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    Why aren't there any Socket 2011 boards with good reviews? Any you'd recommend?

    My son is running the system on a replacement repaired board I sourced out of Taiwan, and I RMA'd and paid for a replacement from ASUS. The system ran fine up until it died, never overclocked other than what the board does by default, Seasonic x850 for power behind a good APC. Some power supply...
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    Why aren't there any Socket 2011 boards with good reviews? Any you'd recommend?

    Necro, ASUS X99-A II died after 5 years, first ASUS board I've ever had fail.
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    Replacement for Silverstone FT02

    I went from an FT02 to a Fractal Torrent Compact, no regerts. Exterior optical for CD ripping and legacy games, more room for video cards, equivalent filtered air cooling, it all good.
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    Vulkan Will Support Multiple GPUs Only in Windows 10

    Easy, if you think W10 sucks much ass, avoid Vulkan also...
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    Microsoft Shelves All February Security Updates

    God forbid the dipshits release service packs...
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    Why aren't there any Socket 2011 boards with good reviews? Any you'd recommend?

    And that's how you have to temper reviews, IMO many more end users are inclined to post negative experiences than positive, and I have to believe a number of failures are likely the builder/techniques, or power related issues. The smaller these circuits get the easier to damage via OC, static...
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    Why aren't there any Socket 2011 boards with good reviews? Any you'd recommend?

    Honestly I'm cool with mostly stock speeds on these fast processors, and the MB's power management. I did the same thing in 2010 using a P6T6 WS paired with an i7-975. That system just got handed down to my children as their gaming rig. Paired with a GTX1070 it runs Battlefield 1080P very...
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    Why aren't there any Socket 2011 boards with good reviews? Any you'd recommend?

    I chose an ASUS X99-A II paired with a 6850K and it has been solid. Samsung 950 Pro NVMe works, GTX 1070 works, running with Corsair Veng 3200 (running at 2400), SeaSonic X850. I've been happy so far...
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    The Top 3 CPU Coolers of 2016

    BXTS13A used in a 6850k build, doing it's job nicely for the $22.66 cost, though this package TDP is a low 84ish watts running 6 thread prime95...ymmv
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    NYPD to Start Testing Body Cameras on Police Officers

    The government is not your friend, and no they are not here to help.
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    NYPD to Start Testing Body Cameras on Police Officers

    Right, like how they have a tendency to kill the mentally ill for not being compliant.
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    NYPD to Start Testing Body Cameras on Police Officers

    Cops/unions hate it, keeps them honest.
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    Police Still Using Windows XP On Fingerprint Scanner

    I'm in the same quagmire. Coders are always admin...and Windows 8 sucks.
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    Microsoft Speeding Up Windows Release Cycle

    How about they fix what's broken in the last release first, asshats...
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    Corsair Graphite 760T Full Tower Case

    Mostly cool case for a change, with watercooling potential. Not enough to push me out of an FT02 however.
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    Time Warner CEO: Cord Cutters Not An Issue

    These dinosaurs will refuse to evolve until they reach the brink of insolvency...the only thing they understand is reducing their revenue so proceed with the cancellations.
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    Corsair Carbide Series 200R Case most cases are.
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    Don't think I've ever had an Antec failure either.
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    RIAA: Google Doesn't Do Enough To Fight Piracy

    Simply matching their irrelevant statement with my own.
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    RIAA: Google Doesn't Do Enough To Fight Piracy

    The RIAA doesn't do enough to produce quality music worth buying. Generally, fuck off (oh, and have a nice day).
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    Lawmaker Demands DHS Cease Monitoring of Social Media

    Good example of how paranoid bureaucrats in our government really are. Really people, you cannot guarantee safety, and these gov schmucks can only get away with this kind of behavior as long as we let them.
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    Video Streaming on Game Consoles on the Rise

    At what exactly???
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    Video Streaming on Game Consoles on the Rise

    Yeah count me in that trend for 2011 but Netflix streaming sucked in quality and selection at least through the 360, and after all the bullshit their CEO pulled this summer I canceled the streaming end of it. Still pissed at them:mad:
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    FS: Core i7 2600k - Asus P8Z68-V - Microsoft Wireless 6000 Desktop

    Am I missing something or does your title and item for sale not agree...aka 2600K-->2500K
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    Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 Includes Hi-Res Texture Pack

    The demo looked cartoonish as hell on my plasma anyway, is this supposed to fix that?
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    Seasonic Platinum-1000 Drawing

    Highest quality you can get.
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    Vizio Tells Owners Their TVs Are Un-Repairable

    Went through an ordeal with Panasonic. They took two month to ship an A board for an '08 50" plasma but hey at least I was able to order parts. The repair center guy said that with Westinghouse and Vizio you are basically SOL as parts are unavailable.
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    8GB 1600 MHz vs 12/16GB 1333 MHz

    My take has always been to run the tightest timings possible, and I usually paid a premium to do so. I will say most of the articles I've seen marginalize the performance benefit of low latency on DDR3, especially running higher frequencies. The past year or so saw timings for DDR3 increase...
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    8GB 1600 MHz vs 12/16GB 1333 MHz

    Don't need it but couldn't pass up on Mushkin 999010 for $119. 12GB triple channel for $119, wow!
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    Half of Netflix Users View From a Console

    A. Netflix streaming sucks ass. 2. My boxen isn't connected to my TV and is in fact in a different room. D. Bluray is the only HD way to fly. Lightning took out my plasma so currently I'm grounded.
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    Mesh Size: Improved Cooling?

    MNPCTech has a modders mesh page here, and references two types and their respective airflow characteristics.
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    Micro-stutter - 2600K, 2x 6950 (ShaderUnlocked), 8GB GSkill 1333 CAS7

    Long shot but disable eRecordEnable via regedit as it causes and endless stream of useless writes to the system event log.
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    Sporadic "windows explorer not responding" error

    Only time I've had explorer access errors my WD was becoming flaky and eventually died. Could be those access points are located at damaged sectors.
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    What is your 24/7 everyday stable Sandybridge clock speed?

    OC accelerates electromigration
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    Verizon: Gonna stop the madness and order today

    I was in the same boat as you, first smart phone and all. I chose the droid 2 global and have been quite pleased. Size was a factor as well as battery life, and the d2g has the fastest stock processor out. Features are google instead of bing/verizon crap, swype is nice, size reasonable...
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    Android 2.2 App Recommendations?

    Too new to have used any apps other than fancy, just got my droid 2G and wanted to post using swype even. First smart phone so I'll be entertained for a while.
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    Seasonic X-560 Give-Away! 3 PSUs!

    Like lots of others, I look for the highest quality build I can find. Modular is a bonus.
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    New Silverstone FT02

    Case internal air temp will be way lower than the PS internal temp. I was going to do the same thing as the case lacks exhaust if anything, and this config would likely run the PS fan even less than it would normally.
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    Intel i7 980X vs 990X? What are the Differences? (except +1 multiplier / 133mhz?)

    "Worth the money" is very relative to your needs/wants. I've seen people state the X chips only being worth the money if overclocked to the max, which misses the point in my world of maximum guaranteed stock clock speed with all the power savings options still available and functioning properly...