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    Build Issues

    It could be the 4 memory sticks, have you only fired up the computer with 2 16 gig sticks?
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    ASUS Shows Off Concept GeForce RTX 40 Graphics Card Without Power-Connectors, Uses Proprietary Slot

    I would be curious to see where the leading connector from PSU sits.
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    Weirdest Game you Ever played?

    Who's your daddy
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    New system suggestions

    Any reason for the 64gigs of Memory? The new 10k ssd's are in their infancy, I'd wait a year or so before diving in. Otherwise that is a solid build!!!
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    Aurora Rising HPC 2 Exafoops

    Insane performance. More GPT fun!
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    MSI Creator z16

    I hope not
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    What game? What game? Oh look at the time.

    I have had this problem ever since I started using Steam and my back log began.. Then you get the giant game list from Epic, Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus... I usually just default to some stupid game that is mindless and easy.
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    ROG Ally

    The battery life is pretty rough, nothing a 10ft power cable couldn't resolve to still make it very mobile. Not sure why it is up against the steam deck other than the fact it is the only competitor even if it is apples and oranges in terms of performance.
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    All new build, feels very slow, awful SSD benchmarks; please help!

    New build, new bios, it is one of the first things I knock out now days.
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    How badly will a 3600 bottleneck a 3080 at 4k?

    Based on what you currently have you'll see MAJOR gains. Sounds like a cheap and high performing upgrade to me!
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    Magic Carpet 2 HD

    That is really awesome thank you for sharing! I loved Magic Carpet 1
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    Does anyone use Armoury Crate on their ASUS motherboard desktop?

    Honestly after the first updates I found it to be useless or not updating drivers to latest version they should be and such. It is present on my computer and that is it. A useless program.
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    Back from the Dead: 3dfx's Unreleased Voodoo5 6000 Quad-GPU Card

    The 3dfx was such an amazing part in gaming. Yes I loved going to my Geforce256, voodoo 2000 and 3000 def holds a special place in my PC gaming heart! Woooooooo
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    Trepang 2 Inspired by F.E.A.R

    Those visuals! Reminds me of F.E.A.R. with dumb AI lol.
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    Games with the best audio/sound design?

    Fortnite with 7.2 surround sound is actually pretty freaking cool when there is a lot of action in place. Better than most movies.
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    samsung 990 pro

    The SN850x gets my vote, although my main rig has a 980pro, my other rig has an SN850x and its amazing performance for the price over the 990pro.
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    Z690 or Z790 for photo editing and mild overclock

    I would save money and swap the 1000w psu with a 650 or 750 watt psu as well. No need to have something you won't utilize.
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    Data protection

    Acceptable use, security, and export training would make this answer a hard NO.
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    Is it really that simple?

    Dang haste! I remember when you built that original system!
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    Limit system...reposting my question

    Yeah it does, configuration 1 and configuration 2. Aka 1 or 2 m.2 installed.
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    Limit system...reposting my question

    The screenshot above shows X4.
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    Limit system...reposting my question

    Max bandwidth and what is actually used at the time are 2 very different things. Even if you're using PCI lanes it does not mean you're using them to max potential. 3x NVME + 4090 will still have a very solid performing system. Enjoy the computer and worry less about performance.
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    Worst CPU's of all time?

    P3 Tualatin was a SOLID processor. Early P4's woooo bad news I agree there.. lol
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    Best CPU's of all time?

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    Bent pins while installing 13th gen contact plate, the ram is now not working properly

    What happens when you turn off xmp in the bios then install in the slots you are wanting? I have to agree with second poster that A2/B2 is how it should be per manual. I have found trying to disable xmp helps with memory diagnostics.
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    Bykski 4090 loop up and running

    That is freakin awesome! Looks great too! [H]
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    OK to run ASUS motherboard with RAM in slots 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 3?

    It is the tricky part of how the bios works with XMP and memory compatibility and all that fun stuff! I had similar challenges!
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    GPU OC/Management Software

    Lots of drama...
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    GPU OC/Management Software

    Afterburner will be EOL'ed soon as well due to complexities between MSI and the dev. Which is a huge drag.
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    Just read something disturbing about Windows 11

    Not surprising. Plus there are a ton of apps on by default that don't need to be. Not really sure how this is news.
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    Fan header problem

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    How much RAM you got?

    lol daaaamn!
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    Fastest non-M2 drive?

    I had this in my kids computer years ago, simnple yet affective with great overclocking abilities!
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    Dead Cells

    Daaang, agreed!
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    Returnal (Confirmed)

    Love this game, it is VERY hard without a doubt, I have almost beat the first boss and just getting to it is rewarding lol!
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    The rumored RTX 4090Ti/TITAN

    This is one of my fav channels lol! Some of those washing machines are tough as nails! lol
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    The New Super High Resolution PC Screenshot Thread

    Echo does look incredible! Some great detail! Reminds me of some of the finer detail found in RE: Village in the castle.