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    How do they sell used Gaming Cards on eBay

    Mining cards are such a thing I tend to not buy video cards off ebay anymore. I don't mind buying items from forum posters or places where I can get a read on the seller's rep (ie. here)
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    WOW.... 1070 faster than Titan X @ $380

    Why even buy a 980Ti now? That's some killer pricing. 980Ti owners should be on a firesale.
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    FS: iPhone 6, Radeon R9 390X, iPad Mini 3 7" retina

    Seems like a hijacked account. I had to do a double take on that 390x, was thinkin that '2' should've been a '3' lol
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    Memorable Overclocking-Friendly CPUs

    Came in to see the AMD 2500 Barton. Very pleased to see it there.
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    Western Digital 4TB Red WD40EFRX - $140

    I bought 2x of these but mine were not so lucky to be shipped nicely. Sent mine back, already got my refund. From the look of the box and the deflated baggies, I figured UPS was enjoying World Cup action during their off minutes. The horrific part was when I picked it up...
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    Americans Are Stifling Creativity on Outdated Computing Devices

    I haven't upgraded my comp in a while as well. I used to do it to the tune of the gaming industry (mid 2000s felt pretty glorious). Ever since consoles became the standard, I've always felt like PC gaming got held back. You do get your occasional companies that find a way to push your PC to the...
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    Upgrading From A Core 2 Quad Q6600 To The i7-4770K

    Like that people are still repping the Q6600, me included. Fact is, pc games took a halt. Yes I won't be playing on ultra mode but no it won't be unplayable. Consoles have really held back pc games. Most companies just tune to consoles now and every game since is always playable. This wasn't...
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    Why your stuff arrives DOA

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    Terminator-Like Carbon Fiber Prosthetic Arm

    Just played and finished that a week ago. Same here, reminded of Deus Ex HR.
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    Apple Shares Turned 'Ice Cold'

    It was already being sold off at 700. Miss Q4 earnings, sell off continues. Obama reelected, sell off continues. Eurozone shakes market, sell off continues. Spiraling downward for awhile now, just wouldn't touch it until it can regain its averages.
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    [H]ot Diablo 3 - $22.28 total

    Worked for D2 because of the way the MF system, skills, level req, etc was done. Here, it's cruise control and AUCTION HOUSE. My entire network of friends that loved D2 stopped playing D3 1 month in, myself included.
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    Samsung 830 128GB $70 @ TigerDirect

    Had this lil deal text me via a web service. In for one. Though, I wondering, how come no sales tax in CA? It's even cheaper than amazon's deal now for me.
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    Apple Misses Wall Street 4Q Expectations

    Wonder how many people here actually followed this on earnings day. I watch their earnings released, it dropped 30 and then it rose back and finished green in the AH. Ridiculous. What did them in was weak ipad sales. They're even introducing the ipad4 and now the mini. Too much congestion I'd...
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    Apple Rethinking Samsung Chip Partnership

    So many Apple haters, lovely thread. (although myself, I've been shorting apple stock the past 2 weeks.) Apple has a ton of money to spend on R&D. If you think for one second they won't inject that into TSMC to help them out, yah well, lol. They get hurt in the short run, in the long run, who...
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    Does it Still Make Sense to Buy a Desktop PC?

    I'm gonna go with a NO at this point, at least for the prebuilt market. My parents enjoy using a computer but what they like using is a laptop. If you're gonna go with a desktop, you build it yourself. A prebuilt tower is whatever.
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    Microsoft Buying Yammer for $1.2B

    You guys remember when they bought out Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net?
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    Harmonix to Release Rock Band Blitz This Summer

    People invested into their peripherals. I don't think people will be too happy.
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    Amazon $10 Gift Card for $5 on March 20 at AmazonLocal

    Got 1, added to gift card balance. Excellent thx
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    Valve: Don't Be Trolled By Half-Life 3 Rumors

    The only trolling is that TF2 gets a new hat every month and HL3 is already abandoned.
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    Best FedEx Delivery Ever

    Great placement of a package.
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    The New Apple Santa Commercial Is Impressive

    Clever commerical, I liked it.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Because free stuff is free.
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    5870 for 150 shipped

    This answer is pretty much the answer that anyone should read.
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    5870 for 150 shipped

    I'm in for one, the price is good for the performance. You can in fact find a lot of these going for around 150-200 dollar range on ebay --- except used most of the time. I guess a big draw here would be that it's new, maybe a reference card (unless the pics lie), and you get a 2 yr warranty.
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    Modern Warfare 3 The Vet and the Noob Trailer

    Dwight at the end makes it excellent
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

    Being a Socal person, I dig the Hollywood/LA scenery much more than the New York (Liberty City) one. Haven't played a GTA since San Andreas anyways.
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    BF3 for $41.99 at Amazon

    I put a preorder in. Was gonna buy it on EA Origins with the coupon thing but hey, this is cheaper. Since they don't charge until due date, I have plenty of options and time to cancel.
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    Cops On The Hunt For Duplicitous iPlank Scammers

    I'm confused, did she buy a piece of wood?
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    Preorder Battlefield 3 via Origin and receive a copy of Mass Effect 2 free - 1st 2000

    This is basically just telling you, hey, if you're gonna have to use Origin anyways, might as well get a free game with it.
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    $5M In Pirated Software On A HDD = Art?

    There must be a lot of artists in the US.
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    T-Mobile Now Offering Micro-SIMs to iPhone Owners

    So lemme get this straight: Either get the real micro sim and sign yourself a 2 year contract or get a sim cutter and go that route instead. Why would anyone not want to just pay $7 bucks for the cutter instead of locking yourself into a contract?
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    Online Video Viewers Watch Less TV

    For me, it's football AND basketball that have to go through a new CBA. I'll definitely go through a bit of sports depression of neither come back this year.
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    Sony Playstation-Brand 24inch 3D Monitor

    I like the idea with what they're doing. I sorta wanna see how it acts as a computer monitor.
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    L.A. Noire- $20 credit w/ purchase [Amazon]

    They do seem to do this quite often. I got Portal for $35 basically like this (55-20, $20 bucks credit on amazon is as good as cash to me). Usually stores like gamestop or bestbuy will follow suit after a month or so and actually lower the price or even offer there own giftcards.
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    Steam introduces Daily Deals

    we have a winner in kuhlas post
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    [Meritline] Samsung Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB -- $71.99 shipped AC

    Question: These will have the fixed firmware on them?
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    Metro 2033, 5$: Gamer's Gate 24hr deal

    Purchased this, took the key, activated on steam, EXCELLENT. Only annoying point was the checkout interface on gamers gate website
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    Portal 2 Best Buy PS3/360 - $45, PC $35

    Actually, what about psn account 1 and steam account 1. You never said what happens to those after? You just log onto psn account 2 and on the comp play steam account 2.
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    Portal 2 Best Buy PS3/360 - $45, PC $35

    Well, on Amazon, the PC version I think dropped to 35 bucks. They probably did match right there. The PS3/360 versions are still $55 on amazon BUT they give a 20 promo credit back. Pretty much makes it 35 as well. I buy off amazon so much the 20 promo credit is as good as cash to me (not to...