item. However, it seems that eBay in a large amount of auctions will "incorrectly" collect the correct amount of tax for that purchase. Every time I buy from eBay they charge double the correct tax rate...first world problems.
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    2 bitcoins a week

    2 BTC a week, wow. If one had the funds to purchase the hardware to mine 2 btc a week....with the cost of power involved; then why not buy the dip? Seriously. Why. Not. Buy. The. Dip. Is there more cash to be made from mining vs trading at this point? One still needs to pay tax on mining...
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    Is it worth flipping the switch back on?

    NH is giving me about $5 per day on my 1080ti. I keep my desktop on all the time to use for short periods of time. With NH running in the background there is no noticeable performance loss. It's not much, but it does pay for the power and add a little BTC to the wallet. I had the idea of buying...
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    Origin is selling a retro-inspired beige box PC

    Not Retro enough....early 90's vs early 80's is worlds different...and more aesthetically pleasing.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 for $26.69

    FWIW this will tie you into one more game loader, there is no steam key provided.
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    (SOLVED) I can not display the bios. Windows 10 works fine.

    If you have a gfx card, can you yank it out and try the onboard video? Also it seems that some manufacturers have gotten into the habit of placing "stickers" over ports that otherwise would be of use in situations like this. See if perhaps an oldschool VGA/DVI port that has a sticker over it...
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    (SOLVED) I can not display the bios. Windows 10 works fine.

    Sounds like windows 10 fast boot is turned on, disable that in the OS and see if you see a bios / uefi prompt. Alternatively, if you have win 10 boot media available you should be able to access the bios from there via recovery options.
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    20yrs of [H]

    Grats on the 20, 2 months away for me for that same milestone.
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    PC Audio NewQ Gold 5.25 Bay Equalizer

    LGR did a (retro)review on one not too long ago.
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    Black cloth tape inside laptop

    The one thing one learns about OEM laptops is that the thermal goop applied during assembly is a bit aggressive. So before LTT; it was my bane/privilege to "fix" this for our users. 80% of the time for "weird" errors / thermal throttling and this was the fix.
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    Black cloth tape inside laptop

    Wat is going on here? is this for real? Just reapply some good thermal paste and call it a day. Mobile chips are DESIGNED for hot loads. (phrasing)
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    DJI S1000 Drone

    Wow, thats nice!
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    WTB: GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Water Block

    Not sure if it would work, but I have a EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Strix waterblock and backplate available.
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    Trying to say goodbye to Windows 7 and 10, Just need Windows Media Player in Mint or Ubuntu!

    Maybe give plex a try? Plex server was able to scan all my media and serve it up to all my local plex clients.
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    Free: Two non functioning GeForce GTX 1080 Founders

    I'm up for a project, if I get one i'll try to res it.
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    Ryzen 9 3900x the undervolting champ?

    FWIW the Ryzen 9 3900 pro (not X) is a 65tdp chip. Same tdp as the 3700x. Only down side to this is that it is unpossible to obtain a 3900pro.
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    Laptop - Refurb - OVERPOWERED OP-LP2 15.6" i7-8750H, GeForce GTX 1060 ( $580)

    Ryzen 4 apparently has/will have 18rs of battery life.
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    Windows XP to a scientific instrument in a VM?

    One question to ask is how easy this would be for someone other than you to manage? If you were to suddenly be promoted, could your replacement / department understand what the process is? That being said...would it make more sense to use an off cycle refresh desktop; slap XP on it and continue...
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    I took a picture 2020

    It's been a bit, I once again picked up the hammer time to start the journey.
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    Ryzen 9 3900x the undervolting champ?

    Wonder what the mobo is under that chip? For longevity, is it a x570? FWIW I'm in the market of upgrading my 1700x to either a 3700x or 3900x on a x370 taichi mobo. It amazes me that I am able to simply plop in a 3rd gen chip on this mobo and keep the system running an additional 4-5 years. 65...
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    Storage server case with good HDD capacity + center of gravity

    This one? 12 sata hot swap bays, got mine for under 100 a while ago. Good server case...with modifications. Tossed the old crappy 12cm fans, added my own and an external rheobus fan controller (remember those?) after the mods the case runs cool and at a quiet DB level.
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    Powerline Network Question

    Short answer: yes you probably can in general mix ethernet-over-powerline adapters, in theory: You can mix and match Powerline adaptors running at different speeds and from different manufacturers – as long as they all support at least HomePlug AV FWIW I recently (As in the last week) went...
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    Apple TV 4K vs Amazon 4K Fire Stick and Netflix

    And...? Perhaps it's a bad cable, perhaps the wired network is misconfigured; one could do a speed test on the ATV to verify connection speed...Just throwing out troubleshooting tactics.
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    Apple TV 4K vs Amazon 4K Fire Stick and Netflix

    Is the ATV wired? I'm assuming the FireTV is wifi, so if both are wifi perhaps move the ATV for better reception.
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    Mesh wifi that supports more than one guest network?

    Maybe grab a unifi cloud key for the controller and as a way to manage it off-site.
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    Old decrepit Compaq laptop "optimization"

    So just throwing this out there...but depending on the place you decide to go there might be a computational device included in tuition...Just saying.
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    Student Fried $58,000-Worth of College Computers Using 'USB Killer' Device

    It's almost a preview of what lies within... come on in, we have hotdogs.
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    Student Fried $58,000-Worth of College Computers Using 'USB Killer' Device

    Something about a brother, something about a receipt, adventures in sextron land, hut thread, piitb, buzzer, a blind someone trying to get a masters with a felony drug trafficking record....the list goes on.
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    Student Fried $58,000-Worth of College Computers Using 'USB Killer' Device

    You're missing out on some great stuff. Pay the minimal fee, and create a "i'm new here thread," in genmay. You won't be disappointed.
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    2070 stuttering

    Buckets to 11?
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    YouTube TV and Hulu Are Outperforming the Competition

    psvue user here. Looked into Hulu and could not stand the UI, youtube tv also doesn't have the line up psvue has. psvue cloud dvr is fantastic, the UI is seamless and there have been no streaming issues on my end at all. Surprised the article did not compare the sony offering rather then...
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    Terabyte-Using Cable Customers Double, Increasing Risk of Data Cap Fees

    So...that link is for commercial / business use. And FWIW 210/mo is still cheaper than similar comcast business offering. This is the residential link, 69.99 for 1gig up and down.
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    Terabyte-Using Cable Customers Double, Increasing Risk of Data Cap Fees

    Just waiting on Erie, Co to follow suit. We recently voted on moving forward with muni broadband. Wonder on how long it will take. Today I upgraded to 50$/mo no data cap...FML last 8 months were right on the edge of 1tb last 3 months were over.