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    T260 owners. screen settings?

    I just got a T260 and think I have my settings pretty good, but I am wondering what everyone else has theirs at. Mine: Brightnesss: 100 Contrast: 65 Red: 37 Green: 37 Blue: 20 Gamma: Mode1 Sharpness: 70 These are all the relevant modified changes.. This is over DVI. P.S. great...
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    How much sound quality does a stereo 3.5mm Y splitter take away?

    Just to clarify because I am dumb... If I got an amp like the big joe, would a regular rca switch like one from radio shack have a noticeable impact on audio quality? I need a 2 channel amp / receiver that has a small footprint, but I also have 3 inputs, so I need a way to switch between them...
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    How much sound quality does a stereo 3.5mm Y splitter take away?

    I'm somewhat wondering the same thing, (not tryin to jack the thread). My question is if an rca switch would degrade sound quality. :-)
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    ps3 / comp setup - hows this?

    Is that pioneer you linked me to my best bet for a 2.0 system with multiple inputs, that will get me the best sound?? Thanks! *could I just get a regular amp like the big joe, and use an RCA switch like this? Would there be any loss in quality if I used that?
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    ps3 / comp setup - hows this?

    I can't quite buy them until after the deal is dead unfortunately, are there any other good ones that are ~100? thanks for the help.
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    ps3 / comp setup - hows this?

    good question.. (i know nothing about speakers) what would be a good bookshelves then for around $100?
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    ps3 / comp setup - hows this?

    I need a new setup for my ps3 and comp. I haven't done much researching, but come to the conclusion that a receiver would make my life easier. How well would the following receiver and speakers work for me? receiver - Onkyo TX-SR505 speakers - M-Audio AV30 For music I listen mostly to...
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    LL pc-a06 question.

    nvm, did some gimp work to figure it out.. 120's are no-nos, but 90s/100s are go-gos :-)
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    LL pc-a06 question.

    I have been looking into the pc-a06 and the back 80mm.. I'm sure this would have been done if was possible, but I havn't found anything on it. Can someone measure from the top of the i/o panel to the edge of the case. I know the a06 isn't as wide as the a05, but it almost looks like dual 120s...
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    new SFF - insight please

    They look nice, but I wouldn't really be saving any money going with one, and the integrated graphics are bad, meaning i would need a card on top of that, plus the linux intel drivers are meh..
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    new SFF - insight please

    Thanks for the input on the fans, you saved me money too! For size - I am trying to go as small as I can, but still have good enough cooling where I can overclock a bit.
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    new SFF - insight please

    I'm just looking for some CC about the parts that I am pretty sure I am set on.. ps - CORSAIR CMPSU-520HX hd - Seagate ST3640323AS 640GB mouse - Logi wireess trackball optical kb - freestyle solo VIP ram - G.SKILL 4GB case - nzxt rogue mobo - ASUS P5N7A-VM fans - Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F...
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    Best Linux DVR / watcher

    I havn't tried sage.. in your opinion? sage > myth?
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    Best Linux DVR / watcher

    I do know that the windows offerings are good, but I'll never go back to windows. :-) I'll try myth again, thanks.
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    Best Linux DVR / watcher

    Ok so I am building a new linux only comp. I am gonna get at least 1 tuner, and I am really wondering the best looking, and nicest DVR. I have used mythtv before, on a pretty decent computer, and everything was horribly sluggish, and I didn't necessarily like the gui. Is there any other good...
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    So what comes after photo-realistic graphics???

    how about we start with getting rid of clipping?
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    hey which itunes controller are you using for the bottom left info?
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    Soyo 24" lcd REFURB 213.99 shipped

    On the soyo site just linked above me, it says "Window Vista Certify: Yes". This means HDCP? meaning a ps3 can run? Thanks
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    Moving to a new Mac - Advice needed

    1. I would say dont get a book, the easiest way to learn is to play with osX yourself, I found the switch from dowz osX very easy, the only thing i had to get used to is that I had to use apple+tab (does same as alt+tab in xp/vista) and had to use expose a lot more (takes all your open windows...
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    looking for vanguard guest pass

    I'm getting really bored with all my games and the summer just started. If anyone has an extra guess pass thingy for vanguard, could you email it to me or whatever? I wanted to try the game out before i decide to buy it or anything. thanks.
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    How much is Vista at your Univ.?

    yea through msdnaa i get business.. I dont know what ultimate would cost through the school store but its probably discounted heavily.. microsoft loves my school
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    World of Warcraft Commercial?

    i saw it today. the one with officespace?
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    college concerns

    I know of Dr. Biles but I don't personally know him. if anyone wants to look at the lab's i had to do this quarter you can check them out at
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    college concerns

    go tigers! .. im a first year at RIT, cs major. So far i love the curriculum. I could care less if there are no girls in my major. I'm not having any trouble finding girls. The school is still about 70% guys.. but I still don't mind it. If you dont mind cold, look into RIT. they have a really...
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    Who has the fastest net connection?

    funny how im much farther from NYC than canada.. their servers must suck or somethin would be much faster if there werent ~30,000 computers using the same connection.
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    Post your NFS:Carbon screen shots (56k go away)

    my dual oc3 handled it well too.. yay college. nice captures.. u musta had ur finger ready on that screenshot button.
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    Any one in college?

    If you don't mind the cold look into RIT. i'm a first year doin CS at the moment. I'm in a special cs class where every project is based on a game (programming some aspect of the game). Its alot of fun so far.
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    The Official [H] Screenshot thread

    lol @ html code ^^
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    NFS Carbon performance :(

    i dont really see how ur having problems when i get about 40 constant with a x850xtpe not overclocked at all @ 16x12 with high settings...
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    Guildwards + ATi

    your videocard wouldnt be physically corrupting the files. reinstall the game
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    gothic iii

    I have'nt manually set the affinity, ill try that next and see if it helps at all. It must be something with the dualcore cause im only running at 1280x1024 most on medium, some low, i get 80fps in some spots.. i turn quickly and get 2fps.. Even though my card is now old, a x850xtpe...
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    gothic iii

    @skirrow.. the music changes to dark and morbid when you come to close to an enemy / wolf / bore. you probably didnt see one cause you were running or something. lol. If they fix the hickup problem, and make the animals not ass rape you, then it will be one of the best rpg's ive played.
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    gothic iii

    Its 3rd, but it has a fp mode.
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    gothic iii

    yea ive tried it. Overall i really like the game, but i have a few gripes about it. When you get attacked by an animal (wolf, alligator, etc. etc.), your pretty much gonna get raped cause they attack in a full automatic way(think of a gun). one attack straight after another, and if you...
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    Games with realistic handguns/pistols?

    o MAN i remember reading the same thing a whlie ago. but i too dont remember the name of the game / magazine, etc.
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    Games with realistic handguns/pistols?

    O god i want a XD.. soooo hot...must resist... wats that taclight?
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    Games with realistic handguns/pistols?

    lol yea.. maybe i shoulda refreshed before hitting edit. idk what the pistol play is like though and there are good pistol only servers for cs:s.. probably the most fun ive had in a css server too. IDK how easy it is to mod steam.. but if i had the time I would def make a good css mod...
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    Games with realistic handguns/pistols?

    There was some mod for wolfenstein that was supposed to be really realistic.. can't remember the name though.. im looking it up now *found* Its a mod for ET. its called true combat: elite.. i havnt played it but its supposed to be pretty realistic
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    windows classic ftw
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    New Duke-Nuke'em video

    i got a laugh out of it.. thank you OP. and to anyone who doesn't know what YTMND is... then thats just sad. I don't find it misleading at all.. even if I didnt know what YTMND was... the words cosby and nukem DONT belong in the same sentence.