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    iTunes Goes DRM-Free...Today?

    I call too good to be true, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this. I hope it is though....
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    Wii Remote Strapped To Real Guitar Is Cool

    For some reason I can't edit my above post. Here's the band's myspace page with some other songs you can stream:
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    Wii Remote Strapped To Real Guitar Is Cool

    Not only is this incredibly interesting but his music is ridiculously good. According to "Vivian Darkbloom is an alternative rock trio from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their style continues to evolve, but its always edgy, energetic, and charmingly cynical. Accordingly, reviewers have...
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    Logitech Z-5500 $209.99 + Tax & FREE SHIPPING! []

    I just bought them last week for $220+ tax w/ free shipping from dell. oh well, can't wait to get back into town and listen to them..
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    G2400WD - $300 Free Shipping

    well...I bit...its my birthday tomorrow so I bought myself another gift:D just feel a little guilty.
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    is there a way.. [sound/speakers]

    Ampere (amps) is the measurement for current decibel is sound
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    Engineering Sample E6600 worth more?

    Hey all, I have a E6600 Engineering sample that I bought at a retail store awhile back(don't ask how, they messed up) and I'm looking to upgrade. Are engineering samples worth more to people because its sort of a collectors item? I was just going to throw it on ebay/craigs list and see...
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    iTunes 7.6 fails to install on Vista 64-bit

    and you're sure this app supports ipod touches? I was having trouble finding a third party app that does. EDIT: seems like a great app but it doesn't have the 64-bit driver for the ipod and therefor can't sync it.
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    iTunes 7.6 fails to install on Vista 64-bit

    iTunes 7.6 always quits unexpectedly on Vista Business 64-bit during install. I can load up the program but then it complains and tells me I must install the 64-bit version to sync my ipod touch (I am installing the 64bit version). Also, I tried to install the 32bit just for the hell of it and...
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    Someone @ Apple Needs a Boot in the Ass

    Excluding this one issue, hows your experience? I was thinking of ditching my zune for one but waiting to see if there is a hardware or price refresh after the new iphone comes out.
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    Team fortress 2 $16.14 + Free shipping or $6 After GCO

    now that schools over for the summer I am remembering just how freaking amazing this game really is. So well balanced except for the pyro being weak. To the above post regarding them doing achievements for one class at a time..they did this because this whole idea is new to valve and they...
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    Geek Fight Clubs

    I totally just saw one guy hit another with a G15 keyboard...makes me a little sad.
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    webridestv, free electronics for viewing videos

    they just bumped it up to 750 a day, check the blog. I have 100k....
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    webridestv, free electronics for viewing videos

    .... you refer someone and get 1000 points if they earn 3000 points. They don't get anything but are being nice and signing up under someone who told them about it. It doesn't effect the person signing up at all, just the person who referred.
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    webridestv, free electronics for viewing videos

    max is 250 or so, you can get an extra 100 for uploading an avatar
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    webridestv, free electronics for viewing videos

    it's always too good to be true, odds are this will eventually get spammed and they will either stop, start canceling accounts, or make it so duplicate videos don't work. as for now just hope it works each morning and go for the $50 amazon card. It would be nice to get a wii as I just played...
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    webridestv, free electronics for viewing videos

    well from what I noticed this morning, I could watch the SAME videos again for points... I could be wrong as I opened a bunch and some were duplicates but I believe I got points for them. Who knows, at the very least you can get a 5 pack of hotwheels in 4 days. Yes you can open multiple videos...
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    webridestv, free electronics for viewing videos

    thanks for posting, finally a site with prizes that I might not mind watching.. name mines the same as the board: chickenselects Videos load fast and are short Videos: 10pts Comments: 3pts Rating a video: 1 pt 250pt max per day example of prize: wii is 30k points.
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    7900GTX you have any other factors like price/pci-e/power/etc? if not, 8800GT or GTS 512 ftw
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    Auto Identify ripped CD?

    yeah i was able to find the entire freedb database somewhere and downloaded it (500ish MB). Works fine, thanks for the info.
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    Auto Identify ripped CD?

    thanks, ill try it when i get home :) EDIT: When trying to add the address I put: and even just says invalid address all the time. I also tried all the other servers and none work. Tried all this on another computer in another location to make...
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    Auto Identify ripped CD?

    well i configured EAC except I can't sync with the freedb server, none of the servers respond. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong?
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    Auto Identify ripped CD?

    Hey, Is there a program that will auto identify and add the correct tags to a CD after ripping it? I have a bunch of CD's I want to convert to MP3. I came across across freedb but apparently its a dead project :(. Will WMP 11 or Media Center on Vista do this accurately for me? Any ideas?
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    Best Place to Buy Laptop Sleeves?

    yeah, i'm not the arts and crafts type.... knowing me it'd fall apart.
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    Best Place to Buy Laptop Sleeves?

    thanks for the replies everyone, keep them coming!
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    Best Place to Buy Laptop Sleeves?

    Hey, Where is the best place to buy laptop sleeves, I'm looking for one for a gift. Anyone have an online or retail store they know that sells some creative laptop sleeves that are practical too? PS: I already know about newegg/tigerdirect/ Looking for...
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    Wal-Mart Triples Online Deals

    If anyones interested you have to click through the ad on their site for deal of the day, heres a direct link to the bundle: You can pick from lots of games including Halo 3 and the Orange Box.
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    COD4 Stuttering issue

    I think I have the same issue as you guys. I was able to get rid of it by playing with blur/glow/specular map off..... Also playing on Medium textures instead of auto, everything else on high, 2x AA. I can about 30-40 FPS with everything on high and blur off but I get the described stuttering...
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    New Zune: More Ads, Less Hype

    upgraded my 30GB this morning and I like the new interface. Not too fond of the new Zune software but I'll get used to it. Running 64-bit Vista Ultimate with no issues.
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    Zune 80gb or ipod? just got posted.
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    Deploy Windows XP

    one more thing: check the forums for alot of useful information on deploying windows and other software.
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    Deploy Windows XP

    I highly recommend looking into learning how to properly use the windows command line if your going to be doing this kind of work. At my work we use batch scripts for this kind of job. If you take an update and drag it into a cmd window, then ad a /? switch at the end it should give you all...
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    Zune 80gb or ipod?

    well....wait until the 80gb zune comes out and go use it in a store to see if you like the interface. I have a 30GB zune since the first month it came out and dont have any regrets. This morning I got a free firmware upgrade for my 30GB, the same firmware on the new 80. Very nice that I...
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. What would you do if you won an AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition CPU? 2. What is the name of the new AMD next-generation desktop processor? 1. Play crysis and do some benchmarks for 2. Phenom
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    World’s Largest BSOD

    looked photoshopped :p
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    169.02's any better for Crysis?

    Thanks for the link, ill give it a try :)
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    169.02's any better for Crysis?

    can anyone confirm the 64bit SP demo of crysis works properly on 64-bit vista? Had lock up issues with 169.01, had to revert.
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    Microsoft Live Club

    once in awhile, lets see if the new firmware in November fixes it.
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    $37.99 Orange Box and Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars PC @ CC

    There is a FAQ about it on . They have a system in place that cuts out the need for steam to activate against the servers. But with how they are doing I dont need that happening any time soon.