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    Embarrassed to ask, but

    I've had an MSI laptop G73 for about a year. A few weeks ago, the hinge broke off, and I had to have the whole back part holding the screen replaced (not the screen itself). It was much more expensive than one would have thought. I then did some research on the issue, and found it was a...
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    Tomb Raider (2013) and Temple of Osiris free on Steam Enjoy and stay safe.
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    Prevent icons from moving on desktop

    There's a program called fences: It used to be free, and maybe there's still a free version somewhere, but when I used it, it was a great program.
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    Portable Monitor

    Thanks for the response. However, I read that the AOC monitors tend to break early. I actually tried using my ipad as a second monitor with Duet Display, but it screwed up all the AMD drivers and borked the PC. I had to uninstall and the re-install.
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    Portable Monitor

    I've been using two monitors at work, and now I'm hooked. I'm looking for a monitor that I could use at home as a second monitor to use with both my desktop at home and my laptop, depending which room I want to work in. I am in a small NY apartment, so I don't have a lot of space, so I figure...
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    Consumer Reports Ranks iPhone X below iPhone 8

    Thought I'd weigh in on this because I agonized for awhile as to what phone to buy. Basically, I got used to the Apple way of doing things. I bought a cheap Samsung to figure out if I liked Android and I just didn't. Maybe I didn't give it enough time, but after years of being with Apple...
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    Radeon Driver Update Options

    Hi. I currently have 17.1.1 installed. The AMD Software Radeon program says that there are new updates available. It then lists 16.12.2 as the new recommended choice, with 17.2.1 being the new optional choice. Why would the older driver be the recommended driver? My card is the AMD Radeon R9...
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    Help adding new SSD with Win10 for dual boot

    Actually, I decided to just stick with Win 7; there was no reason for dual boot (except I was worried about erasing the old drive) and as I think about it, I really see no reason to move to Win 10 yet. So the new plan is to buy a larger SSD, clone the current one to the new one so I don't have...
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    Help adding new SSD with Win10 for dual boot

    Hi. I have a Maingear system that's three years old. The SSD is running Win7 and has no room left. The Hard Drive is 70% full. I am not "tech savvy". My thought is to add a brand new SSD and then do a clean install of Win10 onto that SSD using a USB drive (via free upgrade) so that I can...
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    I got this game through gog. When downloading the patches into my download folder, there is an .exe file and several .bin files. I run the .exe and the game says the patch was installed (1.08 or whatever). What am I supposed to do with the .bin files? The Agnes's been working with the .bin...
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    Postponing installation after downloading Windows 10

    Thanks. I'm at work now, but suppose I go home and it's already been downloaded. Is there a way to stop it from installing?
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    Postponing installation after downloading Windows 10

    I made a "reservation" for Windows 10, and I assume it will download in a few days. However, I don't want to install it until kinks get worked out, etc. Will it automatically install via Windows Update or just download? Or if it's automatic, do you suggest I cancel the reservation? Thanks...
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    Windows 10 noob question...

    I have docs, music, games etc and my "D" hard drive, with the OS and programs on the SSD "C" drive. if I do a clean install, it shouldn't affect antying on the D drive, right? All I would need to do is re-install the programs that are on C? I know it's a basic question, but the title of the...
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    Powdered Alcohol Just Approved for Sale in the US

    If this has no odor, all married men who want to drink before going home without getting caught will buy this stuff.
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    Large and light

    Well, in case anyone is wondering, I got the new Dell XPS 13. It was $100 off, plus with the 10% education discount and 5% promo code, it was about $750 at the Microsoft store. It was the cheap screen and 4 GB RAM, but it works great and is perfect for basic stuff. Highly recommended.
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    Large and light

    I was thinking in the $700 range. Also, while I appreciate the suggestions for a Chromebook, I would prefer a Windows machine. Thanks.
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    Large and light

    I was thinking in the $700 range. Also, while I appreciate the suggestions for chromebooks, I would prefer a Windows machine. Thanks.
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    Large and light

    I need a notebook/laptop whatever to do basic work such as using Word and internet; nothing fancy. I'd like the biggest screen possible but still lightweight for travel. Those things (and, to some extent) battery life are key. But I'm finding working on my 12.1 Lenovo X200 is just too small...
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    Dell Charges $30 To Install Firefox

    Shouldn't this thread be in the Hot Deals section?
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    Norwegian Military Using Oculus Rift To Drive Tanks

    When was the last time the Norwegian army was even deployed? PR stunt.
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    Brain Scan Software Identifies Viewers Images

    As this technology develops, we'll be able to see people's dreams-- and then record them (and our own dreams as well). Better brush up on my Freud.
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    Basic, Cheap Ultrabook

    Thanks for the response. The Asus looks perfect if it only had Win 7. Anyone know of anything similar, but with Win 7? I'd like to stay $400 or less.
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    Basic, Cheap Ultrabook

    Everyone here has great ideas for powerful machines. I have an iPad, but without a mouse, it makes it very difficult to write reports for work. So I just need a basic, light machine that will run MS Office, access the net and has a mouse (or at least a touch pad with left and right clicking)...
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    BioShock Infinite $34.99 Amazon

  25. J

    BioShock Infinite $34.99 Amazon

    Gold Box Deal of the day
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    Borderlands 2 Season Pass $9.99

    at Amazon. Borderlands 2 plus Season Pass$24.99 at Amazon. One day sale.
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    Taking another run at Oblivion

    Could you please upload them? I (and others I'm sure) would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Taking another run at Oblivion

    What mods would you recommend? I'm particularly interested in something that makes the inventory menu more Skyrim-like (after putting in the inventory mod) and such, rather than graphics. I looked at BOSS etc. and couldn't get a bunch to load either. Thanks.
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    Mark of the Ninja $3.75

    Activates on steam
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    UFO Filmed By News Crew

    I don't see how an eel could drive a spaceship-- no matter how evolved.
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    New iPad 4 Retina Display

    They're available again. And although I ordered yesterday, mine has already shipped.
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    New iPad 4 Retina Display

    $60 off at Best Buy...
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    Keyboard case for ipad 4

    I'm getting a new ipad (ipad 4), and I've been going over and over various reviews (like I always do) and ultimately decided to ask here (like I always do): What ipad 4 keyboard case should I get? Ideally, I would like one that easily detaches so that when I'm not working, I don't have to drag...
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    4,500 ladybugs 14.99+7.28 shipping

    I wonder how long I could get out of work for if I released them in the office
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    Technology Gone Wrong

    On the plus side, getting arrested as a litter bug after having a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat could get you out of the army.
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    Help migrating games/game saves to new gaming build

    Get a program like savegamebackup and/or gamesavemanager. Both will scan you pc, make a list of your games, find the saves automatically and back them up. You can then copy those folder/files onto a USB and then transfer to your new computer. One of them also has an option for Steam games.
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    debating on alienware alx

    My last two rigs have been Maingear, and I really like them. Excellent customer service, no bloatware, good choice of components. I've heard good things about Puget and Velocity Micro. Falcon NW is supposed to be good, but it's really expensive.
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    Bullied Bus Monitor Gets Last Laugh

    I was hit by both my parents, and verbally abused (e.g., from my father when I was 5: you're nothing but a fat elephant wallowing in mud) (I was heavy then). I have never raised a hand to my kid, and have never said anything intentionally MEAN to her (but have raised my voice on occassion)...
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    WPS Vulnerability and the Average Joe

    How bad is this for the Average Joe? I have a Linksys which has no firmware update yet, and the WPS can't be turned off. Do I really need a new router, or is it hype?