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    Installing ram, need help

    Thanks everyone. I ended up giving up, returning the ram, and ordering some that was on the list of approved ram for the motherboard. I'm still not sure if it was bad ram, or just not compatible.
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    Installing ram, need help

    Okay, I set the bios to default. Inserted one stick of the new ram (with no other ram). I checked the bios settings to ensure it was being recognized, which it was. Single channel 4 ghz ram was recognized. I exit bios and it tries to start windows, blue screens, then restarts. I try...
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    Installing ram, need help

    I just got some 2 x 4GB DDR3 1600 CL9 250 pin Kingston ram. My issue is, the computer will boot up with one stick of the ram (either stick works), but will not boot with both sticks. The computer is a few years old, with the following components: ASRock H55M Pro motherboard Intel I3 3...
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    Minecraft for 360?

    Apparently the worlds will be quite small. But I do believe that server multiplayer will be available to some extent.
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    Idiotic Quote of the Day

    This is why you never cite Wikipedia in a paper. Instead, read and use the sources that Wikipedia cites. A 'real encyclopedia' does not necessarily have better information than wikipedia. I mean, I can always go back to my parents house and read about the USSR in their encyclopedia from the '80s.
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    Final Fantasy XIII

    I would wager that fewer than 10% of the people who purchased it on the 360 also own a ps3, and that most people who own both consoles purchased it on the PS3. Why would anyone buy the multi disc version that purportedly has worse graphics (I have not seen comparisons, only read reviews) when...
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    2 Room HTPC Setup

    I'm working on a similar setup as well. I'm going to keep the HTPC and xbox 360 in one room, hook it up to a 4x2 hdmi switch so that the bedroom and living room will be able to use one, the other, or both at the same time. I don't have it set up yet, but should within the next two weeks.
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    Best place to buy wall mount/cables now

    FYI, Monoprice is back up
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    Centralized HTPC

    Alright, I've updated my project spreadsheet, basically mirroring the mid level intel htpc from this thread (thanks crim). I also included the home wiring I will be doing. This is now the first phase of what I'd like to do. In this HTPC setup, I included 2 hard drives. One is 500GB, the...
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    Best place to buy wall mount/cables now

    Read the statement a little closer: you can search their site, but you can't buy anything right now.
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    Centralized HTPC

    Mainly it will be used for storing our current dvd library, home movies, music, netflix, hulu, etc... I may use it to record some tv, but we're fine with our comcast dvr for now. I really don't want to build more than one HTPC. Is it possible though, to watch a movie from the htpc on one...
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    Centralized HTPC

    Thanks, I added them to my spreadsheet.
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    Centralized HTPC

    I have an old case I plan on using. It's a mid tower, a little bigger than I'd like, but will work. I may need to update the PSU. Anyone know what I'll need for this setup? I'm not sure what's in it now, but it is 8-10 years old. I will buy an HSF. Don't know which one. Recommendations?
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    Centralized HTPC

    Thanks for the input everyone. I am really trying to everything out of the room with the TV. I have two toddlers that like to fiddle with our electronics. I don't want to keep the xbox or the htpc in a closed cabinet. Here are my thoughts. I build an HTPC with the following specs...
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    Centralized HTPC

    So I'm looking to use some birthday money to build an htpc later this month. The thing is, I want the pc to be in one room, and for it to deliver the media to two different rooms. I plan on running two HDMI cables through the wall to each of these rooms. I am brand new to the htpc world, and...
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    The Legend Zelda: Spirit Tracks

    I felt the same with Zelda II first came out. However, since I have gone back and replayed, I actually think it's a good game. It's just different than some of the other zeldas.
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    Any reason not to get a 360?

    Dell just extended this 20% off coupon to April 29. I used it to get a 60 GB pro last week, which arrived at my house yesterday. It was manufactured 9/30/08, so it should be the version with the jasper. Good stuff.
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    web browser problem

    My grandmother called me today and asked me to help her access her email. I went over there and found out that the "sign in" button at was not showing up. I was able to click on the area where the button is supposed to show, and that worked fine, but I can't figure out how to get...
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    So I bought a wii...

    If you are looking for a good party / trivia game, I really enjoy Smarty Pants.
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    Zelda : phantom hourglass

    Have you tried it with they stylus? It actually works pretty well.
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    July NPD sales.

    Actually, Nintendo makes more money than Sony. Net Income for Fiscal year 2007: Nintendo : 174 billion yen Sony: 126 billion yen And Nintendo *only* sells video games. Oh and sony had a 67 billion yen loss this last quarter, while nintendo had 80 billion yen...
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    Sony Exec: Lower sales = less financial loss

    It wouldn't help their operating cash flow though. Ouch, $1.1 billion dollar operating deficit in the first quarter (ended june 30)
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    HardForum Wii Number Directory

    Here's mine: 3962 6368 3306 6786
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    Anyone still play their Saturn?

    Whenever go back to visit my parents in Oregon, I play dragon force on the saturn. That is a great game.
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    I just got a PS3 from Target

    Congrats to you. I was in Circuit City last weekend, about an hour after they opened, and they had an anouncement that two 20 GB PS3s were available. I went up to one of the employees, he asked if I wanted a PS3, and I said "no, but do you have any wiimotes?". He said no, so I left. On a...
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    Wii restocks?

    The EB Games near my house have no preorders to fulfill. they put them out on the shelf when they get them. Anyway, I got my wii at TRU this morning (by waiting in line since midnight). They were selling it in a bundle with Marvel Ultimate Alliance. But they surprisingly let me substitute...
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    FS: House for sale in Atlanta area

    While everything on here may not be entirely accurate, here is the house from The market value from zillow is obtained through property tax assessment and similar sales in the area, so the $125,000 may be more accurate...
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    What is the Oldest working gamming Console u own?

    Pong (Powered by 6 D Batteries I believe) Atari 2600 NES
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    What is your favorite old school SNES RPG?

    Final Fantasy 2, Chrono Trigger, Lufia 1 & 2, SMB RPG and Earthbound. Not necessarily in that order.
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    2 Dead pixels on my new DS Lite :(

    Here's a link to Nintendo's dead pixel policy. Click Here
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    Wii "Virtual Console" games to be less than $10

    The wii does accept and play gamecube discs. As far as I can tell, they will not be downloadable.
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    Sony charging you for PS2 on PS3

    I still fail to see how replacing hardware with software emulation saves us (the consumer) cash. Sony is going to price the console at where they believe it is demanded. If sony saves $50 in manufacturing costs, are they going to lower the price of the console by $30? I don't see why they...
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    Sony charging you for PS2 on PS3

    from my understanding of the article, this would not affect the price of the system, only the cost to sony.
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    So who is getting a PS3?

    That's a nice try, but the pro bundle is $400
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    The nintendo Wii IS A FAKEEEEE ! ! ! OMG...

    I just have to correct one thing here, stock price is not the same as stock worth. Nintendo's average price per stock for their 2005 fiscal year was $114 per share, with 141,669,000 shares outstanding. This comes to a market cap of a little over 16 Billion USD. Sony's average sale price...
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    Anyone find Super Mario today?

    That's a good idea. I'll have to remember that for next time.
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    Anyone find Super Mario today?

    The game is a lot of fun. The only issue I have with it is that it only lets you save at certain points. It would be nice if you could save at any time while on the world map. But other than that it is very entertaining, and will burn up a lot of my time.
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    Possible Wii Hardware Tech Demo

    I think this might be what he is referring to
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    DS Lite Poll (Without the enter key)

    I got a DS a few months ago, and couldn't be happier. I'll probably pick up a DS Lite so my wife don't have to fight over the one we have now.
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    Inside the PS3

    try page two, here's a link