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    Ryzen for virtualization

    Thinking about upgrading my ancient Xeon X5670 system for a Ryzen based ESXi server. Some questions come to mind: 1) How's passthrough support? I saw some early notes that said IOMMU groupings were a mess and passthrough wasn't working. 2) Chipset - X370 vs B350 3) Compatibility - anyone...
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    R7 250x GPU Pass through ESXi 6.0

    Sorry I hadn't seen this earlier. FWIW, I have not tried passing through a Radeon of any stripe. I have been able to pass through a Quadro and Geforce 1050 Ti. The Quadro worked flawlessly with no special configuration. However, when trying to pass through the Geforce I got a code 43 error in...
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    Audio issues with KVM

    Yes, I had read somewhere that it was possible to get working with JACK. Normally I'd roll my sleeves up and take a crack at it, but my time is limited right now, and that looks non-trivial to set up. Back to ESXi for now, though I may come back to it at some point and play with JACK.
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    Audio issues with KVM

    I tried USB audio and it was awful. Tried a PCIe sound card, and it was much better but still unacceptable. The onboard sound is the best so far, and it's OK for gaming, but has occasional issues with distortion when streaming video esp. when downloading in the background. At this point, I'm...
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    Sanity Check - High Performance Gaming VM

    It is doable, but complicated. I've used both VMware ESXi and Proxmox KVM to set up gaming VMs, then stream them using Steam streaming. It even works for non-Steam games, but that can get a bit clumsy. Forget about doing it over the Internet. Gigabit is preferable, but I've gotten it working...
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    Audio issues with KVM

    I've successfully set up GPU pass through with KVM (with Proxmox), but I'm having some annoying issues with audio in my Windows 10 VM. After a lot of experimentation, I found that passing through my motherboard's onboard audio worked best. However, audio still crackles and distorts whenever...
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    Not the latest and greatest, just a cheap home lab to play around with ESXi, Windows Server and Linux... Dell Precision T5500 Xeon E5620 @ 2.4GHz (4c/8t) - looking to upgrade to a low-power six core, eventually 12c 18GB ECC DDR3-1066 (will need more) 640GB WD Blue 2TB Samsung 5400RPM PNY...
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    AMD Ryzen with VMWare ESXi: A Pink Screen of Death

    I'm posting not to report anything on Ryzen compatibility, but rather to counter the notion that it is impossible to get NVidia Geforce cards working with ESXi. If you add this line to the VM's .vmx config file: hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE" you can trick the NVidia driver into loading...