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    Fallout 4 Trailer Frame by Frame

    LOL. That's what mods are for. Just wait for NMC, Vurt, and Millenia (if he comes back) do their thing, and they'll have shit looking like it was produced by Crytek.
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    Fallout 4 Trailer Frame by Frame

    You do realize FO:NV was developed by Obsidian (but QA'd by Bethesda if that wasn't obvious), a group composed of a good chunk of the original developers for the first three fallout games. FO:NV was a good game tied to a bad system with too tight of a deadline. Pillars of Eternity was a...
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    Windows 10 Is A Free Upgrade For All 7 And 8.1 Users

    That information was already posted. The people in this thread complaining about Microsoft are more fond of FUD and paranoia than facts and critical thinking. Seriously, Microsoft isn't going to license Windows through a subscription service. They just wouldn't make any money from it. Stop...
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    The Crew Performance Video Card Review @ [H]

    Can you remove the 60FPS through the INI or something?
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    Looking into new PSU suggestions (replacing Corsair VX550)

    TechPowerUP always includes their dBA chart, and HardOCP also give audio impressions from time to time. You can look at SilentPCReview. They do the best "silence" reviews of anybody, and that extends into their PSU reviews too. Pretty much SeaSonic X and Platinum series are quiet and even...
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    Looking into new PSU suggestions (replacing Corsair VX550)

    You should probably use PCPartPicker CA. Great site for the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. I'll also like to recommend the XFX PSU. Jonny gave it some good marks. The Antec High Current Gamer Pro is just a rebranded Seasonic S12 II, so it is a little outdated. It cheap, but it'll...
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    Why people don't care about Wide Gamut?

    You should only buy a wide gamut, specifically Adobe RGB gamut, monitor if you're planning on doing professional or prosumer printing. Otherwise, a wide gamut monitor would not provide any benefit. And, yes, to the person upthread, there are "standard gamut" 10-bit panels.
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    PNY GeForce GTX 760 XLR8 OC Video Card Review @ [H]

    I'm pretty sure the R9 280 (HD7950 rebrand) is older than the GTX 760 (GTX 670 rebrand). Also, raw performance goes to the R9 280. The GTX 760 being reviewed was factory overclocked (pretty high for a factory OC, too), and the old R9 280 still traded blows with it. Both the R9 280 and GTX 760...
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    Hackers Attack Nuclear Regulatory Commission 3 Times In 3 Years

    Is that all you got? That ain't too bad.
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    Why people don't care about Wide Gamut?

    I just want to point out that color depth is different from wide gamut/Adobe RGB. A couple people have gone around conflating the two. You most assuredly want a high bit-depth display; a decent panel with a 10-bit depth will (hopefully) reduce banding to nothing. I think it will be very cool...
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    Dreams came true. Curved 21:9 3440 x 1440

    AdaptiveSync is the optional extension of the DisplayPort standard, and FreeSync is a proprietary extension of that extension that lets AMD copy some of G-Sync features. FreeSync capable monitors aren't due to be out until at least 2015 Q1. So no, it does not.
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    Watch Dogs Performance and Image Quality Review @ [H]

    Just a question, but how does TXAA look in motion? I heard some claims that it's better in actual gameplay and gives a cinematic look to games with it enabled.
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    Russia Bans Anonymous Wi-Fi Use

    I'm probably a bigger pro-Government/pro-America guy than most people on tech sites, but even I wouldn't blame Snowden for moving to Russia. Other than China which looks even more oppressive, Russia is just about the only country one can go to to avoid the American authorities in such a high...
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    Dear Piracy Apologists: Downloading Unreleased Films Is Not Cool

    Well, the difference is that "pirating" and stealing are two completely different crimes. Most important distinction is that people who "pirate" aren't actually depriving someone of their things; pirates just illegally copy data. Furthermore, you aren't depriving someone of something essential.
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    Russia Is Offering Big Bucks to De-Anonymize Tor

    Hopefully no one believed that. Putin only allowed Snowden in because he thought Snowden would give him juicy secrets. Putin was kind of right, but he was still wrong. Putin wanted that, and he knew it would piss off Barack Obama. Russia somehow manages to be a worse first world country than...
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    John Romero: PC Is Decimating Console, Just Through Price

    Yup. It's not like John Romero created one of the most popular of video games. Or gave a man the chance to create one of the most lauded games in video game history. Nope. He is just a dumb idiot who created one bad game. It is really a shame that Daikatana basically killed his career. It was...
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    Did EVGA Steal The Rivatuner RTSS Design?

    Maybe people who are defending EVGA should actually read the Guru3D article originally posted? Unwinder does elaborate on the license agreement. And, hell, Unwinder will not take any legal action. He's just upset that EVGA lied and stole his code. Shit, he was going to give them the 64bit...
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    Photoshopping Adult Porn Nets Man 10-Year Sentence

    SCOTUS has dealt with this issue multiple times. It is considered a gray area. Sometimes cartoon depictions is treated like a crime, sometimes not. The US Government does not like it but is having a hard time drawing a line. There does seem to be a major overlap between those who just collect...
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    Photoshopping Adult Porn Nets Man 10-Year Sentence

    You guys are aware that showing pornography to a child is in itself a crime, right? Like, the photoshop is not the only offense he committed. Also, I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that telling her that he plans on fucking her also constitutes abuse. What I am saying is that ol' dude...
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    FedEx Indicted For Shipping Drugs For Illegal Pharmacies

    Only $50mil? Shit, if that's all, why even bother throwing them in jail? Threaten to remove their Corporation status, or whatever, or take away some of their tax breaks, then you'd be talking. Anyway, why would a major corporation even need to partake in the drug trade? Aren't they fucking...
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    Digital Currency Whose Value Is Based on Your Reputation

    It's like that Luke Crane game except without the implicit acknowledgement that this is a horrifying idea to implement in real life or the science fiction elements that made the idea of a reputation based currency fun in the first place.
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    XFX R9 290X Double Dissipation Edition CrossFire Review @ [H]

    Now, that was what I was about to ask. I was having a discussion about this with some other folks, and now that I am looking at some of these graphs, I can see that 3GB isn't enough for these higher resolutions. At first I just thought the R9 290(X) had better multi-GPU scaling, but the way that...
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    Who Makes The Best Hard Drives?

    Funnily enough, outside of high vibration environments and RAID, Seagate's consumer grade drives are pretty reliable. Well, their Green drives and LP drives still suck ass. Remember people, this data is only relevant if you're expecting your harddrives to exist in a similar environment to...
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    HDD vs. SSD Real World Gaming Performance @ [H]

    I thought the point of SSDs were to improve system responsiveness not increase game performance. I didn't know such a myth existed. Anyway, maybe you'd see a performance increase if you'd throw in a games that more frequently pulled data from the harddrive rather than dump it in your RAM and...
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    Inside Microsoft's Cybercrime Center

    Microsoft Security Essentials was alright until they essentially abandoned it.
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    Internet Addiction: A Real Problem In America?

    It does seem like a problem (like I have room to talk), but it doesn't seem like a $1400/day problem to me.
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    Is the 290X the only worthy upgrade from a GTX 580 3GB card

    The 580 is roughly equivalent to a 7870 according to AnandTech's benchmark. You could see some pretty large increases in performance just by grabbing a 770/7970GE/R9-280X. Getting a 780, or possibly R9-290(X) when that comes out, will offer a massive performance boost. At 1440p, a 780 can...