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    Uber, Honda Hit With Safety Lawsuit By Woman Paralyzed In Dallas Crash

    I definitely would. Sorry but I would rather be dead then be a burden.
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    Battlefield 1 - Low FPS with newer CPU

    Probably an issue with the VRM on your motherboard. Although it is a 6+2 phase it seems like that people who are overclocking there FX series say to only use 8+2. Safe to say your best bet is a new motherboard...
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    Chart That Tells You When Your Job Will Be Done By A Robot

    I'm a Electrician's Apprentice, I agree. No robot could ever replace us. (well, maybe me) ;)
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    Google Exploring Fiber for Chicago and Los Angeles
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    Counterfeit LG Monitor or price mistake?

    what's the point exactly?
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    Counterfeit LG Monitor or price mistake?
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    Politicians To Silicon Valley: The Government Is Not Your Adversary

    "Evil Monsters" WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. Go fuck yourself, Feinstein.
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    Jim Keller To Join Samsung As Chief Architect Claims Source

    I was going to say, Samsung Group is one of the biggest conglomerates in the world. Of course they're in construction, which makes up a LOT of the worlds economy.
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    USITC: Samsung Did Not Infringe Nvidia Graphics Chip Patents

    So basically they said, don't patent things that aren't 100% original otherwise someone with big bucks will go and say it's invalid in court. Too bad they couldn't of just DENIED the patent, looking at you USPTO.
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    Why Sweden Is Shifting To A 6-Hour Workday

    I work a 12 hr shift, 4 days a week. I get fri sat and sunday off.
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    Theater Employees Wearing Night-Vision Goggles To Combat Piracy

    I have worked as a Usher @ Regal in my former years, let me explain to you now that WE DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. Management doesn't care, Staff doesn't care. We recieved NO training on how to deal with people video-taping movies, nor were we asked to be tasked with "finding" these kinds of people...
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    FS: Beyerdynamic DT 990

    Bump for some very nice cans, just sold mine as well.
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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

    bump... need to get this stuff sold.
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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

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    Google Fiber Planned For Irvine, Louisville, and San Diego

    I live in North County San Diego.. Where in San Diego is this specificed?
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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

    price drop, bump
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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

    Fixed it
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    DT 990's + FiiO E10K combo

    Pair of basically brand new DT 990 Pro's, barely worn. Awesome headset with a HUGE soundstage but honestly, I need the cash more and my 518's were doing it fine for me. Along with it comes a FiiO E10k, less then 2 weeks old and comes with original packaging. Please PM me with offers. 185$...
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    WTB - 290/290X - E10k

    As title says, looking for 290/290x (non ref preferred) and a FiiO e10k. Shipped to 92056
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    FS: 2 290's, 2 7970's

    Sorry for not hopping in your Teamspeak, I would have knowing the situation a little bit better. Definitely still interested, but my point of view I have no idea why someone would ask me to go on teamspeak directly after asking if it's still available. I don't think people are trying to be...
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    New Credit Cards May Make Tipping More Awkward

    I tip 15% accordingly. I think tipping should be a completely optional thing, and not the forced "you better tip or you're going to get shit service next time" instead, a way to award employee's whom actually work hard for EVERY paying customer. I believe the stigma around tipping has been...
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    Company To Deliver Weed Via Drone

    One of the only deliveries using drones I see viable. Light, Expensive, and high in demand (no pun intended)
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    So, I'm a idiot and need a recommendation on fixing my display.

    I have a 27" VG278HE that I got that had a scratch on it, while trying to buff out the scratch, I managed to fuck up the polarizer causing a 1/2" mark of white pixels on the lower-middle part of my screen. Anybody have experience replacing/repairing LCD polarizers?
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    White House Unveils ConnectHome For Low-Income Households

    Then we will be seeing said bought computers, in every pawn shop near you :)
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    Prime Day is Coming 7/15/2015

    I'm pretty sure they're under today's deals w/ lighting deals. these deals are ass
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    WTB - 120Hz/144Hz monitor

    On a pretty tight budget, will take nearly any condition for the right price. heatware is under the same name as this (blankit)
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    Get Your Ass To Mars With NASA's Mars Trek

    You sure you know where you're at?
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    Sell me on a PC Gaming Chair over a Recliner.

    It's called Space Professional Matrex, It's very comfortable and probably the best chair I've ever used in my life. It retails for 350$ I luckily got it for free, THQ during the bankruptcy just basically gave 50 chairs away to my boss.
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    Star Wars Battlefront - Closed Alpha

    Definitely be surprised, out of all my friends, I'm the only one to receive one. I don't know how it's chosen, but I'm happy that I got mine. Kinda upset all my friends didnt.
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    Star Wars Battlefront - Closed Alpha

    Pretty sure I got in because I've put many hours into Hardline Alpha, BF4 Alpha, And a couple of others that I'm sure I forgot. I don't typically give feedback, I think they're looking for a really wide range of PC specs so they can see the user experience on tons of different configurations.
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    Star Wars Battlefront - Closed Alpha

    Holy heck I got in. At least I'm pretty sure, I got a order confirmation in my email along with a pre-load date.
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    Skynet Happens To Be Real Confirms NSA

    Maybe you would be better off having a alternate [H] account when you post in NSA-related subjects :D