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    FS: I7 3930K + 8GB DDR3 + x79 mobo

    Bump for you. Whats ppg?
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    FS: 980Ti G1 Gaming, i5-2500k, 6970, DDR3, Corsair 750w, Logitech Harmony, etc

    Bump for u. Wish you had a board to go with that 2500k.
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    290/290x availability thread

    And they're gone!
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    GTX 780 OC vs R9 290 OC

    ∆ Totally agree. Does he still work for NCIX?
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    STEAM 3Dmark 2013 - $2.49

    Its 12 bux again!
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    Panasonic's 20 Inch Windows 8.1 Tablet

    You're creepy-ing me out >_<
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    780 = Cell --- 290(x) = SSJ2 Gohan

    Love it.. But dub = fail!!
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    Crossfire 7950 only 60% gpu usage

    Just because you see 50% CPU usage doesn't mean you don't have a CPU bottleneck. All it means is basically that your system is using at most 2 cores (of a 4 core cpu). Most apps and games today don't use more than 2 threads at most. In this case clock speed is king. I gained around 15-25fps just...
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    Dragunov Gaming Mouse - For the Budget Gamer

    Something about the box reminds me of Razer and I've had a terrible experience with one of their keyboards.
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    Anything bad about the 3007WFP-HC?

    Best 30" screen for gaming IMHO since input lag is very low. Only negative would be the single DVI input. But then again with the lack of a scaler HDMI would be pretty useless.
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    Got my new toy.

    I know the feeling. Took a bit to get used to a Nexus S when I went from a iPhone4. It's just much bigger. Now the GNexus is even bigger than the Nexus S ... but I adjusted pretty quick.
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    Upgrading in 16 days, and the winner is...

    I went from a Nexus S to the Galaxy Nexus and I'll tell you, it's a good phone. MTP really is nothing to worry about as long as you are using Windows 7 (not sure about other Windows or Macs/Linux). On the Nexus S after I plug in the MicroUSB cable I have to go into the phone and enable the USB...
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    Do red dots guarantee GPU damage?

    Are the dots like this?
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    77xx and 78xx series

    None. No card today needs Pci3 bandwidth for gaming. It's just a feature checkbox for people to upgrade to newer platforms.
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    first review of 7950?

    Mhmm that's the very first thing that came to my mind when I looked at it.
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    Firefox Pulls Tab Features from Version 12

    Holy hell... I went from Firefox 3 to 8 in like ... less than a year?? What the hell is Mozilla thinking..
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    Should Kids Learn to Code?

    I started with BASIC on a IBM PCjr when I was still in elementary, then later moved on to QBasic on a 486 (still in elementary school), then later on went to write custom scripts for mIRC when I got to high school, and finally today I'm into PHP/mySQL making custom sites. I thank my father for...
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    What to do What to do?

    I don't see why you're considering anything else but the 7970, it's really a no-brainer.
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    Any 7970s in stock?

    I'd get the Diamond. They are reference cards. I've never had a ATI/AMD reference card fail on me (that was not abused), unlike Nvidia...
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 Overclocking Performance Review @ [H]

    Can't wait for [H]'s CFX Eyefinity review. Best place for triple screen goodness.
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    RAM - which is best

    The last few years I've been having really good luck with G.Skill, never gave me any problems on any builds I have performed for myself and friends, and I don't usually check QVL lists unless I am buying Asus. I had a Mushkin stick arrive DOA just last month, FWIW.
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    Are these high temps for an overclocked 2500k?

    Does seem a little high for your equipment (I'm at 4.5ghz 1.36v and I hit mid 60's on my H50) but then you do have those 6850s on the same loop right?
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    I Want a new Tablet

    Link doesn't work.
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    Diablo 3 February 1st - Troll or True?

    Would be great if true but I don't think so. Because if it really was coming on the 1st of Feb, knowing Blizz and all there would be hyping the game like crazy and all. But it's too quiet.
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    Using an Air Compressor to clean PC

    I've been using compressed air to clean my rigs for years and have never had a problem or any component die. What I do is I try not to spray directly and not at point blank, but from a distance. There is liquid moisture that comes out .. thats the only thing you really have to be careful about.
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    Vote for your favorite company!

    If I had to pick one it'd have to be ASUS, for custom cards. For reference, Sapphire for AMD cards and Nvidia, from whoever I can get the best price on (warranty doesn't matter to me).
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    ATI Dots and 3 red led lights on card

    That's good. Really would like to see you figure this out. It really sucks to have this happen with such high end and expensive equipment.
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    Is ASRock owned by ASUS?

    I never mentioned the $35 charge as the reason to be wary. Just from reading their policy it just seems like they don't want the hassles of dealing with end-user RMAs and instead just point you to the retailer/e-tailer where the product was purchased. That turns me off -- when it comes to...
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    Tablet Computing is in full swing

    I'm enjoying my Blackberry Playbook, liking it much more than the Galaxy 10.1. Sure it's not android, and OS 2.0 is not out yet, I still like it. It can play 720p just fine. The 10.1 couldn't do that, sadly.
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    7970 Purchasing Thread

    Sapphire and Diamond back in stock at the egg'.
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    ATI Dots and 3 red led lights on card

    I really, really don't know what to tell you about that one. We'd need a veteran TFIII over to come in and chime on that.
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    ATI Dots and 3 red led lights on card

    I believe those lights are for the Power Phase indicators. Many midrange and high end motherboards have such lights too.
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    Is ASRock owned by ASUS?

    Asrock is decent but if you care about warranty I'd be wary: Seems like you'd have to go through a lot of trouble just to RMA if you ever needed that.
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    ATI Dots and 3 red led lights on card

    I hope the new DVI cable will fix it for you, but I have my doubts. I'm not sure if buying new or refurb has anything to do with it, but I bought mine refurb off ebay for around $800. Can't justify the "New" price of it, too rich for me... As you've said, the dots don't appear on your other...
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    ATI Dots and 3 red led lights on card

    Looks like this? I had the problem too, and I narrowed it down to the monitor. Did you buy your 3007 used/refurb? For me, it seemed it didn't like the signals from some cards. This occurred with some of my cards, though some cards were worse than...
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    7970 Purchasing Thread

    Probably most likely there is an employee unpacking the skids and then entering the stock inventory one by one ... and these cards are selling out faster than he can unpack!
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    7970 Purchasing Thread

    Add it to your cart and change the QTY to 100 or something. The limit per customer is 10 so I added 10 to cart, but then it says "Insufficient QTY available" and changed the quantity to 4. A minuted later I set the qty to 10 again and this time the cart updated the qty to 1.
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    7970 Purchasing Thread

    I see 4 in stock :D EDIT: 1 left... that was fast! EDIT2: ALL GONE! lol...
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 Overclocking Performance Review @ [H]

    Omg these things have so much overclocking potential. I don't need the performance but I want to get one just to play with it :D
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    Sapphire HD7970

    Very nice. Your 3DM11 score is higher than my 6950CF setup. Then again I ran them at x8/x4...