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    Forza Horizon 4 DX12 Free Benchmark

    Yeah, was just looking at that and looks pretty fishy. 1070Ti and 1080Ti are both slower than 1080+Vega at 1080p, 1080/1080Ti draw at 1440p, and Vega 64 is still faster than 1080Ti at 2160p. Edit: Might be because of the HDR hit for Nvidia? I dunno.
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    UBI CEO Doubles Down on Streaming Games Over Hardware

    I don't know what world he lives in, but here in San Francisco, we still have big chunks of the city that are stuck with a maximum of 3mbps DSL (infrastructure is too old, literally no space to pull new cable).
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Spintires + D3 + WoT. Maybe throw in some original StarCraft into the mix.
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    FS: Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Wii U, digital)

    Hello, I have a digital code for Wind Waker HD for Wii U. $22, PayPal only. Heat is under Angelus897. Thanks for looking!
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    Project Spark BETA codes (Xbox One/Win 8.1)

    I have some extra Project Spark beta keys in case anyone wants to try it out: How to play Project Spark Beta on Xbox One Go to and click Redeem Beta Key. Click here to download Project Spark from the Xbox Marketplace. Launch Project Spark on Xbox One. How...
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    Trick To Getting Out Of Work Early Today

    This wouldn't work for most people on here, lol. Their bosses would just tell them to fix it :)
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    How Many Xbox Consoles Will A .50 Cal Go Through?

    If they used the original Xbox, the round would have just bounced off the first one...
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    XBone and Forza 5 Test Drive Impressions

    Yeah, and once again, most of those are old hold overs from PS2 era, lol. They may have looked great in 2001 and 2005, but it's almost 2014...
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    The Pinball Arcade

    The flipper spacing is dependent on the table being played. If you find it too difficult, play another table. Personally I actually prefer the tables with the larger spacing (Black Hole and Gorgar are some of my favorites).
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    Favorite PS2 game?

    Hard choice between MGS3 and Gran Turismo 3 (I got my PS2 for this game, and it blew my mind back in 2001).
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    The Pinball Arcade

    Yes, actual reproductions. It can be cruel sometimes, but I find it to have the best pinball physics out of all the pinball games which I played.
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    The Pinball Arcade

    Yes, this game is amazing. Personally I prefer it on iPad/Android tablet (I have a shit ton of tables spread between PSN/iOS/Android), but the PC version does look fantastic. I hope they add touch screen support for the PC version... I think that's going to be their next Kickstarter table.
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    XBone and Forza 5 Test Drive Impressions

    No, I'm not saying one is better than the other (I love GT as much as Forza). I'm just saying that this is par for the course (re: racing franchises going next gen).
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    XBone and Forza 5 Test Drive Impressions

    First, I completely agree with you regarding LaFerrari. That's just a scumbag move. But the people who are complaining about "less cars, less tracks" either have a short memory or never went through a next-gen transition. Gran Turismo 2 had about 600 cars. Gran Turismo 3 had 150 cars. Higher...
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    XBone and Forza 5 Test Drive Impressions

    Nothing changed from previous Forza titles. Personally I've always enjoyed the trickle of DLC (especially when they include newly announced cars). If you don't want DLC, don't buy it. The only bummer (and it's a bigf f%&*ing bummer) is that Suzuka and the Nordschleife aren't included in the game.
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    Whats your computers specs people?

    Ti-83 Plus, SILVER EDITION (it's faster, you know?)
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    AMD FX-9370 $220 free shipping @ NCIXUS

    Cheapest nuclear reactor I've seen since the Pentium 4 days...
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    Reviewers Reporting Frame Rate Problems With 'CoD: Ghosts' On PS4

    If that's what you think, I won't argue. Just saying that my experience is different (actually playing through KZ3 atm before KZ:SF comes out).
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    Reviewers Reporting Frame Rate Problems With 'CoD: Ghosts' On PS4

    Movement in Killzone has always felt like you're controlling a cumbersome tank. Not something I would associate with twitch shooter. I also wouldn't say that it requires any more skill than CoD (or vice versa for that matter).
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    Reviewers Reporting Frame Rate Problems With 'CoD: Ghosts' On PS4

    Because if Killzone: SF is anything like the previous games in the series, it will be very far from a twitch shooter... and won't be very fun... But yes, it does look pretty damn good (also like the Killzone games before it).
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    Reviewers Reporting Frame Rate Problems With 'CoD: Ghosts' On PS4

    Okay. New idea. Buy Battlefield 4. Problem solved :) PS: I find it ironic that the 360 is the only one that runs it at a steady 60fps (according to reviews anyways).
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    Reviewers Reporting Frame Rate Problems With 'CoD: Ghosts' On PS4

    Happens during multiplayer too... If you want 1080p60+ get it on PC.
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    Am3+ Motherboard Suggestions

    According to reviews, it throttles the 8350 down when it's at full load. Any truth to this?
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    World of Tanks, 60 million players

    People who think premium tanks are better than non-premiums are delusional. They make more money, and are cheaper to run, yes. But in battle, they are inferior machines. T34 might be the only exception, but I think a lot of that has to do with it starting out as a tier IX standard.
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    Duck Tales - Remastered Did you get it?

    I wouldn't say that. Quite a lot of the reviews I read in fact recommended playing the original NES version over the re-master. A lot of it had to do with Capcom adding the subpart cut-scenes and voice acting. However, considering I was a huge fan of Duck Tales as a kid, and the fact that my...
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    Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer reveal on

    On one hand, I agree with you because I'm actually looking forward to Ghosts after seeing the multiplayer reveal. I skipped Blops2, but will be coming back for this. However, I think Treyarch has been putting out the better games since World at War (loved that and Black Ops). MW2 was a huge...
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    Free EA Games (Origin/Steam redemption)

    Please, feel free. All of mine are gone anyways. Plus, the more people play ME, the better, lol.
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    Free EA Games (Origin/Steam redemption)

    Yeah, I already had most of them (got the bundle for Dead Space 3), so why not let other people enjoy them.
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    Free EA Games (Origin/Steam redemption)

    Hello, I have extra keys available from the Origin Humble Bundle. Please PM me only if you are actually going to play the game. Otherwise, let another person claim the code so they can enjoy it. 1 game per user. Keys available: Battlefield 3 (claimed by Motaa) Crysis 2 (claimed by...
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    What Next Gen System will you get first ?

    Whatever comes out first is what I'll get first. Already have a WiiU (if that counts? lol). Whatever comes out second, is what I'll get second.
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    MS Defends Xbox One

    People keep comparing Xbox One to Steam, but there is a difference. Valve said that if Steam ever goes away, they will unlock the DRM for the games which we purchased. When something happens to Xbox One servers (in 15-20 years), I doubt Microsoft will be this generous (at least judging by their...
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    My Steam Library cost...

    I'm ashamed: Angelus897 $3346.67 586.8 hours spent playing games on Steam Games not played 137 (52%)
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    DOTA 2 and Arma 3 Keys

    Friend request accepted. Sorry for delay, work is killing me, lol.
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    Xbox 360 vs PS3 controller: vote for your favorite

    I have loved the Dual Shock ever since the original one came out, and I do think the DS3 is the best iteration thus far (even though I hate the analog buttons, and the R2/L2 triggers). It's super reliable and gets a great battery life. I am still using my original DS3 that I bought back when...
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    DOTA 2 and Arma 3 Keys

    Hello, if anyone can spare a DOTA2 key, I would be very grateful. After listening to last week's Giant Bombcast, I am itching to play it. Steam username is Angelus897. Thanks in advance.
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    For any Final Fantasy series fans....

    Maybe to some people it was the graphics and CG that made FF7 great. That wasn't the case for me, so I still think it was a great RPG. The world was interesting, the story was good, the materia system was creative, and all the extras (ultima/ruby weapons, chocobo breeding, mini-games, etc) were...