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    Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 57" 7680x2160 super ultrawide (mini-LED)

    I had the 49 inch but felt the height wasn’t enough. Looks like 57 inch might just hit the spot for my flightsim. Going to give it a try when it gets released.
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    Is medium to high end Pc gaming becoming too niche ?

    A few years ago Intel’s top of the line cpu’s cost $1400. Now they’re $600. Motherboards have gone up but you can still get a decent one with all the bells and whistles for around $200. Memory is a lot cheaper also. GPU’s is where it gets iffy. If you buy a used GPU or get last years, you can...
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    4070ti 800$ no thanks nvidia! My 3080 is lookin better and better everyday.

    I got a mint used Gigabyte Aorus 3090 a few weeks ago for $800. The scalpers are setting the prices and the manufacturers are following suit. We’re our own worst enemy. Stop buying from scalpers at ludicrous mark ups and the msrp’s will stop going up. I want the latest and greatest as much as...
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    EVGA 3090ti in stock

    3090ti’s are in stock again. Going to hold off and see how the 4000 series is going to perform and price though. Bit silly to spend $2200 on a card and a few months from now be able to spend that same silly money on something better. Been waiting to built a new flight sim rig for the last two...
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    new to VR and looking for purchase recommendations

    The Quest 2 is half the price of the G2. Has no cable so freedom of movement in standup games. For 90% of the population new to VR the Q2 is a no brainer. The other 10% that has the money for it and only plays sit down simulation games the G2 is better.
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    Reverb G2 Warning

    Remember, it took a couple of days before your first one started having hiccups. Mine was fine for about 4 days before I started having the same issues you had. Messing with the connector fixed it so keeping my fingers crossed. I wish they had a shorter cable available. I think the weight of the...
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    Reverb G2 Warning

    I had mine cutting out one eye and then both. Replugged the power cord into the break out box and everything was fine again. No troubles since then. Keeping an eye out for it though. If it reoccurs I may have to return it before the warranty runs out.
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    HP Reverb G2

    I have the same exact specs and DCS, Il2 and Elite Dangerous run smooth at high settings. I thought I’d need to upgrade but that’s on the back burner.
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    Where is this urgency for new GPUs coming from?

    Pleasantly surprised how my 1080ti is holding up in DCS, Il2 and Elite Dangerous. Was planning on upgrading but am playing at the same settings I use with my 4K monitor and having smooth gameplay with the G2. Looks like I’ll get a 3080 when the 4080 drops.
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    Where is this urgency for new GPUs coming from?

    Why I want a new GPU? Skipped the 2080ti and am still on a 1080ti. Had no need for an upgrade until my HP Reverb G2 arrived last week. I have to dial settings down to medium. That’s a good time to upgrade. Also need to upgrade my CPU. Nice to do a whole new built and prevent glaring bottle...
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    HP Reverb G2

    I ordered a G2 on BLT three months ago. No dice. Got an email every two weeks that the expected arrival in their warehouse was, you guessed it, two weeks. After reading Draax post I went straight to the US HP site and ordered one there. Shipped a day later and should be here on Monday. Also...
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    HP Reverb G2

    Nobody is putting a gun to your head to buy this thing and pigeonholing you into playing anything. I agree with you mostly on what they promised. From an advertising point of view they’ve come up short. It has compromises but within my niche I can more than live with those.
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    HP Reverb G2

    My IPD is 64. I don’t have a Reverb yet. Waiting in line. My CV1 hdmi cable broke. I was happy with CV1 ergonomics and would’ve kept it. Low res was not so nice but the immersion factor trumps in combat space and flight sims.
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    HP Reverb G2

    If all you play is flight sims and race games it only needs to excel at those. I’m getting one just for flight sims. If you’re going to do room scale gaming you might want to look elsewhere. I’m coming from a CV1 so the FOV doesn’t bother me.
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    Triple monitor sim options

    Have you thought about keeping it simple and just go with one widescreen 49 inch monitor? I used to have a flight sim setup with five 30 inch monitors in portrait. Running of three 1080ti’s. Reduced that to three 30 inches in landscape and eventually sold two 1080ti’s and dropped down to a 52...
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    I walked into microcenter today

    Too expensive for me. Then again I don’t play competitive fps games. I would think those folks would be better of with something a bit smaller or sit farther away. Lots of craning in front of such a behemoth. I sit about 6 feet from my 55inch 4k tv that I use in my flight sim setup. I pass on...
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    Currently using a 1600p - upgrade to 4k?

    If you’re perfectly happy, stick with the1600P. I bought a 28 inch 4k monitor a few years ago. Happy with it for what I specifically bought it for (Instructor station for flightsim) but for everything else I had to scale up the desktop because It was too small to read. 2560x1600 on a thirty inch...
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    Valve Index

    That’s exactly what I use VR for. Have a nice hotas setup. Going to wait a bit and see who comes out on top between the Reverb and the Index for simming. No more preordering shit unseen like with the Rift. By the time that was completely functional it was a year later and 50% cheaper to buy than...
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    Samsung C49RG90 32:9 5120x1440 monitor

    I planned on waiting for the 1440 version when the 1080 version was released a few years ago. Bit after that I got a 55 inch 4k tv that I use as a monitor that I’m happy with. Going to the C49RG90 feels like doing a step back. I mostly play flight sims and 99% of the time I now use my CV1 for...
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    New HP Reverb headset

    I know you’re big time into combat flight simulators. Once you have your Reverb can you give us a goed review for it’s use in DCS and Il2. It’s made my shortlist for CV1 replacement but not sure how good the tracking is going to be.
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    What is the time split for your use of VR Headsets

    I bought it 100% for DCS and Il2 Battle of Stalingrad. A few months ago I started using the Rift for watching 3D movies. Split is now 80% flight sims and 20% movies. After I got my WidmoVR prescription lens inserts I started to use the Rift for longer sessions. I can now comfortably watch a...
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    I am not sure if VR is for me

    After I got my corrected lens inserts for my Rift I’ve been able to keep it on long enough to enjoy complete movies. I really like 3D movies. The lower resolutes does not bother me after a few minutes.
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    Valve Index

    Well, you never know, it’s [H]ardforum afterall.
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    Valve Index

    We have a member getting a [H]ardon over this announcement? No specs, not even speculation so what’s all the hoopla about? I want to upgrade my Rift CV1 badly to get rid of GodRays and SDE. So far it’s all sideways with what’s being offered. Not going to get all worked up only to be let down...
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    Rift S

    Nice but not radically improved over the CV1. Probably need new prescription inserts so sitting this one out. Don’t get the pricepoint either. Don’t mind paying a bit more for a solid upgrade. Whatever get’s rid of the screendoor effect will get my attention.
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    NVIDIA Stock Tanks 15% as the Company Cuts Q4 2019 Financial Guidance

    This is the [H]ard crowd. If the consensus here is for Nvidia to stick the rtx2080TI where the sun don’t shines, they’ve made a marketing error. Yes, there’s a market for $3000 Titans. No, it’s not as big as the $699 GTX market. There’s stupid money and then there’s STOOPID money. Instead of...
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    fps x plane 11

    If you’re building this thing for X-Plane 11 get an I9-9900k with a good custom cooler. They’re going away from OpenGL to Vulkan at some point. That’ll mean better use of multiple threads. The I9-9900k has 16 threads so that should do for the foreseeable future. I’m running a GTX1080ti with an...
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    fps x plane 11

    Also, play with the graphics options. You might’ve changed a setting. X-Plane 11 will get the fastest machine on it’s knees if you max everything out.
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    Panel Makers to Shift Focus to 8K LCD in 2019

    Bring it on. Who cares we barely have 4k broadcast content? If it brings 4k screens down in price I’m all for it. Besides, now I can dream of an 8K, 98 inch Oled screen I won’t be able to afford for the next 10 years!
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    WTF 2080 cards are $800+ ?

    All companies love high margins. If you bring out a new product, price it reasonable, see a three month backlog and the product is being sold on Ebay 25% more expensive, you’ve priced your product too low. Do I like it? Nope and I won’t buy into it either as long as I have no need for it. My...
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    Anyone have experience with returns/replacements from BHPhotovideo?

    B&H is a highly respected, brick and mortar, photography store in Manhattan. Been there several times. Also ordered a lot of camera gear online from them. Bought several montitors there. Their service is second to non so no worries ordering from them. Never returned monitors but had warranty...
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    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition review

    Not so sure about people picking up all the cancelled cards. Most 2080TI’s are pre-ordered by hardcore gamers. If those are the ones cancelling, who’s buying those cards? Not the smart people waiting for reviews. They’re going to be as disapointed with the reviews as the guys who preordered. I’m...
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    Must have VR games?

    Robo Recal was fun for a bit. SuperHot is a blast! I really bought the Rift for Flight and Space sims so those two are the only games, outside of what came with the Rift, that I’ve played so far. Next I’ll buy is probably Lone Echo. Heard good things about that game.
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    VR Newbie needs advice

    Another idea. Hold out untill the next generation higher resolution hardware (StarVR One) get’s released. The market will be flooded with used Rifts and Vives. Not going to solve today’s needs but might be the pertinent thing to do with a restraint budget.
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    How do you feel about Nvidia pricing on the new RTX video cards?

    Hard to fault a company for trying to maximize it’s profits when there’s months of backlog orders on the books. Personally I won’t pay more than $800 for a gpu so will have to step down a performance level and compare the RTX2080 with my GTX1080ti. There probably will not be too much of a gain...
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    CONFIRMED. nVidia RTX 2080 Ti 50% faster in games over the 1080 Ti!

    As long as I have no need for those they can believe all they want. I’m not buying it. $1000 to $1300 is going the direction of boutique cards like Titan’s etc. Even if it doubled the performance, there’s no way I’m going to pay what they’re asking. Nvidia watched what the mining craze did to...
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    More NVIDIA 1180 GPU Rumors

    I remember thinking, in 2014, that I should buy Elite Dangerous over Star Citizen. That way I could get my space sim itch scratched untill SC comes out. Started and stopped playing ED three times since then. Looks like we’re going to be doing all the things SC promised in ED by the time SC...
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    The C43J89 Is Samsung’s Latest Ultra-Wide Monitor

    For flightsimmers it’ll be nice. I have an older Flight training device with three 19 inch monitors. Connected with a Tripplehead to go box for a combined 5760x1080 resolution. There’s a Samsung 49 inch, 5120x 1440 coming this fall that will nicely replace all this ancient tech.
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    Oculus Rift VR and Touch $400 Newegg

    The Market has spoken. If this does not put Oculus on the map, nothing will. Hope this does not prevent the industry from continuing developement at this pricepoint. Last year state of the art was $800, now it's $400. Good for market penetration but next time around I'll wait a bit before...
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    What do you guys do with your old monitors?

    I still have a 2003 Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070sb 22 inch crt sitting in a box in the garage. Every few years I hook it up out of nostalgia. Always forget how big and heavy that thing is. Can't get myself to throw it away.