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    Ryzen 5800x VCore goes up but temperature goes down?

    Hello all, I've been building a new workstation using a Ryzen 5800x. Current PC is a i7 3770K so I'm quite of the loop. Basic specs are 1. Ryzen 5800x 2. MSI Mag Tomahawk X570 3. GSkill DDR 3200 Mhz RAM (32 GB) 4. Noctua NH-D15 cooler with Arctic Silver 5 paste 5. Seasonic 1000w PSU In the...
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    You've been an independent source for years and from what I've understood you've even been to court to maintain the right to speak objectively about products. A couple weeks plus or minus isn't going to kill the platform. I can understand an NDA that would give all reviewers an equal chance to...
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    Ugly GPUs

    I guess all my budget minded purchases have prevented me from owning any of these atrocities. Thanks for showing all these off guys, I had a good laugh.
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    Core i3-8100T vs Core i3-8100

    Thank you for the explanation, that is exactly what I was wanting to know.
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    Core i3-8100T vs Core i3-8100

    I'm trying to understand the difference between two intel parts BX80684I38100 - CM8068403377415 - Now one of these parts is...
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    Ryzen AM4 mobo's with only HDMI 1.4 are stupid

    Can you not run 4k @ 60 Hz on Display port?
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    So my psu or mobo have a defect?

    My observation was with auto restart off and anti-surge on, the anti surge takes priority. Basically it so badly wants to show you that message it powers the PC back on just to show the message. No other reason.
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    So my psu or mobo have a defect?

    I have an ASUS motherboard that displays this message as well. This happens every time I unplug the power supply from the wall, not exactly an uncommon thing. I have no idea what this feature was meant to do, but its just a pain in the ass. You can go into the BIOS and disable it.
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    4k monitor and video card for office work and light gaming

    Yeah I'm looking for one monitor to replace my current triple setup. Obviously it'll be different but I feel it will be more usable overall.
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    4k monitor and video card for office work and light gaming

    Right now I have 3x ASUS VE247s on my desk. It was a nice setup when I bought it but If I can get nearly the same resolution on a single screen that would be pretty awesome. What monitor do I want to buy for office work and light gaming? I'd like to wind up with something at least 28 inch. I...
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    Core Voltage variations

    Unfortunately you may be right. For some reason the core voltage jumped to 1.3 volts! Then the machine went nuts, processes were dying, etc. After some fiddling in the BIOS I realized I can manually adjust the core voltage and multiplier. I set the core voltage to 0.85 volts and the multiplier...
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    Core Voltage variations

    I have a core i7 860 that sits in my garage. The garage gets hot this time of year. I noticed CPU temps were getting above 50 C for the better part of the day. I realized the cores were spending all day at 2.8 ghz. So I enabled Intel Speedstep in the BIOS. Now they sit at 1.2 ghz for most of...
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    asus p7p55dle MemOk light

    After more investigation, it appears the power supply just decided to give up the ghost. The reason why it wouldn't boot when I hooked up the junk PSU is because of those damned memory slots. Apparently you just have to push as hard as humanly possible to get the memory sticks to seat correctly...
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    asus p7p55dle MemOk light

    Just dug up a power supply from my junk box. I plugged it into just the motherboard and when I plug the machine in it I still get the red MemOK light. However, pressing the power button now causes the machine to try and start up, but I can't get it to POST.
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    asus p7p55dle MemOk light

    Today I moved my Asus P7p55dLE into a new case. I was hoping for an uneventful move. When I got everything moved over, and I mean everything, no new hardware just a new case the MemOK light came on and the machine does not attempt to power up. I can hold the down the MemOK button forever...
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    Antec is my favorite case and power supply source because they high quality products that look good and have just the functionality needed, no extra frills to deal with.
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    WD 200 GB 7200 RPM SATA drive

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    Fujiplus 17 inch LCD Anyone have any thoughts about that LCD? It claims 12 ms response time which is alot lower than the 16 ms I see other LCD's tossing around . $175 seems to be a good price as well. Anyone know/think it will be suitable for gaming?
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    Anyone have BF2 yet???

    best buy and ebgames told me they'd have it on the 22nd, game stop told me they'd have it between 11 AM and 1 PM on the 21st. Guess who got my money?
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    Offical Half Life 2 "I'm stuck help me!" thread

    I've determined thats where I must go, I figured out how to bypass all the laser fields except for the last one :confused:
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    Offical Half Life 2 "I'm stuck help me!" thread

    I'm in "Follow Freeman" - I'm trying to destroy the 3rd generator in the big building with the "suppresion device" on top of it. I can see the door(it is a hallway with two busts on pedestals in it) but it is blocked by a force field. I got the first two no problem but now I'm stuck.
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    Stuck in HL2

    I'm trying to destroy the 3rd generator in the big building with the "suppresion device" on top of it. I can see the door(it is a hallway with two busts on pedestals in it) but it is blocked by a force field. I got the first two no problem but now I'm stuck.
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    Half life 2 -> Load Game kicks me back to desktop

    I thought it might having something to do with 5 mb of free space only on that partition, but apparently not. Any other ideas?
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    Half life 2 -> Load Game kicks me back to desktop

    I quit playing Half life 2 when I encountered an error last night, and now whenever I try and load a game I get the windows error sound but no error message and get kicked to the desktop. Anyone else have this problem? Steam seems to be working fine.
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    Story behind Ravenholm? - Spoilers

    Is there a story behind ravenholm, it sure looks like an eerie place. Was it in the original game, because I never played it. I'm guessing those things which jump and latch onto ppls heads are some of the aliens which came through the portal? It'd be nice if I could get filled in...
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    Angry about Steam and not getting what you paid for?

    nope, Didnt bitch about CDs. Liked the idea. I'm currently bitching about not enough dvd games being out. In response to your 1 reason, it makes no sense. We are all bitching about Half life 2 not being Warez-able, therefore we went out and bought it?
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    HL2 Problem - Cannot find hl2.ico1 in hl24.CAB on disc4

    wow, that's great. This game is a piece of shit, and the shitheads at EB Games wouldnt let me return it. At least maybe they game will be good. Yeah, I'm sure that will happen. Consider the 64 miles of travel total, at 16 mpg, thats 4 * 1.85 = $7.40 extra!
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    HL2 Problem - Cannot find hl2.ico1 in hl24.CAB on disc4

    Ok folks, I have this problem. I'm not really asking for a fix since it isnt coming no matter what I do. is on Disc 4 and the installer looks for hl2.ico1 in it, which does not exist because I checked the cabinet file myself. Apparently even if I could get the piece of shit to install I...
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    WD 200 GB 7200 RPM SATA drive

    hmm, in that case contact me at hydrogen18 {{{#%^@$#-----AT---$^@^$#$^#}{][] i'm interested in buying it.
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    WD 200 GB 7200 RPM SATA drive Any problems, known defects or flaws, or bad experiences with that drive? I'm not after some super fast drive, just more storage on par with my existing 100 GB WD 7200 rpm PATA converted to SATA.
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    Abit ic7-g NB fansink dying

    Well even though my abit ic7-g has only about 5500 hours on it the northbridge fan is about to crap out. What should I replace it with? I'm not doing any hardcore OC stuff. Are the holes the same as the ones for ATI radeon cards, i.e. I can use a crystal orb or something like that? Thanks.
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    POLL: LCD or CRT for DOOM 3

    you bought a gateway :eek: ?
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    holy moley! don't ask how i got it...but i got it!

    oh hell yes, I need a copy of that shit too, I will go dig out my nintendo 64 and h4}{><0r it into my pc so I can play that.
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    How do I find a lost game key in the registry

    it may not be in the registry, try looking around in the games directory. if you find the file which seems to be a key(does not matter if it is encrypted)just use a keygen to install(save the original file), then overwrite the new file with the old(legal) one.
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    OMG half-life 2, 6 cd's.... lolers

    agreed, as long as you are not dumb enough to forget about that "F-Lock" key. I have rebuilt mine twice now and it is running fine. They have smaller keys suited to nimble small fingers. Perhaps one day they will be as treasured as those "buckling spring" ones.
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    First Person Shooter - best recent?

    I've played Halo on a friends xbox, and I must say I enjoyed the co op play. But pc gaming isnt about getting together with friends and all playing together, its about hardcore single player(or sometimes not so hardcore....) or going online and playing with someone two continents away. I like...
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    First Person Shooter - best recent?

    Played the farcry demo, awesome sums it up. I had to drop my resolution back to 640x480x32(could do 8x6 i think)but other than that it runs fine. Could do with more ram than my 256mb though.I will probaly buy farcry. I liked ut2k3 but the multiplayer seems to get old. I think bf-vietnam would...
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    First Person Shooter - best recent?

    I dont want CS. never had it, dont need it as I see it. As I said, I have Call of Duty and yes it rocks. Downloading farcry demo tonight, ut2004 has html bugs that wont let me dl the demo. And it doesnt look like bf-nam has a demo. Will probaly just ebay it tommorow, I know it is good...
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    First Person Shooter - best recent?

    will probaly get vietnam, I loved the demos for bf1942 it was awesome but I was a cheapskate will check out far cry and ut2k4. thanks.
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    First Person Shooter - best recent?

    I've been a bit off the gaming scene for a while now(I play call of duty and NFSU) and I'm wodnering what the best recent first person shooter out is. I never really got into the whole bf1942 craze. Although I played both demos. Can I just buy bf1942 original and the vietnam expansion? Other...