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    what happened to the 3850X

    where did this crap come from...the 3850 was bs and now the 3950 again junk. Read the experts above.
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    what happened to the 3850X

    the original post was in responce to some people who were reading proposed numbers in several test listing amd with nothing more than numbers, new comparison listings, like sisoft and others. they were trying to extrapolate the models based on the values listed in the tables. one of the new AMD...
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    what happened to the 3850X

    I think the 570 will be amazing. Year after year I have seen small increases in cpu's with major increases in price. Now I am going to update. No more next year. the 105w TDP, I do remember the 3850x talk that said 135w. That might be why it wasn't done.
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    what happened to the 3850X

    if thats the case then all I have to do is decide 3800 or 3900. For everyday task and gaming would the 3800 be the better choice? well can't wait for reviews, anyone got any idea when we can expect some?
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    what happened to the 3850X

    From what I read it was a 3800 at 5.1ghz and sounded like the ultimate amd. Now they don't even mention it.
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    APPLE devolving a 32" 6k display for release this year that what they said ? ROFL
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    Radeon VII Gets Pro Driver Support

    the only thing this card has going for it is 4k editing. Total failure for its price.
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    Radeon VII having problems?..

    kyle destroyed the stock thermal pad on teardown. ps he said it was great on crackers LOL
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    AMD Radeon VII Unboxing and Teardown Video

    was that a copper heat looked more brass, copper coated aluminum maybe. Can't wait for the test!! proper tool kit? hell all kyle needs is a hammer and duct tape..good as new :) WHO let him have that sharp thing at the beginning.
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    Analyst: NVIDIA Lied about Its Cryptocurrency Earnings to Avoid Stock Crash

    This is just BS dreamed up by AMD ....N has never lied to its customers or anyone else (sarcasm BIG TIME) They have used overpriced video cards to invest in speculation and F'd us at every turn.
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    LG Study Claims Xbox Players Are "Better" at Games than PC and PS4 Gamers

    consoles have aim assist. ALL games have it. don't feed this SH$%
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    Amazon Enters the Ground Delivery Robot Market

    can it negotiate around 2 guys and a pickup truck?
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    Is gig worth it at home?

    They put in at&t fiber in the next subdivision and my friend got it. He can get 900MB dl and 100MB uploads. Dont know exactly what you do with all the upload. He is happy as hell, when I asked what he dl that needed that much bandwidth. UHHHHHHH he did say some game downloads and stuff was great...
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    raytracing is a joke. so far they got it to work in one game, then gimped it so they had some frame rates. OH BOY raytracing....everyone stop shooting and come look at this shadow...aint it purty dlss on the other hand helps...can amd do it???
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    about IPC

    one thing if it wasn't for amd we would still have 4c/8t processors from intel and another year of go F the price is high we deserve it
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    Study Shows Machine Learning Can Expose Health Information

    might want to check and see if she (a name) filed under your insurance. There is a lot of that going on. I got 2 bills from a colon test. I was for me and one was for a totally different person on the same day and the services and amounts were different.
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    about IPC

    thanks everyone, I am hoping that amd can get it done. cpu and gpu the reason I asked was intel was winning and someone said it was clock speed...but even when clock speeds were locked the same intel was still winning test so they said ipc must be the reason.
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    about IPC

    thanks everyone I am planning on building in may/june. Hoping that amd will do better both in cpu and gpu....I am sick of Nvidia screw jobs and intel selling cpu's by the lane.
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    about IPC

    Is IPC the reason that intel is faster in games than amd??
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    FCC Panel Suggests Taxing Business Internet Usage to Pay for Rural Broadband

    same old, same old. They have been Fing the customers for years this way and the gov pays them back with grants to do rural internet. They do nothing. They and the senators split the money and go thank you morons.
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    AMD Navi RX 3080 $249. Leaks & Rumors.

    what scares me is its as fast as an 2080ti at solitare
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    Intel Is "Very Pleased" with the Progress of Its 7nm Process

    we are soooooo happy. please don't let our stock prices fall again
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    please realize, its not the design or the parts. Its not a problem like it used to be years ago. It's more a mistake that someone other than us did. I see that some people are experiencing problems but you can rest assured that we know about this. but at only .01% its hard to find out about what...
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    32" LG 32GK850G-B 2560x1440 G-Sync 144Hz [$549 Free Shipping]
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    32" LG 32GK850G-B 2560x1440 G-Sync 144Hz [$549 Free Shipping]

    850F is the free sync version
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    Help me buy a tv

    I hate to tell you but one tv showed burn in during calibration...that is not a 6 hr gaming session
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    Help me buy a tv

    check out ratings study of oled burn in. Even LG worked with them on it. YES OLED burnin is real.
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    "I Called Out a Counterfeit Item on Amazon. Then They Banned Me"

    I was blocked from leaving a review on an item. I emailed them and they said there were certain items THEY were reviewing and they would not allow reviews on the item until their review was completed. They further stated that competing products were posting fake reviews on their compitors to...
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    Blizzcon 2018

    micro transactions first game later.
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    anyone tried the new WWIII game

    thank you, I looked and totally missed it
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    anyone tried the new WWIII game

    I saw some post of it and a few twitch streams. I could not find out about servers or anthing like that. Some of the post said you have to play certain maps and one really sucked.
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    ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti Video Card Review @ [H]

    sure are a lot of reports of these cards going bad.
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    ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti Video Card Review @ [H]

    now I see why everyone is wanting 4k 144hz monitors (for only $2000) so they can sit and wish for a 3080ti in 4 years to use it ROFL
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    Metro 2033 is FREE for 24 hrs

    is this only free to play for 24 hrs this is no deal
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    has intel said anyting about fixes in new processors

    Meltdown/Spectre fixes or just more patching and hoping so far?
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    We have 14nm Vega until the mid-2019 arrival of Navi on 7nm - How about a "Gigahertz Edition" redo?

    when they said that the vega was not the card they wanted. Enough said. then they do a doom run on stage and later it was revealed that it was a custom sli setup. HEAT, HIGH PRICE and low gaming speeds....what else could we want. IF they come out with a card that can compete with a competative...
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    I just bought a 1080ti, I'm going to hold out till 2019 for my next GPU, who's with me??

    I am still using my 1080. Nvidia knows they can do whatever they want. Would love to see amd do something but I am not holding my breath.
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    Microsoft Pulls Windows 10 October 2018 Update after Reports of Mass File Deletion

    Microsoft doesn't give one F about you or your data. They have a monopoly and they can do whatever they want. IF all games were on linux MS would be dead for home users.
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    Microsoft Pulls Windows 10 October 2018 Update after Reports of Mass File Deletion

    isn't 10 the one that everyone went to because it was more secure? this is being secure, if you have nothing you are secure. They just need to raise the price and start a new campaign to show people why windows 7 would not do this and what they are missing out on.