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    Any recommendations for a portable 2TB storage drive?

    I just found the patriot pxd 2tb and it is usb 3.2 for a decent price I believe I may pull the trigger and buy that
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    Any recommendations for a portable 2TB storage drive?

    Well the T5 is usbc 3.1 and says up to 540mbs not sure about actual speed tho. I'm not sure if I would be gaining anything significant paying a bit more buying a 2.5 drive or m.2 and putting it inside an enclosure, Any thing I go with I would use at least usbc 3.1 but preferably 3.1 gen 2
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    Any recommendations for a portable 2TB storage drive?

    I am looking to buy a 2tb ssd photo and video storage drive and whatever else may be important to me. I want to have the ability to use it on multiple pcs. I just want to see what you guys might recommend. I am trying to stay in the $250 range. I see the 2tb samsung T5 2TB is $230, this looks...
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    Need help backing up my past wife's iphone

    Everything iphone is for some reason ridiculously complicated... Well at least to me... There is a good chance I'm making this more complicated than it even is but anyway My wife recently passed away and I want to send all her pictures that were on her phone as well as the pictures of her on my...
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    Want to upgrade to a Ryzen 3000 (maybe 4000), and need to know about DDR4 and the AMD IMC

    I recommend no matter what clock you may be able to hold stable, stick with buy 4 sticks of the fastest memory you budget for because you have the potential to be able to run that memory at lower speeds but tighter timings and the new ryzen loves it's timings as much as it loves ram speed I...
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    GPU not using all pcie lanes...

    That is what I was afraid of, thank you for the info!
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    GPU not using all pcie lanes...

    So I noticed last night while browsing through the bios that on my crosshair 6 hero w/ 1700x that on my SLI setup my first gpu slot is connected at 4x and the second is connected at 8x and when I remove the second gpu, the first slot goes to 8x I have done benchmarks that say my 960 Evo is...
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    Need help with sharing my PC drive over my network

    I had another member help me out, apparently I just needed to create a user and password in wonderful windows so that when I try to access the computers drives I have something to enter to log into... Using anonymous and setting my drives to shared did nothing for me... If you or anyone happen...
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    Off the shelf compressed air in a can...

    Yeah from now on anything I dust will be with a small brush...
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    Off the shelf compressed air in a can...

    Is there any reason this stuff would have caused my video card cooler rust a little? I used this to dust my sli setup cards about a year ago and now with all this time at home I am preparing to dust the cards again except this time not with the canned air and I am noticing some brown rust spots...
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    Need help finding thermal pads for 1080ti ftw3

    Maybe this thread could help someone else so I am posting this The thickness evga uses is 1.25mm, but using 1.5mm pads works just fine. I bought some arctic 6.0 w/mk 1.5 pads which is used throughout. The card I wanted to move is now not running as cool as it was with the waterblock but it...
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    Need help finding thermal pads for 1080ti ftw3

    I have used there warranty service in the past with one of the 2 cards, granted when I used there service it was cross ship because I had litterly just bought the card and it would not work and I needed it so i didnt do a normal send it in and wait situation, well I had a apparently put the...
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    Need help with sharing my PC drive over my network

    I have been trying to set this up all day and it's driving me crazy... I have found an app (RS file manager) that is discovering my PC but it won't open to show the drive that I have set to be shared. That same app has no issue seeing my external drive and all its contents that is plugged into...
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    Need help finding thermal pads for 1080ti ftw3

    I just sent an email to there customer service, I dont expect much but hey I just might be surprised!
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    Need help finding thermal pads for 1080ti ftw3

    Is there any information anywhere what the thickness of the thermal pads are supposed to be? I had a serious laps of judgment when I water cooled my card because I took off and threw away all the stock pads from the heatsink... I am considering just buying an assortment of different thicknesses...
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    3 Phase PDU at home

    Just googled a picture of one and I really dont think there is anything you can do to get it working 100% without 3 power phases... you may be able to get it mostly working with your residential 208 tho and possibly just loose 1/3 of the plugs... really dont think it's even worth trying 120v...
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    3 Phase PDU at home

    He said it is a 3 phase with a 4 prong connector so there is a 3rd phase complicating things... As long as there is nothing digital should be fine with 120v but you most certainly not have power on some of the connectors on the pdu from the missing phase. Best bet here is if you are dead set...
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    AT&T Raises Prices Again

    Netflix and hulu with a tv antenna to pick up the local channels, have not had cable in probably 5 years... it really to bad I cant cut them out completely needing there internet connection...
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    Thanks, I was wanting to make sure I wasnt being an ass by opening a dispute with paypal if I didnt receive what I payed for today with it being 10 business days after payment
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    I have tried searching for an answer to my question with no luck... How long should I wait after sending payment before reporting an issue to paypal for not receiving what I payed for? This person has basically dropped off of the forums and has not responded to his email...
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    My first watercooling loop (Not the usual, I suspect)

    You may have already said why and I missed it, but why do you not just have the output of the cpu block go straight into the gpu block? Would likely help with the water flow as well.
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    The End of Blu-ray

    I rent the movies I watch from red box, I would totally m do digital rentals but for 3x the price of a $2 bluray red box rental?!?! I'm perfect fine getting off my ass and driving half a mile
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    Should I wait till summer for the GTX 1180 or get a 2070 or 2080 now ?

    I dont see why nvidia would make a new high tier card without ray tracing that could potentially ruin there RTX plans for the future... but then again it truly would not surprise me....
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    Amazon Air Cargo Plane Operated by Atlas Crashes in Texas, Killing 3 on Board

    So umm on another note, i am really curious what happens to the packages on board? Amazon just re-ships them and digs through what is left for items that are salvageable?
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    idle 100C for 2700x ?

    Wither it's an error or not it's most certainly worth disassembly and looking to see if the thermal paste spread properly and to re apply paste and see if anything changes
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    I need a simple USB switch to use my KB (and printer) on 2 PCs

    A usb print server adapter could solve the printer issue if his printer doesnt already have wifi built in and with the printer being on wifi you can print from anything on the network (maybe even remotely) I love having wifi on my printer so I can print from my phone or tablet
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    Watercooled DDC?

    I have 2 of the ek ddc elite pumps and those bad boys get pretty warm even with the heatsink, I seriously can not believe they sell them without a heatsink and with just plastic! Seems like that would be a fire hazard! I had a D5 style pump before I went with dual ddc's and it didnt even get...
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    WTB: samsung 860 2TB

    Looking to see if anyone has a 2TB sata ssd they want to part with.
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    My first watercooling loop (Not the usual, I suspect)

    watercooled monoblock / 4 - 1080 ti's / and externally having 3 - xspc RX 360's you need more then 1 pump... I have 2 of the ek DDC elite pumps, one to push water entering the blocks and the other pushing water after the blocks and (maybe) 5 feet of slack on my hoses from case to rads even with...
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    Darksiders III

    I remember playing the 1st game and loving it and I really liked the second until I got tired of doing the exact same thing over and over and over.... hopefully this game wont have that same feel to it
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    Looking for a high watt smart builb.

    I seriously doubt it... if by smart you mean just on and off from anywhere you best bet if going to be get the bulb or fixture you want and get some type of controller either by outlet or one you wire
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    5930K @ 4.2GHz a bottlebeck for 2080 Ti?

    At 1440p the cost of a new cpu and motherboard in no way would justify the very small gain in fps... from everything I see you will only see the fps gains from a high dollar new cpu at 1080p
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    The Moment Your RTX 2080 Ti FE Fails

    If the problem is power related, wont this issue do nothing but get worse when those tensor cores are switched on? Hell if its heat related those cores aren't going to make the card any cooler...
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    Phone Battery Life Is Getting Worse

    The battery in my note 8 has been incredible usually by now I'm on youtube trying to figure out how hard it's going to be to replace the battery...
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    Receiver Loses Signal When Turning Off Light Switch

    If you have a multimeter you could test the outlet while switch the lights and see what happens with the voltage... this pounds like a voltage issue and I also recommend a ups. I use one on for my tv/receiver/blue ray, it was probably the best decision I've made in a while
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    Intel’s “Ruler” SSD Stores 32 Terabytes

    Intel using there favorite product description "up to"
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    AMD Still doing CPU loans?

    I have the ch6 and you dont need to be able to boot to update bios as long as you use a usb drive
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    NVME Storage Options for a Mobo with No M.2 Slot

    Just stick with sata ssd and keep life simple... a new mobo is what you really need to take advantage of nvme
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    SAMSUNG 850 Pro 1 Terabyte SSD

    How much $?