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    750GB samsung $108+ship

    These drives aren't slow by any means. I believe mine tested at 85-90mb/s via HDtune.
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    Apology to calling the Comcast bandwidth violators, pirates

    :confused: That's like telling someone their web site will handle a 1000 person load fine, when in actuality their programming creates 12 MySQL connections with each page load, thus taking the server to it's knees after a whopping 83 "connections." Considering you have DSLAMs I'm going to...
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    IP release and Internet

    It is done on the computer, and Mister Natural covered the process to a T. Try it, see what happens.
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    IP release and Internet

    169 is an APIPA address, as you already know. Reinstall the TCP stack and see what happens, make sure that it can ping the router, etc.
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    Apology to calling the Comcast bandwidth violators, pirates

    Yep. And then you'll be forced to find alternatives, which, in this federal-monopoly country, are few and far between unless you're in a major city.
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    Apology to calling the Comcast bandwidth violators, pirates

    You also sign their contract which clearly states that they can disconnect and cancel you at anytime, for any reason.
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    What helpdesk software do you use?

    Not a very descriptive post, what's your budget, open source, etc. I'll throw out the generic "Spiceworks" which is a neat tool.
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    750GB samsung $108+ship

    We've got a thread about the same drive albeit a different vendor and price point, look there for reviews. I love mine thus far.
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    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 750GB & 1TB SATA (32MB Buffer) HDD @ ZipZoomFly ~ $110 & $185

    There are local shops that sell Sata 2.0 cables.
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    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 750GB & 1TB SATA (32MB Buffer) HDD @ ZipZoomFly ~ $110 & $185

    Damn, I already ordered and installed one - that runs flawlessly. This is so tempting. But I quickly realized how far away I am from filling up one 750g (684 or so NTFS formatted). I think that I'm down to around 500g with everything I wanted to copy over, copied. It's insane.
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    EVGA B Stock - Video Cards & Motherboards for cheap! 8800 GTX for $299.00

    With as many times as I've RMA'd EVGA/79xx cards, I don't see this as a good idea at all.
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    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 750GB & 1TB SATA (32MB Buffer) HDD @ ZipZoomFly ~ $110 & $185

    I'm about to grab two tomorrow. Ugh, I need to save money. ZZF does some wacky price changes though. For instance, if you add these drives to your wishlist, they show up as $124.99. There was some deal the other day with an XFX card, it was listed as $199 and a rebate around 4AM. Low and...
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    Crysis, how to get Koreans to speak Korean in any difficultity.

    Please ixnay on the 2006 memes.
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    Old guild looking for new players.

    I joined the Something Awful forums because they're a huge/huge/massive gaming guild/community. Unfortunately that hasn't happened here yet.
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    Crysis: 30-50fps HIGH config Looks Fab!

    I'm guessing by base he means the root folder. And you need to make an autoexec.cfg text file, not a folder, and paste the text into it.
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    Crysis: very VERY Steep System Requirements

    Crysis has the most intro movies I've ever seen, ugh. I'm so sick of EA games and their intro movies/ads/ads/ads/ads/ads/ads.
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    Mod to Translate Spanish WoW

    Haha, I remember when UO created a "Translation" server/app and built it in.
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    TF2 working fine for weeks until now...

    Good lord, don't use AIM.
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    Cant Afford CoD4? Dont have a rig good enuf for CoD4?

    This is THE MOST AGGREVATING game I have ever played. Seriously. I don't know if its this map, or what, but I've died probably 30 times so far, and.. I've seen 3 enemies. Yes, 3. I *im sneaking, im sneaking, im.. 1 shot dead.* I swear everyone on the other team has aimbots or something. I...
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    UT3 server and playin game on same system, slow?

    Well, yeah, logically.
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    Cant Afford CoD4? Dont have a rig good enuf for CoD4?

    I just downloaded it, will post my opinions
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    Gaming with comcast higher speeds

    Wait until Verizon converts from BPON to GPON. That will be incredible, finally. "GPON can deliver a total pool of 2.4 Gbps down and 1.2Gbps up for the 32 households. Right now Verizon is testing that in Pennsylvania, seeing peak rates of 400Mbps down and sustained rates of 200Mbps. 200Mbps."...
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    Gaming with comcast higher speeds

    76% of statistics are made up on the spot; regardless, you were close. :) Rural America has been and continues to be a vital part of the Nation. Today, rural America comprises 2,288 counties . It contains 83 % of the Nation's land and is home to 21 percent (51 million) of its people. Stop...
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    Looking for some "social" MP games

    I think the teamwork in BF2/142 pubbied is atrocious.
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    Gaming with comcast higher speeds

    Right, I was lying. And 6/x is crap. But I also don't live in the boonies, and never would, so I'm really not sympathetic. I had 15/2 FIOS 2 1/2 years ago.
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    Post pictures of your Hellgate: London Characters.

    That has to be one of the goofiest looking characters ever
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    Gaming with comcast higher speeds

    Yes, they recently began offering symmetrical fx connections. Major cities only though so far, I think 3 total.
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    Looking for some "social" MP games

    I'm quite shocked by TF2 players, I was expecting the VOIP to be a cesspool like CSS, but honestly it's great. I cant recall any times where some moron got on and spammed or anything like that.
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    BF2 using ALL 2GB of RAM

    I'd reinstall it. I've never had BF2/2142 use over, I believe around 1.2g.
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    Gaming with comcast higher speeds

    What you ultimately want is low latency in gaming. To achieve this you're best off finding servers that are hosted at NOCs that directly peer with your service provider. This will provide the least number of hops. Laymens terms example; I have 20/20 FIOS, but my data center where several...
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    Recommend me an MMO

    WOW ruined MMOs, imo. We went from Kesmai, Realm, Everquest, UO, to WOW, WOWclone1, WOWclone2, WOWclone3.
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    Join goonswarm and bring the pain
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    World of Evecraft

    Don't goto 0.0 without being in a worthwhile corp who has an 0.0 presence. I'm new, I pretty much run from every fight (i have like 1.3mill sps) but my corp provides free frigates, etc, so it's not a big deal. Plus we and our allies control a large section of space, if any reds come in, 1...
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    World of Evecraft

    Eve is all about your Alliance/Corporation. Mine is a blast.
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    Tabula Rasa

    Of course it's pay-to-play, it's a "major" mmorpg.
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    Extreme dissapointment with Activision and I

    65 people on a forum is a HUGE amount to have the same exact problem.
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    Settlers 6

    I didn't even know this was out until I was looking around today. How is it?
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    TF2 Happy with it and Servers?

    I love TF2. It's fun as hell to play, anytime I'm pissy I play. I love spying.