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    Monitor Banding Issue - dell se2419hr

    Ok, sorry for the first one. Here's the photo, don't mind the BLB and glow, typical IPS shit...
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    Monitor Banding Issue - dell se2419hr

    Here you go, buddy!
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    Monitor Banding Issue - dell se2419hr

    it shouldn't be faulty, reset your monitor, delete the new ICC profile, and reset your GPU driver settings. You said it was ok before the calibration, then it should revert to that state. just look on TFTCentral for calibration settings on your monitor and try to apply those, see how it works...
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    Monitor Banding Issue - dell se2419hr

    Nope, just checked, no banding issues here on Dell P2314H. Try to reset it.
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    I am now LCD free

    55'' for a PC display, imo is way too big, but still nice.
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    What is this about LED tvs I’m seeing?

    i think u're talking about ''Soap opera effect'', on LG is called ''True Motion'' and u can easily disable it form settings. it's only good for watching sports, like F1 where speed is important.
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    4k, fav screen size for pc use?

    27'' super high PPI, a adore them and i hate big screens! i only stay 50 cm back from the screen so i don't need them :))))
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    Still Using Windows XP, Vista? No Firefox 53 for You

    i only use FF, i don't like Chr. at all :/
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    thank you Hard!
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    What was the very first video card you ever bought?

    i think, if i remember correctly, it was a Matrox with 512KB of memory upgradeable to 1MB, back in '95 or '96.
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    I finally broke down and got a new monitor

    if you are a casual gamer, why TN then???
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    [H] AMD RX 480 CrossFire Testing Underway

    i'm really sorry what this forum has become, a full on anti AMD crusade, really sad, things used to be fair here... :/
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    Going AMD, which vendor(s)?

    i only use Sapphire, all very robust and great cooling!
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    What Sucks About HardOCP Video Card Reviews

    i personally don't like the charts, i prefer bar charts instead of candlestick ones, but that's just me! other than that i like the reviews.
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    China Bans “Erotic” Banana-Eating Live Streams

    ...they have small bananas anyway :)))
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    J.J. Abrams: Gay Characters Coming To Star Wars

    WTF?! they are all going nuts :/
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    Sick of IPS Glow, looking for best TN monitor under 200

    are you sure you don't have an excessive BLB???
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    Microsoft Has No Plans To Change Windows 10 Privacy Settings

    i can't understand the worrying, what can Micro do with your data? what???? is not like we're storing nuclear plans and doomsday scenarios...imo
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    Sick of IPS Glow, looking for best TN monitor under 200

    i use an P2314H and i don't find the glow that annoying, especially when you watch it on 90 degrees.
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    Dell UP3017Q - 4K 120HZ Oled 30"

    i wanna see what Eizo is doing with OLED matrixes in the future, can't wait!
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    I Want a Quality 27" 1920x1080 Monitor

    why so low rez??? the pixels are the size of great pyramid....
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    AMD Failure rates

    i don't know about AMD but the only gpus that died on me were al NV, i switched to AMD in 2010 and all is ok now, no crashes or problems whatsoever.
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    AMD Launches New Graphics Software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    everything good here, i love them!
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    Best 24 inch 4k monitor?

    don't even wanna imagine the price on that jewel!
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    Jim Keller leaves AMD

    give me some of what are you smoking, clearly is very good! :mad:
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    AUO 23.8 TN 144hz panel on the way 1440P

    sweet size, perfect pixel density but crap matrix, make it IPS and i'm sold!
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    This is why Fury X can't ever touch Maxwell

    another fanbois war thread...:/
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    Apple Makes 92% Of All Smartphone Profits

    i never taught i would see so many iphone fans here, we are supposed to know some shit about tech, unlike apple fanbois, who just follow what Apple marketing said, and yet there are full of them even here. i'm sorry, i can't help myself not to associate iphone users with people like the...
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    Apple Makes 92% Of All Smartphone Profits

    i can't understand how they can fool people over and over gain each year to buy that really modest device, maaaan....:/
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    Black screen flash?

    yes, i always keep my cell phone near my monitor, is there a relation?
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    Black screen flash?

    i'm having this issue too, but rarely and never while gaming, monitor just shuts down for a second and comes back up. i also use DP connections but with a 280X and Dell P2314H. still haven't solved the problem :/
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    ASUS STRIX R9 Fury DC3 Video Card Review @ [H]

    well this seems to be very good, even PcPer gave it Gold Award. beats the 980 in all games and CF scaling is superior to SLI.
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    I'm looking for the best monitor for anime and movies. Over 1000 dollars.

    if you can buy an IPS with ATW polariser, do it, otherwise buy a good VA panel only for those awesome blacks which are essential for watching movies.
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    Fury X vs. Titan X benchmark

    damn, the differences are very noticeable and nobody can deny that...i only imagine if AMD did that, would have been the hell on earth :)) but it's NV,so people will just pass on problems whatsoever
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    Dell S2415H Woes

    well, i also have an Dell P2314H and i have the same problem, IPS glow, bad black/white uniformity, this is the shit you can expect from an entry level IPS monitor. just lower the brightness and you'll get used to it in time. but even so i wont ever go back to an TN crap, try to overclock yours...
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    Nvidia Game Don't Works Latest Victim. Batman Arkham Knight

    please don't get me wrong, i don't care about Fury X or GeForce pissing contest, i always switch GPUs, maybe my next card will be an NV again, all i'm saying is that GameWorks really sucks according to many people now, and this line from TS is very decisive: ''The heavy use of GameWorks is...
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    Nvidia Game Don't Works Latest Victim. Batman Arkham Knight TechSpot just did a performance review of the game and i think NV bois won't be happy after they find out what TS said about Game Works.
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    The failure that is the Fury can people trust AMD?

    please, close this thread, is silly enough!
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    Do you agree with Hardocp?

    although i have an all AMD system, i have to agree with their review! i'm trying to help AMD by buying their products, but my patience is running out, i give them one more chance with Zen and the next GPU, then i'm off again to NV.