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    Best TV Tuner?

    Hello! I need to record video from my old analog video camcorder through RCA cables. Audio isnt as much of an issue. I was wondering if I can do this with just a regular TV tuner card. I was looking at this: Any thoughts or...
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    Best drivers for 7950GX2

    My friend was using a 7800gtx so I let him use my retired 7950GX2. Hes running Vista 32bit and is looking for drivers for it. Hes tried the latest ones on Nvidias website and they just give him a black screen once he logs in on Windows. Anyone still use one of these cards and have a driver...
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    WotLK has been out for awhile now. What's the verdict, WoWers?

    I got Wotlk at launch and startd leveling my, at the time, main. After 2-3 levels I decided that I would give my Death Knight a try. The questing from 55-58 on my Dk was some of the funnest questing and overall plot developing that I have done on WoW. Being eveil for a change was extremely...
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    One more time, STEAM suxorz

    The only problem I have ever had was after I update Steam, it acts as if I have never logged in before. I just have to re log and everything is fine.
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    100 New FEAR 2 PC Screenies

    I loved the first one but these screenshots made me lose all enthusiasm I had for this... Back to Fallout for me!
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    I have a jail broken Iphone 3g. It recently started to accrue dust under the screen to the point of it being extremely annoying. I want to take it back and have it replaced but I want it to look like I didn't jailbreak it. I was just going to restore it in Itunes, but I didn't know if that would...
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    Bethesda needs to fire its programers.

    Whats with everyone knocking Bethesda? Its a serious case of nerd-rage as Fallout 3 didnt turn out like THEY wanted it to. As far as bugs go, I have never had any problems. Both in Oblivion and Fallout 3. Yesterday I installed Fallout 3, played it for 4 hours non-stop, and had no issues...
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    WoW 3.0, thoughts/comments?

    I love that my Rogue can finally use Daggers again. Im having a lot of fun not having to run around in circles using mutilate.
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    Do you remember your first graphics card?

    5200 Ultra--9600- 9800XT- 6800GT- 7800 OC- 8800GT- 8800gt SLI
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    I want one..
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    Phenom board with SLI?

    I will definately go with that quadcore. Any reccomendations on any other motherboards? Anyone on a quad Phenom system that can share their experience?
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    Phenom board with SLI?

    Price is a major consideration and the 9600 BE quad seemed like an easy way to get into a quadcore.
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    Phenom board with SLI?

    looking to to to 9600 quad with 4 gigsof ram From my rig in my signature.
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    Phenom board with SLI?

    I haven't seen many reviews of AM2 + boards with SLI. I am looking to upgrade to AMD quad core and take my 2x 8800gt's with me. Any suggestions or advice?
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    WoW: Job Market for Mages Even Worse Than Real World Job Market

    This thread is an extremely good example of both extremes of WOW players. Some consider the game a job and lock themselves mentally into a train of thought that doesn't allow exceptions or mediocre gear. Some people just want to have fun and enjoy the company they are with. I love these...
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    WTB: First Gen. Iphone

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    WTB: First Gen. Iphone

    I have a grandfathered in unlimited voice plan that I dont want to mess with. Those 3gs are looking appetizing though. You would think that the first gen iphones would be cheaper now that the 3g ones came out....
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    WTB: First Gen. Iphone

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    WTB: First Gen. Iphone

    Looking for a first gen. iphone in good condition. I use ATT so thats not an issue.
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    Looking for a buddy key for AOC please.

    I would love to try this game out as WOW is getting a little old. I would really appreaciate a buddy key if anyone can spare one.
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    WTB: PSP LCD or Bricked PSP

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    What are you playing today? THREAD

    FF7, Lumines, Syphon Filter on PSP. TF2, WOW on my PC.
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    WTB: PSP LCD or Bricked PSP

    The LCD on one of my PSP's has cracked and I am looking for a replacement. Wondering if anyone could help me out.
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    World of Warcraft Screenshots here!

    Endgame becomes more of a job than a pastime...
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    Hilarious True my gaming has affected my everyday life.....

    Its so hard trying to explain things like that to other people. People still look at me when I say they get owned..
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    WTB: 4gb. Memory Stick Pro Duo

    I need a bigger MS for my PSP! Looking for something bigger than 2gigs.
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    Gear of War for PC question

    Just make an account through the in-Live registration thingy. It makes you a silver account that you can use. Or use your same Xbox 360 account.
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    Best RPG ever??

    Chrono Trigger FTW!
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    Why is the COD4 community so lame?

    This reminds me of WOW... I HATE the Forums.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

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    Need some gamepad recommendations

    I agree on the Nostromo Products. I've used the n50 for a year up until the n52 came out and now I use that. I love those things.
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    Chinese teen WoW player lights friend on fire in real life.

    Obviously the kids friend forgot to stun lock him. They should nerf that water bottle.
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    Weird Bug with latest Forcewares

    I recently did clean installs of both the 169.25s and the .28s. Both set all profiles to a Nvidia recommended setting of Single GPU. I dont get it. Before some of the profiles had pre-defined settings or w/e from Nvidia. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Awful WoW performance

    I am having the same problem in Org. as well. With my system in sig I used to get 60 all the time. Now I go into a populated city and I get framerate dips.
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    Crysis Benchmarks: Performance is Remarkable

    One thing I get upset about with Crysis is when people start throwing tantrums when the FPS averages at 30. I think the game is absolutely playable and fluid at 30 fps. I dont know if my SLI is broken with my 8800GT's but at 1680X1050 on medium/high I get around 25-35 fps. Kinda frustrating. I...
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    Halo 1 PC poor performance

    Make sure you set the frame rate limiter to something other than 30 fps. The game plays horrible on that setting.
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    BFG 8800GT OC at BestBuy

    I bought a 8800GTS the day before the 8800GT came out. I checked to see if the store in my area had the card. Then I called. They had two. I took my 8800GTS back to Circuit City and bought a 8800GT at Bestbuy the same day. I called Best Buy the next day and picked up the other one...
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    So who LOVES their 8800GT? Sound off!

    I got two BGF OC editions are these things are awesome. Only Crysis brings them to their knees sadly...
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    Gonna go SLI!

    Gotta love Bestbuy! These things are awesome, and my powersupply had no problems. I am looking forward to Crysis!
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    weird hard drive problem

    I booted my computer, it posted, continue to where it would start loading Windows and then gave me an error. it said Disk reading error press crtl alt del to restart.